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“Free Facebook Avatar Maker” Have you seen the recent post of your friend on Facebook News Feed with the cartoon-like image and you are probably wondering?  Well, you need to stop wondering or ben surprised about it and start thinking of how to make yours as well.

Free Facebook Avatar Maker

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Facebook avatar maker free for all users. However, non-users must have heard about it and will be having that thought of getting a Facebook account to create theirs also. The avatar is a cartoon-like feature or image that looks just like you. It can be used to express your emotions at a given moment.  There is more to be revealed in the second part of this content.

Free Facebook Avatar Maker

Free Facebook avatar maker has made Facebook social media platform more trending.  The launched of the features has made Facebook users keep making use of the platform nonstop. The avatar can also serve or be used in place of emojis. The avatar can be used for texting on messenger, stories, and many more. Facebook made this app in a way that first-time users can be able to use it. Without being taught by anyone on how to use it. Facebook avatar is free to as many that are will to download and make use of it. There are no charges attached to it.

Facebook Avatar Maker App

Facebook avatar maker app is free to as many on Facebook that wants to make their avatar. The Facebook has designed the app with lots of amazing and exciting features. The app allows you to make your own choice of features in creating your avatar. Before you download the app it very important I begin to notice that the Facebook avatar app is located inside the Facebook app. So you download the Facebook official app not the Facebook avatar maker app.  The following are the steps to downloading the Facebook avatar maker app:

  • Go to your “Google Play Store or App Store” on your mobile device.
  • Or go to a web browser and input “Google Play Store or App Store” on your desktop device.
  • On the search box type in “Facebook”.
  • Click on the “Search Engine” and wait for the result to display.
  • Then locate the “Official Facebook App” and click on it.
  • Tap on “Download or Install”.
  • It will start “Downloading or Installing” instantly.

Now you see downloading the Facebook avatar app is very easy and fast.

Create Facebook Avatar

I know you have been waiting for this moment of how to create a Facebook avatar of your own. Facebook has made everything very easy for you to make use of it. Now let’s see the steps below on how to create Facebook avatar below:

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  • Tap on your download “Facebook app” on your device.
  • Tap on the “three dots” menu at the upper right-hand side of the homepage on your device.
  • Then scroll down and click on “see more”.
  • Pick the “Avatar” icon
  • Click on the next icon “Get started” button.
  • You will begin to pick or make decisions on how you want your avatar to look like:
    • Skin tone,
    • Hairstyle and color,
    • Face shape, complexion and the face lines,
    • Eye shape and color,
    • Brow shape and color,
    • Nose,
    • mouth,
    • lip color,
    • Facial hair,
    • Body Shape, outfit, and more.
  • After you must have been done select the features to your taste or look alike.
  • Then click on the “Checkmark” icon located at the upper right corner.
  • Tap on the “Next” button.
  • Hit on the “Done” button.

With these steps, you are done creating your own Facebook avatar.

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