Chase ATM Card – Features, Benefits, and How to Apply

Chase Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the United States, offers an array of banking services, including its ATM card. This article will explore the features, benefits, downsides, requirements, and the application and activation processes associated with the Chase ATM card.

Chase ATM Card - Features, Benefits, and How to Apply

Features of the Chase ATM Card

The features of the Chase ATM card are listed below to guide you toward understanding the card and how it works:

Global ATM Network:

Chase provides access to a vast network of ATMs worldwide, allowing cardholders to withdraw cash conveniently wherever they are.

Chip Technology:

Chase ATM cards are equipped with chip technology, enhancing security and reducing the risk of fraud during transactions.

Contactless Payments:

Some Chase ATM cards support contactless payments, enabling users to make transactions swiftly and securely by tapping their cards at compatible terminals.

Mobile Banking Integration:

Cardholders can link their Chase ATM card to the Chase Mobile app, facilitating easy account management, balance inquiries, and transaction tracking.

Customizable Alerts:

Chase offers customizable alerts that notify cardholders of account activity, ensuring they stay informed about transactions and account balances.

Requirements for the Chase ATM Card

There are several requirements to get started with the Chase ATM card. They are listed below:

  • individuals typically need to open a checking or savings account with Chase Bank.
  • They must meet eligibility criteria, which may include age restrictions, residency status, and identity verification.
  • They may need to provide personal information such as their Social Security number, address, and income details.

Benefits of the Chase ATM Card

The Chase ATM card has exclusive benefits that make it outstanding, they include the following:


With an extensive ATM network and access to online banking services, the Chase ATM card offers unparalleled convenience for managing finances.


Chase prioritizes security measures such as chip technology, encryption, and real-time fraud monitoring to safeguard cardholder information and transactions.

Fee Reimbursement:

Depending on the type of Chase ATM card and account, users may benefit from fee reimbursement for a certain number of ATM withdrawals per month.

Customer Support:

Chase provides robust customer support services, including 24/7 assistance via phone, email, or in-person at branch locations.

Additional Banking Services:

In addition to the ATM card, Chase offers a wide range of banking products and services, including savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and investment options, allowing users to fulfill various financial needs under one roof.

Downsides of the Chase ATM Card

The Chase ATM Card has lots of amazing benefits as highlighted above, it is however important to be aware of its downsides and they are listed below:

Account Requirements:

Some Chase ATM cards may require users to maintain a minimum balance or meet specific account criteria to avoid monthly maintenance fees.

Out-of-Network Fees:

While Chase boasts an extensive ATM network, withdrawing cash from non-Chase ATMs may incur fees, especially when traveling internationally.

Technology Dependency:

Like any digital banking service, the Chase ATM card is subject to technology-related issues such as system outages or technical glitches, which may disrupt access to funds.

Overdraft Fees:

If a Chase ATM card is linked to a checking account with overdraft protection, overdrawing funds may result in costly overdraft fees.

Limited Accessibility:

While Chase has a significant presence in the United States, access to branch locations and ATMs may be limited in certain regions or rural areas.

How to Apply for the Chase ATM Card

Applying for your Chase ATM card is easy, follow the steps below to begin:

  • Open an Account
  • Choose the account type that best fits your financial needs and lifestyle.
  • Once the account is opened and approved, Chase will issue an ATM card linked to the account.
  • The card will be mailed to the address provided during the application process.

How to Activate the Chase ATM Card

Activating your card is just as easy, follow the steps below to begin:

  • Upon receiving the card, follow the instructions provided to activate it.
  • This typically involves calling a toll-free number or using the Chase Mobile app to set up a PIN and verify the card.
  • Once activated, the Chase ATM card is ready for withdrawals, purchases, and other transactions wherever Visa or Mastercard is accepted.


Can I use my Chase ATM card internationally?

Yes, Chase ATM cards are typically accepted worldwide wherever Visa or Mastercard is accepted. However, foreign transaction fees and currency conversion fees may apply.

Is there a Designated fee for replacing a lost or stolen Chase ATM card?

Depending on the circumstances, Chase may charge a fee for replacing a lost or stolen ATM card. Contact Chase customer service immediately to report the incident and request a replacement card.

How do I set up account alerts for my Chase ATM card?

You can log in to your Chase online banking account or mobile app to set up and customize account alerts. Choose the types of alerts you want to receive, such as transaction notifications, low-balance alerts, or security alerts.

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