CarGurus App Features, How it Works and Download

Come and learn about the CarGurus App Features, How it Works and Download. Does CarGurus even have a mobile App? In the meantime, CarGurus is, no doubt, simply one of the most popular websites that enable or help individuals to find the right vehicles to purchase at a great price with the use of technology and also analytics.

CarGurus App Features How it Works and Download
CarGurus App Features How it Works and Download

Also, the platform simply provides those who are even willing to sell their old or new car the opportunity to list the cars on their site.

CarGurus App Features, How it Works and Download

It is also one of the most used car-shopping websites in the United States. Research has it that CarGurus has more than 5 million listings on its platform. You can even easily access its services via its official website at However, you can also simply download or even install CarGurus Mobile App.

This app is even compatible with Android and iOS devices and can also be downloaded for free directly from your respective app stores.  You can also use the mobile app to shop for new and used cars at affordable and reasonable prices. In addition, you can also compare the rate of prices on the app.

And if you are then looking for a site to sell your used cars, you can also list your cars on the mobile app. CarGurus mobile app is very easy and even convenient to make use of any time and any day. You can just go ahead and download the app today to get seamless access to CarGurus services on the go.

How Does the App Work?

Meanwhile, the CarGurus app is simply a shopping app that was made or launched after its website to assist interested users to compare the prices of local or new cars and also help them contact the sellers.

The target audiences for this app are people who are simply interested in selling their cars and even those who are interested in buying. In addition, it simply has a special feature that just analyzes the various features of the cars and then the prices.

On the CarGurus app, interested users can even easily search for specific cars in their location. Then compare the prices, the car’s features, and also the reputation of the car seller or dealer.

The CarGurus app also offers a safe platform to millions of people who are searching for an easy way to shop for a car and then get real interesting deals for their offers. It also offers amazing features which will be also listed in the next outline.

Features of CarGurus App

As previously stated, the CarGurus App has simply been designed with a lot of cool and amazing features that just make it easy to use for its millions of users. These features are what have kept its millions of users coming back to just make more deals.  These features simply include:

  • Browse hundreds of thousands of users and also new cars from online retailers conveniently.
  • It even provides its users access to vehicle history information, pricing tools, etc.
  • Check the price ratings and also the listing for new and old cars.
  • Also, An interested member can just join a user forum and also ask all his or her questions relating to cars.
  • Get Notifications when price drops on cars that have simply previously caught your attention.
  • CarGurus also offers its users a pricing tool to simply verify how much they need to buy, sell or trade the car for.
  • Get Car Recommendations that are based on your previous searches.
  • View different offers simply made by different car dealers.
  • In addition, there are even cash offers that are offered in the CarGurus app.
  • Access solid database and Accurate Information.
  • User Friendly.

Also, it simply rates the listing prices for you. It also comes with the mark ‘Good/Great’ to ‘Overpriced’. This greatly helps you if you are unsure of the worth of a car and also alerts you if someone is just trying to just gather too much gain.

How Do I Download the CarGurus App?

If you want to download the app and you don’t know what to do or the steps to follow then you should just read the guides below:

  • If you use an iPhone, you just go to the Play store app on your Android phone or the Apple store.
  • Now type in the ‘CarGurus app’ in the search bar.
  • The name and the logo of the app will be displayed on your screen.
  • You should just click on INSTALL or GET.

Lastly, once it is done downloading, you can now click Open or go back to your home screen and then tap on the app.

Can I Login or Create a Car Gurus Account on the App?

Yes, you can either log in or create an account on the mobile app after downloading and simply installing the app on your device. Here is also a quick and simple step-by-step guide to follow;

  • First, you should open the app and click on the login icon and then enter your login details.
  • If you are then new to the app, click on the Registration icon.
  • Another page will now load where the app confirms if you are at least 21 years old and you have 2 years of driving experience.
  • Now you should just click the blank circles next to them to confirm that you are qualified
  • Also, Click on Confirm.
  • Next, you will now be asked to input your phone number.
  • Once you have entered it, you should click on Continue.
  • You will now be sent a 5-digit code to the phone number you inputted.
  • The minute you receive the code, you should enter them in the blank boxes on the screen and then click the green mark on your keyboard to continue.

Once you follow the on-screen instructions, you will complete the registration process. Also once you are done with all the steps, you have successfully created an account on the CarGurus app.  The next time you then wish to visit the app, you only have to simply click on Login and a password if required to access the app and account.

Is CarGurus Safe to Use?

Yes, the CarGurus app is a very safe and also reliable platform where users can simply get the experience they desire. This application also has been running for years. And it is also home to millions of satisfied users who are then able to get the best deals on a car or wish to sell theirs. The CarGurus is simply undeniably a safe and also legit platform to get the best automobile experience.

Does the CarGurus Deliver?

Another great feature of the CarGurus is that they simply offer a delivery service for select vehicle listings. This service also easily enables users to broaden their range of searches. Moreover, there are also associated prices built into the listing price. Before you then go further with this option, ensure you clearly understand what the dealer’s return policies are.


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