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Are you confused about how to create your own Facebook emoticons? Then, here is an article that will help you create your own Facebook emoticons. These emoticons are been using for Facebook comments and private messages. However, some have more than one way that you can able to enter text and also still have a Facebook emoticon. It is has a list of standard emoticons and all-new Facebook emojis. Here in this article, a lot will be a review on how to make use of it, how to download it and so many more. Therefore, I urge you, my readers, to read through each paragraph carefully in order for you to have knowledge about it.

Facebook Emoticons

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Facebook Emoticons

Facebook recently added a list of emoticons to help express ourselves more than text characters permit.  Facebook Emoticons is also been used in Facebook timelines, chat messages, and on any device simply by just sending or by sharing to your specified Facebook location.  However, presently there are over 1000 Facebook emoticons and smileys. Right from the time of these Facebook shortcuts are supported by all the popular browsers. You can also easily send secret smileys and also hidden Facebook emoticons to all your friends to enjoy. Facebook emoticons are typed characters that appear to convey an emotion or sentiment, like a simple smiley.

How to use Facebook emoticons in Comments Using Desktop

As said earlier, Facebook emoticons can be used on Facebook comments. Below are the necessary steps to take in order to achieve that.

  • Visit Facebook official website www.facebook.com.
  • Then fill in your email address or phone number.
  • On the home page go to the text box to enter a comment.
  • Writing a comment and then enter any text you want. (You can skip these steps if you want to comment only with emoticons).
  • Choose the smiley Face that is next to that of the comments text box.
  • Lots of emoticons pop up. Then locate and select one or more emoticons to add to your comments.
  • Then proceed and select the smiley Face icon again to close the pop text box.
  • Then after that, click on the enter button to send your comment.

That’s how to make use of the Facebook emoticons on comments.

How to react to content with Facebook Emoticons on Android

The following steps are how to react to contents using the Facebook emoticon on android. Below are the steps;

  • On your Android device tap on the Facebook app and then log in (that’s if you are not logged in).
  • On the home page scroll down until you find the post or comment for which you want to post the emoji reaction.
  • Tap or hold the like button and after a moment you will see a pop-up menu that will appear.
  • Then swipe up to hover over the emoji you want to use to react then release the screen.
  • Note: You are allowed to only react with one emoji at a time.
  • How to Use Facebook Emoticon to chat
  • Are you trying to use a Facebook emoticon to chat with your friends and you are finding it difficult? Then you are at the right place all you have to do is follow the steps below.
  • Visit Facebook official website www.facebook.com
  • Or tap on the Facebook official app on your device.
  • Then fill in your email address or phone number.
  • Go to the emoticon button in the text entry field. (This is been made available when you are chat only).
  • Tap on the + button in the top left corner of the emoticon menu.
  • Then search for the pack of stickers you want to add.
  • Click on the Free button to add the sticker pack to your account.
  • Then close the sticker store for you to return back to the emoticon menu.
  • Select the newly added sticker pack from the row of the tabs along the top.
  • After that, click a sticker to send it.

With these steps above you can never have issues when trying to make use of emoticons when chatting.

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