Call of Duty Mobile Free CP on iOS and Android Platforms

What is the Call of Duty Mobile Free CP? Have you heard of the Call of Duty Mobile Free CP? Is there a mobile version for Call of Duty? If you have had the Call of Duty for Mobile and have been looking for Free CP? Then you are in the right article for that.

In this Call of Duty Mobile Free CP article, we are going to talk about the Call of Duty Mobile and how you can possibly get a Free CP in the game. So, all you have to do is read through to the end of this article to the end.

Call of Duty Mobile Free CP

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Call of Duty Mobile Free CP

For those of you who have been wanting to play the Call of Duty on your mobile phones, it is now available for you.

The game for made available for mobile phone users in October 2019. Call of Duty is a shootout game that was originated from the USA and it was made available by Garena and Activision.

The game is readily available for download by Android and iOS users and it is free. Since its inception into mobile phones, it has gotten over 200 million downloads and has made up to US$300.

Call of Duty Mobile is a game with just two game modes. That is the Battle Royale modes and the multiplayer modes.

It is a game that takes lots of space when it comes to installing it and playing it on your device.

It is recommended that you have a space of over 2GB and above to enjoy playing this game. You should also note that it is a game that always makes the internet play.

What is CP for Call of Duty Mobile

If are used to the game or new to you must be wondering about what this CP is. Well if that is the case you don’t have to wonder about it anymore.

Call of Duty CP is an in-game currency that players and users use to purchase items. This in-game currency allows people to be able to obtain game content that will enhance your performance in multiplayer modes.

It also gives you a special experience when playing the game.

With Call of Duty CP, you can be able to but items and stuff like gun skins, crates, bundles and you can even be able to purchase Battle Pass.

Most of the time this CP is only gotten by buying them using real money. This is not a convenient option for everyone. This why many players look for many ways to get it free.

How to Get CP for Free in Call of Duty Mobile

You should note that it not an easy thing to get a free Cp on the Call of Duty Mobile. One has to put in much effort to be able to get them.

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As a matter of fact, it requires you to visit various websites to get free CP.  Below are some of the few sites that you can visit to get Free CP.

  • Swagbucks.
  • Google Opinion Rewards.


Getting free CP from Swagbucks requires you to carry out some tasks before you can get the free CP. This site rewards its players with on-site currency.

This SB that has been obtained will in turn be used to obtain Google Play Giftcard Or PayPal money. The Giftcard or PayPal money can be used to Purchase CP.

To get this SB currency one has to complete tasks like surveying, answering of quizzes downloading of an app, and more.

This site is one of the trusted and popular sites when it comes to on-site currency.

Google Opinion Rewards:

With Google Opinion Reward you can directly use Google Play Credit to purchase CP in Call of Duty Mobile.

To get this Google Play Credit you will have to give answers to questions concerning short studies or surveys.

The payout service per study with Google Opinion Rewards differs from user to user.


Call of Duty Mobile CP is an amazing feature of the game that makes it unique and interesting.

But there are definitely ways for you to get them. Not many people will be able to afford to buy CPs.

This why there are sites available for you to try out and earn free CPs for yourself. Listed are two of the best sites that you can get free CPs from.


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