7 Reasons Flying Business Class Is Worth the Points 

While it takes effort and discipline to accumulate enough credit card rewards for free flights, redeeming those hard-earned points for international business class ensures your hard work truly pays off.

7 Reasons Flying Business Class Is Worth the Points 

From exclusive airport lounges to gourmet in-flight dining and lie-flat seats, flying business class elevates every aspect of your travel experience into a journey of pure luxury. If you’ve been considering splurging your points, here are 7 Reasons Flying Business Class Is Worth the Points. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Skip crowds with priority services like dedicated check-in/security and boarding 
  • Relax pre-flight in airline lounges with free food, drinks, and amenities 
  • Enjoy spacious lie-flat seats that convert into beds for optimal sleeping comfort 
  • Indulge in elevated multi-course meals and premium alcohol not found in economy 
  • Arrive refreshed with expedited deplaning and first access to baggage claim 
  • Experience quieter, less crowded cabins with enhanced entertainment 
  • Earn elite qualifying miles faster toward valuable airline status perks 

7 Reasons Flying Business Class Is Worth the Points 

As travel becomes more exhausting and nickel-and-dime fees proliferate, paying a little more for premium cabin classes goes a long way toward an elevated, low-stress experience from start to finish. By redeeming rewards points strategically for international business class, you transform what could otherwise be a grueling travel day into a seamless, ultra-luxurious journey you’ve earned through savvy planning. 

While your points balance may take an initial hit, the value gained through exceptional service, amenities, and personal space makes business class more than worth it – especially on long-haul flights. Let’s dive into the 7 key reasons to splurge on business class for your next international adventure using hard-earned rewards. 

1. Priority Treatment from Check-In to Boarding

Your premium experience begins before you even step onto the plane. Most airlines offer: 

  • A separate check-in area dedicated to business/first class passengers 
  • Dedicated security lanes to bypass economy crowds 
  • Inclusion of at least two free checked bags 

And when it comes time to board, you’ll be among the first invited to get settled into your spacious seat while economy passengers must wait their turn. For particularly premium routes, some airlines even allow business class travelers to board directly from the lounge! 

2. Relaxing Airport Lounge Access

One of the most valuable perks of flying business class is the complimentary access to your airline’s exclusive lounge network at the departure airport. Within the lounge, you’ll find: 

  • Comfortable seating areas and quiet spaces 
  • High-speed Wi-Fi and power outlets 
  • Showers to freshen up before flights 
  • Complimentary food and beverage offerings like hot meals, snacks, beer, wine and cocktails 

While some premium credit cards provide lounge access through Priority Pass, a business class ticket often opens up proprietary airline lounges off-limits to those outside programs. 

3. Spacious Lie-Flat Seats for Comfort

The seats alone make business class worth it, especially on long international flights. Compared to cramped economy, you get: 

  • Significantly more legroom and personal space 
  • Ergonomic seats with ample widths and cushioning 
  • Seats that convert into authentic lie-flat beds for sleeping 
  • Plush pillows, duvets, and amenity kits with toiletries (sometimes pajamas) 

With such luxury and seclusion, you arrive well-rested and ready to explore at your destination. 

4. Elevated Dining and Alcohol Service

Instead of stereotypical “airplane food,” business class provides a gourmet experience with: 

  • Multi-course tasting menus crafted by Michelin-starred chefs 
  • Locally and seasonally-sourced, high-quality ingredients 
  • Premium wine selections and top-shelf liquors included 
  • Professional crews providing attentive, unrushed service 

You’ll savor courses from warm nuts to mouthwatering entrees. On longer flights, a second meal service like breakfast is provided along with all-day snack baskets. 

5. Expedited Exit and Baggage Retrieval

While in-flight, business class has perks like: 

  • Enhanced personal entertainment systems 
  • Power outlets to stay charged 
  • A quieter, less dense cabin for working or relaxing 

Upon arrival, you’re among the first off the plane, skipping endless aisles and queues. Your bags are also unloaded first at baggage claim so you can grab them swiftly. 

6. Earn More Elite Qualifying Miles

Flying business class provides an accelerated path to valuable airline elite status: 

  • Most carriers award 25-40% more redeemable miles than economy 
  • E.g. A business LAX-SYD flight could earn 17,000+ miles vs 13,000 in economy 
  • Elite perks include upgrades, fee waivers, bonus miles, and lounge access 

Not only do you splurge on luxury, but you simultaneously rack up redeemable miles and elite credits faster for your next redemption. 

7. A Luxurious Experience Worth the Points

More than just transportation, flying business class transforms the entire journey: 

  • Bypassing lines and crowds reduces stress 
  • Lounges allow socializing over drinks pre-flight 
  • Savoring gourmet meals with premium wine delights 
  • Catching real sleep leaves you refreshed upon arrival 

For special occasions, those priceless memories make burning a large points balance worthwhile. If you’ve banked rewards for a while, business class delivers an ultra-premium experience you’ve earned. 


While parting with a large volume of hard-earned points may sting at first, the value gained in luxury and comfort will make you quickly realize international business class was worth every single point. From exclusive lounges and priority lines to spacious lie-flat beds and elevated dining, business class transforms stressful air travel into a seamless, lavish experience you deserve. 

Especially on those grueling long-haul flights across oceans, arriving refreshed and having truly enjoyed the journey makes splurging your rewards absolutely worthwhile. As the highlights above demonstrate, business class ensures you travel in style while rapidly accumulating even more rewards for your next redemption. For savvy rewards enthusiasts, it’s a no-brainer upgrade. 

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