Best Car Insurance for Military and Veteran – Cheapest Car Insurance for Military and Veterans

This article will outline the best car insurance for military and veterans. We will all agree that military members and veterans have unique insurance needs compared to civilians. Only a few companies are dedicated to meeting that special needs.

Best Car Insurance for Military and Veteran
Best Car Insurance for Military and Veteran

Best car Insurance for Military and Veteran

The best car insurance for military and veterans are given below

The 3 Best Car Insurance Companies for Military Members and Veterans

The best car insurance companies for these people offer specialized coverage, affordable rates, and strong customer service.

Using the following criteria, we have discovered that three car insurance companies stand out above the others: these companies are listed below;

USAA: This company can also be seen as the gold standard for car insurance. It has very cheap rates, a very good customer service reputation and a lot of coverages that cater for the needs of active or former members.

GEICO: GEICO has a discount for the military, this discount makes its rates even cheaper for military people. It also has a dedicated military service team that is staffed with veterans.

Esurance: this insurance company is good for military members who may be called into active duty, and it gives them the option to cancel car insurance without giving a penalty.

Now, let us move into more details on these insurance companies.


The members of USAA can get some of the cheapest car insurance available in the market. This company has top-tier customer service, a review by JD power research and money geek gives it a five-star review in customer service and customer satisfaction.

Another important thing is that USAA offers features that cater to its members. you can get a discount of up to 60% for storing your vehicle or if you garage your vehicle on base, a discount of up to 15% on your comprehensive coverage when you are deployed.


Although GEICO is not as cheap as USAA, it’s close if you include the 15% military discount. GEICO also has special military discounts for:

  • Emergency deployment
  • Membership in professional organizations and affiliations

This organization has a very strong customer service reputation which is not quite as strong as  USAA. Money geek scores it four out of five for customer satisfaction.


One reason why military members should consider Esurance is that Esurance offers those who are called into active duty the option to cancel their car insurance while they’re away without penalty. This is very rare from an insurance company. This company can then reinstate their insurance once they’re back and they want to drive their car again. A lot of insurance companies will only offer you good rates if you’re continuously insured, but then, you would be penalized for canceling your policy while you are gone on deployment.

Actvie military members must meet some certain requirements to qualify for this insurance. This includes a letter on military stationery from the policyholder’s commanding officer that states that the policyholder had been stationed overseas or the DD214 release paperwork.

Also, the service member will only have a 30 days period to obtain coverage once stateside. The policyholder must have had such insurance before being stationed overseas. The policyholder does not really need to be previously insured with Esurance.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Military and Veterans

We may not be including the price for the following insurance but there are the current cheapest car insurance services. here’s the list below;

  • USAA
  • State Farm
  • Nationwide
  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • Esurance
  • Travelers
  • Farmers
  • MetLife

These are the cheapest car insurance companies for military and Veterans.

How Is Car Insurance Different for Military Members and Veterans?

Car insurance policies for military members are the same as they are for everyone else. But some car insurance companies offer discounts from the fact that some of these military people use their cars less than other people.

One good example is the fact that GEICO offers emergency deployment discounts for those service members that are deployed into imminent danger pay areas, as defined by the Department of Defense. So in this case, drivers who are deployed won’t have to pay as much when they aren’t using their vehicles.

According to USAA, if you were deployed and you stored your vehicle in a way that it is not driven, you will get a 60% discount. This is particularly relevant for service members who don’t have family members to use their vehicle. If you decide to put your vehicle on your military base, you will still be able to save up to 15% on the comprehensive insurance portion of your policy.

What to Consider If You Are Storing a Car During Deployment

If you plan to keep your car in development, take advantage of the available discounts offered by your insurance company. But you should also have the minimum coverage you need to protect your car and reduce your monthly bill. For example, you can choose auto insurance only for liability by deducting comprehensive coverage and collision. You may be exempt from liability insurance if you are willing to re-register your car once you return from development.

Determining the right coverage and auto insurance needs before you grow up will ensure that you get the cheapest coverage at the best price.

How Active Military and Veterans Can Save Money on Car Insurance

There are several ways with which veterans can save a lot of money on car insurance. Check out our suggestions below.

  • Shop for Quotes
  • Ask About Discounts
  • Insure More With One Company

Together with homeowners insurance, other policies you can consider for discounts include:

Life Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, RV Insurance, and Boat Insurance

  • Review Your Coverages
  • Use a Checklist

Is USAA the Best Insurance for Veterans?

Of course, USAA is the best car insurance for military or veterans. USAA has some of the best prices for car insurance in the country, and it is also available to people that are affiliated with the U.S. military. Geico also offers discounts for the military.


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