Best Credit Card Combinations to Help You Maximize Rewards

Credit Card Combinations to Help You Maximize Rewards: Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to maximize rewards across multiple credit cards? Keeping track of bonus categories, annual fees, and redemption values can take time and effort. But with the right card pairings tailored to your lifestyle, you can become a rewards-earning pro!

Best Credit Card Combinations to Help You Maximize Rewards

Whether you are a family budgeter or a jet-setting traveler, I will cover ideal complements to fit your needs. Let’s explore brilliant credit card duos to unlock bigger bonuses.

You can supercharge your points, miles, and cash back with the right card pairing strategy. I will outline bright combinations tailored to different spending habits and lifestyles in this post guide.

Intro to Credit Card Combinations

Working synergistically with two or more reward cards lets you enjoy enhanced bonuses, flexibility, and valuable redemptions. It’s an intelligent play that savvy cardholders use to optimize value.

Understanding each card’s strengths and aligning spending to maximize earnings is key. For example, you are pairing a flat-rate card with a category-focused one. You can dedicate the category card to its bonus spending areas while relying on the flat-rate version as an everyday fallback.

With a sound combo aligned to your habits, you’ll rack up points faster! With the right redemption approach, they can offset travel costs, cash in on gift cards, and more.

Let’s explore some recommended pairings.

Best for Cash Back: Citi Double Cash + Discover It

For straightforward cash earnings, this duo is hard to beat. The Citi Double Cash offers a solid 2% back on all purchases with 1% earned when you buy and another 1% as you pay it off. No category fuss!

To turbocharge certain spending, add the Discover It card into the mix. It provides 5% cash back bonus categories that rotate quarterly, applying to up to $1,500 in combined quarterly purchases when activated. Recent categories have included gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and

This strategic pairing lets you enjoy 5% back on Discover’s activated quarters and 2% everywhere else with the Citi Double Cash, no caps. It’s a winning cash back recipe!

Best for Travel: Chase Sapphire + Chase Freedom

For travel dreamers, Chase’s combo works beautifully. The Chase Sapphire Preferred provides a hearty 5x points per $1 on travel purchased via Chase Ultimate Rewards. It also offers 3x points for dining, select streaming services, and online grocery purchases.

For maximum flexibility, pair it with the Chase Freedom Flex. This cash back card provides 5% back on quarterly rotating categories on up to $1,500 in combined quarterly purchases. All other spending earns 1% back.

The key is that all points earned with both cards can be pooled into the Sapphire card’s Ultimate Rewards account. And Chase points transfer 1:1 to valuable airline and hotel partners like United, Hyatt, Marriott, and more.

When redeemed via Chase’s travel portal, points from this duo redeem at an elevated 25% more value. It’s a 1-2 punch for globetrotter perks.

Best for Families: Amex Blue Cash Preferred + Wells Fargo Active Cash

If you’ve got kids to feed, this money-saving combo delivers. Stock up on groceries and gas with Amex Blue Cash Preferred. It provides 6% cash back at US supermarkets on the first $6,000 per year (then 1%) and 3% back on transit costs including gas stations. Terms apply with a $95 annual fee.

For non-bonus catch-all spending, pair it with the Wells Fargo Active Cash and its unlimited 2% cash rewards on everything. There are no category limitations or caps. It also has no annual fee.

Between grocery runs, filling up gas tanks, and everyday expenses, this combination savings at the supermarket and fuel pump pays dividends.

Best for Everyday Use: Citi Premier + Citi Custom Cash

If you seek everyday simplified earnings, Citi has you covered. The Citi Premier Card provides a tasty 3x ThankYou points across common categories – air travel, hotels, gas stations, supermarkets, plus dining out and entertainment.

Next, bring in the Citi Custom Cash Card with its customized 5% cash back on total spending each billing cycle (up to $500) across eligible categories when choosing one. These include groceries, gas, restaurants, travel, drug stores, home improvement/furnishings among others.

Decide if you want to “max out” the 5% Custom Cash category or dedicate it to a specific one while earning 3x on others with the Premier. It’s a flexible combo for daily perks.

Tips to Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards

Now that we’ve covered recommended combinations let’s discuss best practices:

#1. Pay Off Balances

To enjoy ongoing rewards, avoid interest fees by paying statement balances in full and on time. High balances can diminish value. Consider cards with 0% intro periods on purchases and balance transfers if carrying over month-to-month.

#2. Track Bonus Categories

If juggling rotating quarterly categories, use your issuer’s site or app to track activation. Set calendar alerts for new cycles. Apps like AwardWallet can also help manage multiple rewards programs in one dashboard.

#3. Pool Points Strategically

When combining flexible points/miles cards, make sure you can transfer earnings to the premium card’s rewards account for better redemptions. Check if points combine 1:1 or lower ratios apply.

#4. Compare Value of Redemptions

Not all airline miles or points are valued equally. Analyse your redemption options – do the math when redeeming points for flights, hotels, cash back, gift cards, etc. Factor in annual fees too. Pick what works best for your goals.

Conclusion on Credit Card Combinations to Help You Maximize Rewards

Crafting the ideal credit card combination takes a little work, but the payoff in amplified rewards makes it worthwhile.

When you understand each card’s earnings style, fee details, and redemption values, you can align complementary pairings to your spending profile. Dedicate category cards to their bonus areas and rely on flat-rate versions to catch everything else.

Pro tip – Avoid interest charges by paying balances off in full each month. And set alerts to track bonus category activations. When balanced properly, the right duo can accelerate your points and cash back savings to new heights.

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