Facebook Dating Review – Facebook Dating Profile | Positives and Negatives

Before making the Facebook dating service, you are advised to get a review about Facebook dating. This article was written to give you a review of the Facebook dating service and how it works. Millions of Facebook users are currently using Facebook dating service. This means that something is amazingly happening here. And because of this, I think you should not be missing out on the chance to make new friends, share your moment and start a meaningful relationship.

Facebook Dating Review

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Facebook Dating Review

Many people have used Facebook dating to meet and connect with a lot of people on the platform. Users on the platform speculated that Facebook would introduce a dating service. But we waited for 2018 before these dreams came into reality. Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook, announced at a developer conference on the year 2018. He described Facebook dating, as a tool that helps singles on Facebook to meet with other singles on the platform.

Facebook dating was first launched in Colombia in the year of September 2018. A lot of treating was done and it became successful. Now, Facebook dating has expanded to more countries like South America, Asia, and North America. Recently the Facebook dating has been made available in the US. Facebook is now planning on making Facebook dating available in Europe.

How to Get Started With Facebook Dating

To get started with Facebook dating is not that difficult. All you have to do is open or download the Facebook mobile app and sign in using your current or existing Facebook login details. Facebook dating is not a standalone app but, it is inside the Facebook that you and I already know. Facebook dating has a separate profile from the main Facebook and a separate messaging system also. You will not have a Facebook dating profile unless you choose to create one.

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Facebook Dating Profile

To create your Facebook dating profile, you will open the menu of your Facebook app then click on the get started button, to set up your profile. You will be asked to enter a few basic details and enter your profile photo. You can choose to create your profile manually or automatically use a suggested profile that was generated from your main Facebook account. You can still edit the profile that was suggested for you as you want before moving to the next step.

Once your Facebook profile is created, all you have to do is fill out some of your personal details, add other photos and also your interests as well. You can also connect your Instagram to your Facebook dating profile to share a post from Instagram to Facebook dating profile. When your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook dating profile, it will be easier to share moments of your life with others.

Some Positives of Facebook Dating

Everything in life has its good side and bad side which take us to Facebook dating. Facebook dating has its positive sides and we will be listing positivities below.

  • Facebook dating s easy to start.
  • Your profile can be completed automatically through your main Facebook account.
  • Post from your Instagram can be shared to Facebook dating.
  • Your main Facebook profile is kept separate from your dating profile.

Negatives of Facebook Dating

  • Facebook dating is only available on the Facebook app. It is not available on the website.
  • Users are flooded with unwanted messages.
  • Singles and married Facebook users can join Facebook dating. Some people on the platform says it is cheating.

Those are the few negatives of Facebook dating I hope they will be very helpful to you.

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