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You might have come across or seen an ad about the crowd1 app while browsing on the net and you can’t stop thinking about it or maybe a friend or family member might have introduced you to its business opportunity. You will be so excited to sign up for it because the opportunity seems so nice and good for you.

Crowd1 App

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Crowd1 App – What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 Network limited is a mobile networking community, which offers members the ability to design and preserve an online network business using all sorts for different digital marketing structures. It’s called partners for gaming sites for AffilGO and Miggster.

In January 2019 the pre-launch began and business was officially made in August 2019. Every that signed up during the pre-launch period is called pioneers. According to the website, the pioneers are the ones who will first reap the benefits of the company’s success and also take a slice of the company’s future income.

 How do you Earn Money and also Build Networks as Well with Crowd1?

For you to earn and also build your network, Crowd1 App create two (2) sites which are the Affligo is an online gaming or gambling platform network while the Miggester is another gaming website. The second website still does not have all the information about what it offers.

Where is the Headquarter of Crowd1?

The headquarter of crowd1 is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Crowd! Registration Number is “ICC20160342”.

How Much does it Cost to Join Crwod1?

 For one to join crowd1, you have to bear in mind that there are various different types of membership packages that are available for everyone who wishes to join. Below are the different memberships, the cost of joining and their worth or owner rights:

  • The cheapest of it is that of the “White Starter kit” which just cost €99 and it also comes with the owner’s right that has a value of €100.
  • The “Black” is the next membership and it cost €299 and the value of its owner rights is set at €300.
  • The “Gold” membership costs the sum of €799 and the ownership rights are worth €1,000.
  • The “Platinum” membership costs €2,499 and the worth of the ownership rights are €3,500.

What does Crowd1 have to offer?

Crowd1 doesn’t have any tangible product offers. What are offers to its members is the online networking platform through its gaming websites, owner rights and education packages from GritHub.

What is GritHub?

GritHub is a real estate training platform that is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The type of training course it offers varies and what you learn is depends on that which plan you purchase.

That of the Bronze plan contains a simple starter kit, that of the Silver plan includes a basic learning training program, then also If you want to level up then you can also choose the Gold plan which can contain the extended courses and the Platinum plan which includes professional courses.

NOTE: That Mr. Stelios is also the owner of “GRITHUB”.

What is the Compensation Plan of crowd1?

The compensation you get from Crowd1 is depended on the type of investment you’ve made into the Crowd1. For instance, let say you invested in the “Black” which cost the sum of €299 and you get the value of €300 as your owner rights shares.

The Company “CROWD1” has a binary way of compensation structure or platform. The first two (2) persons/people you sponsor as Associate are placed to the left and the right sides of the down line. The persons you have sponsored will also have to bring in tow persons to be placed on the left and right side of the sponsor’s team. The growth of the down line has no limit at all.

The points of the binary you are to receive ids depended on the investment volume accumulated by your team. For instance, you have to sell your white package that costs €88 to get 90 binary points.

There two types of bonuses you receive in Crowd. Below are the types of bonus:

  • Streamline Bonus: This kind or type of bonus depends on the number of persons you’ve personally sponsored. Let’s say for instance you’re a level three (3) associate who has personally sponsored two (2) other associates. They would have to purchase the white package so your owner’s rights per week are now at €7.50. This will increase as you ascend the ranks to that of level 15.

NOTE: That these types don’t give you an additional owner right. This is always calculated at Midnight GMT every Friday

  • Matching Bonus: This also helps the associates you’ve sponsored achieve their aims and build their business to get matching bonus. For example, you have sold a membership to package to at least four other associates, you’ll have the right to get a 10%matching bonus.

NOTE: That the bonus will not be taken from the associates you’ve already sold a membership to.

What I Do Like About Crowd1?

The things I do like about Crowd1 is that they are obvious that the owner splurged when it comes to the website .it’s also completely professional, looks nice and uncluttered that is if you are not a discerning investor, you won’t be dazzled by it and will not notice that something is amiss or wrong.

What I Do Not Like About Crowd1?

  • Expensive Membership: The Crowd membership is too expensive. The base price of the White membership package is set at €99 which equivalent to $110, the black Membership is set at the price of €299 ($334), while that of the gold membership is set at the price of 799 ($894).

NOTE: that since the pre-launch of the Crowd1 from January 2019 to august till now (during the time of the review was written), but it seems that the Crowd1 is still in the pre-launch stage or phase.

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