Download Twitter On Android And iPhone Device

Download Twitter On Android And iPhone Device -Well, I have simply come to introduce you to a fast-growing and also influential social media platform. With over a billion monthly active registered users, Twitter is simply a widely used App.

Download Twitter On Android And iPhone Device
Download Twitter On Android And iPhone Device

It was even founded and created by four American computer experts in 2006. They also include Jack Dorsey (as the CEO), Noah Glass, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone in March 2006, and then later in 2021 twitter had its CEO changed to an Indian-born American technology executive in November.

Download Twitter On Android And iPhone Device

Furthermore, Twitter was now launched in July 2006. It simply gained popularity as the year went by and by 2012; it then got over a hundred million registered active monthly users who then made about 340 million tweets daily. By 2013, twitter had made a record of 1.6 billion search queries per day made by its users. Also, It even has even since then been described as “the SMS of the internet”.

In 2013 registered active monthly users then increased to about 330 million with over a billion tweets made daily. As a new user, tweets are then set to be displayed publicly. But this can also be adjusted to private. Or to some set of friends or even followers via the privacy setting found on the settings of the app.

How to Download the Twitter App to your Device

Trying to actually get the Twitter app installed on your device. Here are a few facts for you to consider, and who knows they might even be the reason why you are unable to get it downloaded. First, your phone must have at least 50 MB of available space. To also then check how much space you have got on your device, you should go to the ‘Settings’ icon of your device. And you should click on it and just look out for ‘Storage’.

Then open it and now see if your device has up to 50MB of available storage on it. Perhaps, the space is not up to 50MB at least, you might then need to uninstall some apps that are not of use to you at the moment to simply create a space or you could just attach an external memory card to your device (for only Android users).

After this is done, you should then go to your app/ play store on your device, then open it and use the search field to find “Twitter”.

Now click on the install or Get icon (iOS only) to simply get it to download, and also you should ensure your data connection is turned on to get you connected.

Just wait for a few minutes as it downloads, then after the download has been successfully done, exit from the app store to your home screen.

Now click on the blue Twitter app icon to launch the app, after this the next is for you to sign up on Twitter.

Now fill up the signup form with accurate information as asked by the portal, such as your phone number, email address, and also password.

In conclusion, note that Twitter does not also support android versions below 7.93.4 and iOS versions below 13.4. In case you are then found in these categories, kindly do a system update on your device.

Below is a guide on how you can actually simply update your devices.

How to Update My Android Device

Here are the steps for you to follow when you want to update your android device;

  • Firstly, you should make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi with internet access.
  • Then just Navigate to your phone settings, and then select ‘About phone.
  • After that, you should select Check for Updates. An update icon will then reflect on your device if there is an available Update.
  • Now Click on install and hold on for a few minutes as the device automatically installs an updated version of itself.
  • After the update, you should go back to your play store and then download the app without restriction.

How to Update My iOS

If you are finding it difficult to simply get Twitter to your iOS device, let’s get your device updated and then let try it again, but do not forget that you simply need at least an iPhone 5 before you could get Twitter installed on your device. Let’s simply check out the steps involved in carrying out an Update on your iOS device below;

  • You should get your device connected/plugged into power.
  • Then connect to the internet with active wifi.
  • After that go to settings, click on ‘General’, and select ‘Software Update.
  • You could also be given two options to choose from for updates, choose the one you wish to install.
  • Now Click on Install Now, then enter your iOS passcode and then wait for a while as your iOS version gets updated.

Once you have simply downloaded Twitter on your android or IOS device, you should then sign up for a free account or log in to your account. And then start watching trending videos, connecting, and also chatting with other users of the app globally.


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