Facebook Jail: What is Facebook Jail and How do you Avoid It?

Facebook Jail is the term that is used to describe any activity of permanent restriction, block, or ban of any user from doing any activity.

The word “jail” is a very popular one that often refers to where criminals and offenders of the laws that are controlling a particular community, town, state, or country.

Facebook Jail

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Jail is what nobody wishes to enter. When you are in your rights and privileges as a citizen might be violated. The experiences from prison from those who have gone and able to come out are not of good record and review. Reviewing them should serve as a lesson to others.

Facebook Jail

Jailing is one of the things that can really make someone be in the whole and remain inactive.  It is a  state of existence in absence because you will not be able to participate in any social activity and some of your rights are withdrawn from you.

A prisoner may not be able to see any family member except those that visited. This prison is created for any who is guilty of the charges leveled against him or her and most of the time the case is decided by the law court.

Although there are a lot of similarities between a prison/jail for law offenders and the Facebook Jail, there is also a difference between the two terms. A prisoner can be imprisoned for life, 20 years 10  years, 3years, etc all depending on the type of offense.

What Is Facebook Jail

Facebook Jail is a jail that the FB social media platform puts any user who goes against the company terms and conditions. Once you are imprisoned by FB, you totally lose control of your account. You cannot be able to access that particular account.

A more accurate way to define the term above is when users are blocked, restricted permanently, or banned by FB from posting on the site or accessing their account. The major reason for FB to jail accounts is going  against company terms and conditions

To checkmate the activities of spammy behavior and fraudulent practices, Facebook set up a means to curb these viruses. According to the Worst-case Scenario is that this jail could also lead to that particular account being deleted entirely.

Facebook Jail Memes

Over the period of existence of the social media platform, it has recorded so many memes of Facebook jails. Don’t get confused; right in the article, the term will be broken down so that you can at least get a clear picture of the subject matter. 

By FB jail memes, the company is referring to the different images that they have used so far to portray the concept of discussion “Facebook Jail”. In other words, it also means the logos that are used when an account is banned.

How To Stay Out Of Facebook Jail

Do you want to stay off FB jail? Then you must be ready to follow the guidelines that prevent people’s accounts from being banned or blocked. If you want your account to remain relevant to the media avoid your account from being blocked by following the guide below.

  • Post your contents in-between space of time.
  • Tag carefully.
  • Never add someone to a group without permission.
  • Never post google images.
  • Never use your personal account as your business account or otherwise.
  • Your likes and comments should be in the required field.
  • Accept people you know only as friends.

These are some of the rules that will help guide you on the steps to follow to avoid your account being banned.

Don’t let your account be banned because you may not be able to recover it at all no matter how many petitions you write. Once your account gets banned it is gone for life.  The only option left for you  is to create another FB account


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