18 Cool December Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Neighbor

I’m not sure the gifts ideals to buy for your neighbor for his or her birthday this December. In actuality, some neighbors grow closer than family members, and some even more so.

18 Cool December Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Neighbor

If your neighbor birthday is fast approaching and you feel like to buy he/her some gifts this December, let us assist you in making that choice. Discover the incredibly awesome birthday present your neighbors could receive by reading on.

18 Cool December Birthday Gifts to Buy for Your Neighbor

Your neighbor’s December birthday might be made even more memorable by selecting a unique and considerate birthday present for them.

When choosing a gift, take into consideration their preferences, interests, and hobbies so they can feel like you have them at heart and the gift could be heartily appreciated.

Now getting them a gift could vary from different items and there could be gender specified or unisex. But here are the 18 best ideas for cool December Birthday gift for your neighbor:

Cozy Blanket

One of our best ideas is a warm and fuzzy blanket to keep your neighbor going during the chilly December nights, there are some really good suggested blankets you could try getting:

Personalized Mug

This is quite special as it is a specialized item and it cannot be easily forgotten not when it is got your initials on it.

Get the right details that could be used for the personalized mug, it could be the initials like the phone number, business name, nick name or even birth name could be used to personalize the mug.

Outdoor Adventure Gear

If your neighbor is an outdoor enthusiast, think of getting them some hiking or camping gear, such as a sturdy water bottle or a small backpack. Here are some we could look through:

  • Goose Down Pillow with Cover, Queen Size.
  • Goose Down Sleeping Bag.
  • Swiss Cottage Tent- Customizable.
  • Himalayan Puffy Jacket.

And you could get them from the outdoor adventure gear official website.

Autumn-themed Decor

Decorative goods like autumn wreaths, pumpkins, or seasonal artwork for their home. There are so many Autum-themed décor that you could get from Pinterest.

Cookbook with Fall Recipes

Your neighbor could be a lover of cooking and you could get a cookbook feature that shows all delicious recipes that are quite suitable for the period. These are suitable cookbook that features the appropriate delicacies;

  • Dinner in One.
  • Five Marys Family Style.
  • Masala.
  • Danny Loves Pasta.
  • Still We Rise

Here are some you can find on Amazon and there are:

Fall-scented Candles

Going through the autumn season using your favorite fall candle is an awesome way to enjoy the autumn, Candles tend to have a special way of adding warmth to the room it is place and this could be the best gift you could give to anyone who understands its worth. There are different types and varieties. Here are some you could get from Amazon;

Coffee or Tea Gift Set

High-quality coffee or a variety of teas paired with a stylish mug or teapot is a very modest gift to gift your neighbor and make them feel loved. Here are some you could get from Amazon;

Warm Scarf

Wearing magnificent scarfs during the changing weathers, the softness and warmth that comes from the scarf keeps you snugly and comfortable during the fall days and even the cooler evening. Here are some you could check out from Amazon;

Gardening Kit

A kit including seeds or bulbs for spring blooming flowers, so they have something to look forward to. Here are some solid and assuring gardening kit that you do not want to miss out from;

Board Games or Puzzles

A fun and challenging board game or puzzle for cozy indoor entertainment. There are different puzzles board games that you could gift your neighbor and keep them busy with their family during the weekends or during the forthcoming festive holiday season.

We have games like Scrabble, Checkers, Catan, Chess, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Snakes and Ladders and so many more.

Customized Calendar

Gifting your neighbor with a calendar that shows happy moments, would be termed as a memorial gift. There are different platforms where you could create customized calendars, platforms like Shutterfly, Mixbook, Canva, VistaPrint and many others.

Fleece-lined Slippers

Warm, cozy slippers to keep their feet comfortable inside. Here are some samples or options of the fleece lined slippers you could get from Amazon:

Wine or Whiskey Set

A selection of whisky or excellent wine, served in fashionable goblets. Here are cool wine or whiskey sets that you would try;

From Jumia you could get the 7 Pieces Whiskey Crystal Wine Bottle Wine Cup Set.

Fitness Tracker

Keep fit and stay healthy this is an awesome gift as the fitness tracker to helps and guides them stay active and healthy, especially if they have fitness goals. Here are some fitness trackers you could gift your neighbor;

Cooking Class Voucher

Getting a cooking class voucher is a wonderful gift to give a neighbor who loves cooking. There are awesome benefits attached to cooking classes, it could enhance your cooking, opportunity to know more about other Cultures and also you get to learn new dishes wish the joy of any passionate chef.

There are different places to check out for your cooking voucher, places like Food Sorcery, Esty, Gordon Ramsay Academy, Sydney Cooking school, The Jamie Oliver Cookery school, Mimo Bite the experience, The Grand York and many other awesome locations.

Book by Their Favorite Author is a Cool Gifts to Buy for your Neighbor for His/her December Birthday

Being a book lover makes me to understand how it feels to be gifted a book by my favorite author, so getting them a book by their favorite author or a new release in a genre they would definitely enjoy and appreciate.

Spa or Massage Gift Certificate

A gift certificate for a massage or tranquil spa day might help them de-stress and unwind. To make the gift even more unique, don’t forget to personalize it with something special, such an emotional birthday letter.

Subscription to a Streaming Service

Giving them a streaming service membership allows them to watch their favorite shows and channels whenever they want, and it also keeps their movie night going.

You should research your neighbor’s streaming service before signing up for theirs. Some of the greatest streaming services to consider include Netflix, Max, Disney Plus, Starz, Prime Video, and many more.


Every items are available are on Amazon and there are one search away and you in order to get the best and most appreciated gift for your neighbor you could ask them their favorite without them suspecting your intentions of surprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of present is suitable for a neighbor?

A lovely, compact item for the house, such as a stylish candle or an interesting spice grinder, is a terrific place to start. Perhaps they recently renovated their patio, in which case an outdoor blanket and a small wood-free fireplace are the new thing.

Do you offer your neighbors gifts?

Consider giving newbies a personalized gift to make them feel appreciated. Even if there isn’t a formal holiday gift exchange in place, it’s always a good idea to give someone who shares a fence (or even a wall) a modest mark of your appreciation after years of getting along for years.

How can I win over my neighbor?

You might begin by being amiable and supportive. You can even make a big impression on your neighbors by lending a tiny but meaningful helping hand.

When they’re out of town, assist them by offering to mow the grass, collecting up their mail, accepting packages, alerting them to any strange activity near their house, etc.

What kinds of goods do you and your neighbor trade?

Give each other your phone numbers so you may talk to each other in case something seems off. You’ll feel safer if you know more individuals in your neighborhood.

What kind of present is suitable for a neighbor?

A lovely, compact item for the house, such as a stylish candle or an interesting spice grinder, is an excellent way to start. Perhaps they recently renovated their patio, in which case an outdoor blanket and a small wood-free fireplace are the new thing.

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