Data Entry Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $43,655

Data entry is currently a vital component of many industries, including e-commerce, research, healthcare, and finance. As a result, there several employers from a wide range of industries from various countries ready to hire people for data entry jobs.

Data Entry Jobs in Different Countries with Salaries Up to $43,655

Thus, if you have excellent typing skills, a passion for precision, and the capacity to work under pressure you can read this post to explore data entry jobs in different countries and their salary range.

What are Data Entry Jobs?

Typically, data entry is a type of clerical job where data is entered into computers using a variety of methods, such as voice recording and typing. This industry offers a variety of jobs, such as word processor, coder, transcriptionist, and typewriter.

Many businesses, including healthcare, finance, retail, and transportation, use data input clerks.

As an employee working in the data entry sector, you will normally add, update, and validate electronic data. Throughout the course of a business day, many firms require personnel to transcribe conference notes, enter raw data into databases, and enter sales numbers into automated formats.

A data entry job comprises working as a handler of various electronic data formats and operating systems such as keyboards that experts use to enter and modify data.

Data Entry Jobs in Different Countries and Their Salary Range

Today, the need for qualified data entry workers is growing as decision-making becomes more and more dependent on data. Thus, there are numerous remote data entry jobs available in various countries offering this opportunity to qualified individuals.

An individual working in the data entry sector can earn $25 even more in an hour.  Furthermore, the annual salary of a data entry job usually various from country to country. Here are some of the top paying countries where you can apply for data entry job and their salary range:

Data Entry Jobs in United States

Salary Range: $27,300 to $43,655 Annually

In the USA, the average salary for a data entry operator is $15.12 per hour, or $31,440 per year. The starting salary for entry-level professions is $27,300 annually, while the average salary for experienced workers is $43,655.

Data Entry Jobs in United Kingdom

Salary Range: £6,144 to £40,836 Annually

In the United Kingdom, data entry operators can make, on average, £29,303 year. In London, United Kingdom, data entry operators typically receive an additional financial compensation of £1,319, with a range of £6,144 to £40,836.

Data Entry Jobs in India

Salary Range: ₹5,277 to ₹63,464 Annually

In India, the average pay for data entry is ₹37,791 per month. In India, data entry jobs typically pay an additional ₹19,791 (with a range of ₹5,277 to ₹63,464). The 3619 salaries that Data Entry workers in India anonymously submitted to Glassdoor are the basis for the salary estimations.

Data Entry Jobs in Germany

Salary Range: €34,000 to €55,000 Annually

In Germany, the average yearly income for data entry is €52,209. In Germany, an additional financial reward for a data entry worker typically ranges from €34,000 to €55,000.

Data Entry Jobs in Canada

Salary Range: $30,217 to $52,533 Annually

In Canada, the average compensation for data entry workers is $18.49 per hour, or $36,062 per year. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is $30,217 annually, while the average salary for experienced workers is $52,533.

Data Entry Jobs in Norway

Salary Range: kr 289 789 to kr 450 057

In Norway, kr 377 792 is the average gross wage for a data entry operator, or kr 182 per hour. The typical salary for an entry-level data entry operator with 1 to 3 years of experience is kr 289 789. On the other hand, the average pay for a senior level data entry operator with 8 or more years of experience is kr 450 057.

Data Entry Jobs in United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Salary Range: AED 5,500 to AED 34,200 Annually

AED 28,500 is the average monthly income for a data entry specialist in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, supplemental salary for data entry salary ranges from AED 5,500 to AED 34,200, with an average of AED 20,000.

Job Duties of a Data Entry Specialist

Data entry professionals need to have excellent attention to detail and be able to type rapidly and precisely. Nevertheless, the job duties of a data entry specialist include:

  • Updating and adding a lot of data from several sources to the company’s database.
  • Integrating account and customer information from source documents on time.
  • Collecting, confirming, and classifying data in order to get source data ready for computer input.
  • Examining the data for flaws or inconsistencies, fixing any inconsistencies, and verifying the results.

Skills and Requirements for Needed for a Data Entry Job

The skills and requirements for a data entry job include:

  • Speed and accuracy in typing.
  • Proficiency in communication and time management.
  • Focus on detail Capacity to investigate and gather information Knowledge of fundamental software.
  • Software development.
  • Administrative services.
  • Personal drive.
  • Increased concentration.
  • Skills related to organization Capacity to multitask.
  • Critical reasoning.
  • Ability to summarize.

Educational requirement:

  • A high school degree or GED is typically required for work from home data entry jobs.

Where to Get Data Entry Jobs online

There are a number of platforms online where you can apply for a data entry job. You can search for data entry jobs listing in legit website like:


How to Acquire Expertise in Data Entry

Seeking real-world experience will benefit you in the role as you prepare for a career in data entry. Consider completing the following procedures to obtain expertise in the data entry field:

  • Acquire a degree. You can search for educational options in technical training sessions and seminars, as well as in high school and college programs.
  • To determine whether a career route is right for you, finish an internship. To assist you network professionally in the industry, you can also volunteer or intern in a data entry capacity.
  • Obtain certificates. Getting certified will help you find employment in the field.
  • Gain proficiency with numeric key entry.
  • Gain solid experience with word processing, spreadsheets, and database tools.
  • Acquire knowledge of using basic office equipment, such as printers, copiers, scanners, scanners, and calculators.

How to Apply for Data Entry Jobs Online

Follow the instructions below to successfully apply for a data entry job:

  • You can search for job listing in online platform offering data entry jobs. You can trust any of the previously mentioned website like
  • Customize your CV and ensure the skills provided in your cover letter meet the requirements in the job listing. Customizing your CV gives you a better chance of being picked for job.
  • Also, beware from job scams and low wages since seeking employment in this industry can be risky sometimes.
  • After making sure of that, you can now proceed to submit your application letter. The company offering the job will contact for the job interview you if you are qualified for the job.

You may be able to increase your income while pursuing an academic degree or working as a full-time employee in a different profession by working remotely as a data entry worker.


Is Data entry hard?

The data entry sector has low entrance barriers and doesn’t require a rigorous training program. Getting real-world experience might help you in the role as you prepare for a career in data entry.

Can I learn data entry in 1 month?

Depending on your typing speed, typing experience, and familiarity with data entry software, learning how to enter data correctly from beginning can take a few days to several weeks. To get faster and more accurate at data entry, you must learn how to type, use data entry software, and complete practice exercises.

What is another title for data entry?

A number of similar jobs, including data keyer, typist, information processor, data entry clerk, and data capture specialist, are available for you to pursue.

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