Top 20 Fintech Companies in Nigeria

Over recent years, Nigeria’s fintech sector has increased, with established enterprises and creative startups providing various financial services to individuals and businesses. We have come up with a list of the top 20 fintech companies in Nigeria with a short explanation what they do and offers to people.

Top Fintech Companies in Nigeria

This blog explores a few of the top fintech businesses in Nigeria that significantly influence the market.

These businesses may supply you with digital banking, investment platforms, and mobile payment services. Therefore, let’s start and discover the exciting world of fintech in Nigeria!

This is an extensive list of the top 20 Fintech companies that you may find in Nigeria:


This is a famous leading fintech company in Nigeria that offers secure and reliable payment organisations for individuals and businesses. With this Fintech company, you may seamlessly make and receive payments across borders, making transacting with partners and customers globally more accessible.

This platform supports various payment methods, including bank transfers, card payments, and mobile money. And we are providing users with flexibility and convenience.


This platform, formerly known as Paylater, is a fast-growing fintech company that provides quick and accessible loans to individuals. You may use a mobile app within minutes to apply for personal, payday, and other loan credit facilities.

Without even the need for extensive and collateral paperwork. Carbon services are designed to have an easy user interface and hassle-free, empowering individuals to meet their financial needs conveniently.


Interswitch is a fintech company focusing on digital payments, infrastructure solutions, and e-commerce. Their flagship product allows users to perform various financial transactions, including bill payments, fund transfers, airtime recharge, etc.

This fintech also provides payment processing resolutions for businesses, enabling them to accept payments online effortlessly.


This is a comprehensive fintech platform. OPay provides various financial services, such as bill payments, taxi services, food delivery, and mobile money. You may buy airtime and internet, pay bills, send and receive money, and even order goods with their smartphone app.

OPay is a convenient option for those searching for a dependable and comprehensive financial platform because of its integrated approach to financial services.


Kuda fintech company, which was founded in 2019, the platform is financed by CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria), although based in London. It is now focused on the Nigerian Market.

It is a platform for Android and iOS users and offers comprehensive banking services. The account has free-spending control, debit card, saving, budgeting, and transfer functions. Kuda gives users a specific list of free transfers every month.

This platform is known for its convenient and fast banking services, and it specialises in using technology to improve and better its banking affairs.


This unique fintech company focuses on promoting investments and savings culture among individuals. You can set up automated saving plans from the platform, invest in several asset classes, and earn a high-interest rate on your savings.

PiggyVest’s exclusive feature, SafeLock, allows you to lock funds for a specific period, ensuring disciplined savings and discouraging impulsive withdrawals. With this platform, it becomes easier for you to achieve your financial goals and plans for the future.


This fintech platform is a payment gateway that the Nigerian government uses. It provides an entry to make and receive payments and then offers this service for personal and business use.

Remita is in a firm with reputable fintech companies like Access Payday, Page, and Carbon for providing instant loans. It has a friendly user interface and a mobile app.


This platform is both an online and offline payment solution offered. It allows merchant clients to interact with payment options like bank transfer, Apple Pay, USSD, mobile money, and VISA QR.

Paystack has now been among the favourite fintech companies for technology startups in the country to invest in. Investors that are on this platform include Visa and Y combinators. Also, there is news that Paystack is looking to launch a POS solution soon.


With the help of this platform, investing in mutual funds and other investment vehicles becomes straightforward, even for those new to finance. This platform has now transformed investment opportunities for Nigerians, offering easy access to varied investment options.

This platform enables users to invest in various assets, including government and stock bonds, with minimal entry requirements.

By providing skilfully managed ranges, Cowrywise makes investment accessible to experienced and beginner investors.


This platform specialises in cross-border money transfers and allows Nigerians to send and receive money internationally with slight payments. Its user interface has made it a preferred choice for global transactions.


One of the top fintech firms in Nigeria, TeamApt develops products to enhance financial operations’ efficiency, facilitate easy payments, and encourage company growth.

The solutions offered by TeamApt are aimed at improving financial inclusion and electronic payments. Its area of expertise is creating scalable approaches that enable companies, including banks, to thrive in the age of technology.

Through creative ideas, this platform has improved Nigeria’s financial system greatly. It has solutions, ranging from digital banking platforms to payment processing systems, that have helped enhance the efficiency and accessibility of banking services.


This is a leading fintech business in Nigeria, making it its primary objective to assist SMEs. Lidya is changing the financing process for small businesses with its simple-to-operate digital platform that offers quick and easy access to money.

It analyses credit through data-driven analysis, bridging the gap between SMEs and the financial backing required to support their growth.

Due to its easy-to-use interface and focused lending solutions, Lidya has become a lifeline for numerous struggling small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Lidya acknowledges the significance of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to the financial system of Nigeria. This Fintech innovator provides SMEs with digital solutions to access credit lines and loans customized to meet their particular needs.


Risevest is altering the Nigerian investment scene by allowing anyone to participate, regardless of financial situation. Through its easy-to-use application, Risevest makes it simple for individuals to invest in international assets, such as equities and real estate.

The openness of investing opportunities is helping to close the knowledge gap between ordinary people and financial experts.

The educational resources accessible through the platform equip users with the information they need to make accurate investing decisions.


Leading Nigerian fintech company TradeDepot is redefining supply chain management by facilitating interactions between retailers and suppliers via its advanced online platform.

This significant approach makes managing stock easier while making products accessible to businesses in even the most remote locations.

Retailers may maximise their operational efficiency by making educated choices on inventory and purchasing with the help of the platform’s data-driven insights.

There is no denying that TradeDepot’s influence on Nigeria’s retail industry has improved sustainability and profitability.


Appzone provides proof of how technology may accelerate digital transformation in various industries. Appzone optimizes customer experiences, increases efficiency, and simplifies processes while focusing on specialized software solutions for banks.

Appzone provides a range of tools, such as Core Banking, Digital Banking, and Trade Finance, which allow banks to traverse the world of technology effectively.

The company’s innovative fintech strategy is essential to changing Nigeria’s economic climate and equipping institutions for the future.

Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric has been a game-changer in the agriculture industry by bringing together investors and farmers to support environmentally friendly farming practices and boost food production. With the support of this advanced platform, anyone can invest in a range of agricultural ventures, from rearing chickens to growing crops.

Thrive Agric promotes financial inclusion in the agriculture sector, which helps the economy of Nigeria thrive, create jobs, and ensure food security.

Investors aiming for financial returns and social influence resonate with the platform’s impact-driven approach and transparency.


Okra’s simple and safe access to financial data is disrupting the current state of financial information. It aims to make it easier for individuals, banks, and technology firms to communicate financial data by providing an API platform.

This innovative strategy improves risk assessment, expedites procedures, and encourages innovation in the financial industry.

The platform guarantees users control over their information by emphasizing data privacy and security in line with international standards. Okra’s capacity to offer companies real-time financial analytics makes it valuable to the fintech sector.


OneFi uses its platform to provide immediate lending facilities to satisfy Nigerians’ urgent financial demands.

This fintech startup in Nigeria allows people to obtain short-term loans to pay for opportunities, crises, and unexpected expenses.

OneFi stands out due to its user-centric strategy and simple application process, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking rapid credit access.

Its commitment to legal lending and financial literacy facilitates the company’s beneficial impacts on individuals.


By making it easier for people and businesses to access financial information, Mono helps optimize financial processes.

Businesses may safely and quickly obtain financial information with Mono’s API platform. This innovation improves loan payments, enhances customer experiences, and helps financial institutions assess risk more efficiently.

The platform’s contribution to the change of financial procedures aligns with the expanding demand for digital solutions that promote efficiency and availability.

Mono’s influence appears across various sectors, including e-commerce and fintech, indicating the breadth of its line of goods.


Paga changed mobile money in Nigeria by offering a platform facilitating effortless individual transactions. Paga makes financial services accessible to everyone through its vast agent network.


In conclusion, fintech companies in Nigeria has multiplied in recent years, with an array of established companies and creative startups providing various financial services for individuals and enterprises.

Many solutions are available to satisfy customers’ needs, from mobile payments and digital banking to investing platforms and mobile banking services. 

The fintech companies outlined in this blog are the top 20 startups in Nigeria that significantly impact the country’s market and beyond.

Given the increasing popularity of fintech solutions in that country, online banking services are the way of the future in Nigeria.


What are Some of the Top Fintech Companies in Nigeria?

Some popular fintech companies in Nigeria are Flutterwave, Carbon, Interswitch, Opay, Kuda, PiggyVest, Remita, PayStack, Cowrywise, and Chippercash.

What Services Do Fintech Companies Offer?

These fintech companies offer various financial services, including digital banking, savings platforms, mobile payment services, and quick and available loans.

Payment processing solutions for businesses, cross-border money transfers, bill payments, fund transfers, airtime recharge, etc.

What Makes Fintech Companies in Nigeria Stand Out?

Fintech companies in Nigeria stand out for their advanced and convenient financial services, user-friendly interfaces, and dependable payment systems.

They are also known for making financial services accessible to individuals and businesses in Nigeria and for their part in driving economic presence there.

Are Fintech Companies in Nigeria Safe?

Yes, fintech companies in Nigeria are safe and secure. They use advanced security and encoding technologies to protect their users’ data and financial businesses.

They are also structured by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and other relevant directing bodies to ensure compliance with industry values and best practices.

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