Facebook Album Download – Album Downloader for Facebook

“Facebook Album Download” Do you know that you can download the photo albums you have on your Facebook account? Yes.

That’s possible and in this Facebook Album Download post, I will be showing you exactly how you can do that simply.

All that you need is a smart device and make sure you have the login details of the account if it’s been a while since you logged in.

Facebook Album Download

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Facebook is great or rather perfect for saving out memories and later download them to your device if maybe you lost your phone or maybe everyone was flashed from the device. The platform saves your photos and videos for you to download when you want.

Facebook Album Download

Facebook Album Download is a feature on Facebook Classic that allows you to download the album into your device.

Downloading your album on Facebook is easy and if you’ve been finding it hard, then in this article, I’ve got you covered.

Facebook album download is the process of downloading your photo album on the social media giant.

It is fast and very to do. All you need is a compatible device and then log in to your account. Have in mind that to download an album on Facebook, you need to be using the old Facebook (Classic).

How to Access Facebook Album Download

Album download is a feature on Facebook that requires you to be logged into your account which is easy and fast to do.

I said earlier in this article, you need to be using old Facebook to access the feature. However, that does mean you can’t download photos in the New Facebook web, you can but not an album at once like the Old Facebook.

So to access the Facebook Album Download feature, you need to be using the old Facebook on your PC or desktop. Once your PC or desktop is on and ready, then you need to login into your account.

Facebook Account Login

Logging into Facebook is easy and very fast to do. Since it’s the old Facebook that is required on your PC or desktop, let’s follow the steps below to get you logged in;

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  • From your browser, go to www.facebook.com
  • You will be automatically landed on the login page, so fill in your email address or number and password.
  • Then password and click on Login.

The account will be logged in immediately. Now, it’s time to download your Facebook photo album at once.

How to Download Facebook Photo Album

With the old Facebook page, gone are the days where you have to download photos one by one.

Now you can download an entire album at once and the process is so easy and fast to do. Want to download an album on Facebook, follow below;

  • Open your Facebook account on the old Facebook page.
  • Go to Photos and select the album you’d like to download.
  • When the album opens, click on the “Settings” icon at the top right side and click on “Download Album”.

That’s all you need to do to download your Facebook Album. Simple, right, yeah?

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