It Looks Like Fortnite’s Next Big Event is Happening on August 6th

There are a lot of Next Big events Happening on both mobile and pc games. And it Looks Like Fortnite’s most recent Event happened on the 6th of August. The event was an amazing one for all Fortnite gamers.

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There were a lot of Fortnite gamers waiting for the event. The event was based on the pop diva, Ariana Grande. During the gameplay, she arrived at the battle royale island whistling a tone for a special free-to-watch show. Read more on this article to get info about the event.

It looks Like Fortnite’s Next Big Event is Happening on August 6th

It is confirmed that Ariana is not the first A-list celebrity to headline a Fortnite show. But with the huge fan base she has on social media, a lot of fans voted this as their best event.

Fortnite has previously made collabo with other big-name artists, like Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Major Lazer. So, Fortnite gamers should expect more artist events to take place in the game.

Ariana Grande Fortnite Event

Just to ensure everyone tuned to the show at the appropriate time, Epic Games hosted five showtimes over three days. The event started on August 6th and 7th (Saturday and Sunday).

Then, the other three shows were scheduled for August 8th (Sunday). Before the event started, there were some Fortnite-themed festivities before the arrival of Ariana.

Ariana Grande Fortnite Event Time

Here are the scheduled timings on how the event happened:

  • First show: Friday, August 6thstarted at 6 p.m. ET/ 11 p.m. GMT/ 5 p.m. CT/ 3 p.m. PT.
  • Second show: Saturday, August 7th started at 2 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. GMT/ 1 p.m. CT/ 11 a.m. PT.
  • Third show: Sunday August 8th started at 12 a.m. ET/ 5 a.m. GMT/ (08/07) 11 p.m. CT/ (08/07) 9 p.m. PT.
  • Fourth show: Sunday August 8th started at 10 a.m. ET/ 3 p.m. GMT/ 9 a.m. CT/ 7 a.m. PT.
  • Fifth show: Sunday August 8th started at 6 p.m. ET/ 11 p.m. GMT/ 5 p.m. CT/ 3 p.m. PT.

And that’s it.

How to Watch Ariana Grande Fortnite Event

There were no major requirements to participate. Users just needed to download the Fortnite game from Epic. The game is a free-to-play game available on many platforms including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and PC.

  • Users who already have the latest update (v17.30) ahead of the event are set.
  • The game should be launched early. Epic Games advised users to launch the game 60 minutes before the main event.

That’s it.

Ariana Grande Fortnite Event Reward

Since the Ariana in-game concert was a part of the Fortnite Rift Tour music experience, players could participate in special event quests to win unique rewards.

The Fortnite Cre active subscribers who logged into the game at the event start date received the rainbow cloud cruiser umbrella. And also, a Skye up high loading screen and a rift tour-themed banner.

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