Best Gaming Headphones: The Best Gaming and Sound Quality Headset in 2021

Are you a gamer, are you searching for the best gaming headphones? The best gaming headphones will deliver that ear-shaking positional audio that all PC gamers crave.

One of the best gaming headphones can be the deciding factor in crucial life-or-death situations in-game and provide outstanding levels of comfort for that marathon gaming session you are planning.

Best Gaming Headphones

For anyone into competitive games, a quality gaming headphone is essential to the experience, it allows you to pinpoint enemies with directional audio and react swiftly rather than firing the general direction of that useless onscreen damage indicator

Best Gaming Headphones

The best gaming headphones is a must-have for those who value audio highly incorporating one of the best PC headsets for gaming into your setup is such an easy win given it is genuinely and we know we say it often at GamesRader+- the easiest way to elevate your immersion in games and often better your playing performance too depending on what games you play.

 It is also one of the best value methods into an enhanced gaming setup given that you don’ even though you have to spend a fortune to get one of the best PC headsets for gaming and to buck ratio is extraordinary.

There are things you need to consider when choosing a gaming headset, which is price and sound quality the top list. These are the biggest factors we weighed when picking the best gaming headphones, comfort is up there too and also noise-canceling mics are crucial for coms so most of the headphones listed in this article include this feature.

List of Best Gaming Headphones

Here are some lists of Best Gaming Headphones:

  • Razer Blackshark V2 Pro: only recently released but easily one of the best if not the best gaming headphone. With a new spin on the original BlackShark’s design from eight years ago, the V2 packs brand new tech, a lightweight design and Razer quality and styling are into a great value, exquisite.
  • Astro A50: a fantastic and luxurious wireless headset, it has been a high-tide mark not just within the manufacturer’s own product range but in the console-compatible wireless headphone for the better part of a decade now.
  • ASUS ROG Delta S: A USB-C powerhouse, the Asus ROG Delta S certainly packs a punch once you unlock that entire horsepower from the Armory Crate software on PC. 
  • Razer Thresher Ultimate: This is the best Razer headphone on the market; the more recent Nari Ultimate might grab the headlines with its divisive haptic feedback feature.
  • Steelseries Arctic 9X: This is the best wireless gaming headphone for most users. You can easily forget its wireless model while you are using it, there’s none of the muddiness or audio artifacts that have historically ruined the party for wireless headsets.
  • Razer Kraken X: this is the best cheap gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound, the Kraken X is a budget-friendly option that excels on PC for one simple reason. This elevates the headset’s already good audio thanks to superior depth, clarity, and definition.
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