How to Generate GTBank Token

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) recognizes the significance of protecting your financial transactions. As a result, they provide a safe method for generating a token a unique authentication number that adds an extra degree of security to your online banking activity.

How to Generate GTBank Token

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a GTBank token for increased security.

When to Use a Security Token

The security token device is necessary when you need to:

  • Transferring money from your GTBank account to another GTBank account or to another bank.
  • Generating safe codes.
  • FX transfers.
  • Processing Cash/Draft In transit.
  • Adding new service options to our Internet Banking platform (add service).
  • Making FX Sales, and so on.

Note: When conducting any of the transactions listed above, you will be required to input a 6-digit code in a defined field to validate and conclude the transaction. This code can be generated by clicking the white button on the device.

Benefits of Using Token

  • The security token creates a random code for each transaction, making it difficult for someone else to conduct online transactions from your account.
  • There is no need to go to a store. A security token allows you to conduct online transactions from anywhere in the world.
  • From a computer or a web-enabled mobile phone, you can send money to relatives and friends and make payments.
  • The token is the most recent in banking security technology, employing 128-bit data encryption to safeguard your account information.

How to Get a Security Token (Hard Token)

  • Visit the nearest bank.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Pick up when it is ready.
  • Set Your Token PIN.

When you activate the token, you will be required to provide a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the token. This PIN is required to generate secure codes for your online transactions.

How to Generate GTBank Soft Tokens Using the USSD Code

You may be out of data or out of a service area, but have no fear because generating a token is also possible to accomplish without an internet connection. Here is what you need to do:

  • In generating the GTbank soft token from internet banking and USSD you follow the following procedures
  • Using your mobile phone dial, the code *737*7#.
  • You will be requested to fill in your transaction pin.
  • After the transaction pin is verified, your token will be displayed in the interface.
  • GT bank gives one hundred and twenty seconds (120) for a soft token. after 120 seconds the soft token is expired, you will have to request another one.

Also, keep in mind that the soft token is only used once. One soft token cannot be used for two transactions as it expires after 120seconds.

How to Generate the GTBank Token Using the Mobile App

follow these steps below to generate your token using your mobile App:

  • Begin by logging into the GTBank Internet Banking Platform to begin the token registration process. You will have to enter your account number as the username and choose a unique password.
  • Next, look for the Help Menu on the left side of the screen and select Settings.
  • Input the GTBank token ID and make sure it does not contain any hyphens. click “Acknowledge” in the space provided, then click “Continue.” The number is written on the back of your token, behind the whiteboard. GTBank will send you an SMS confirming that you have completed the token acknowledgement procedure.

Ensure that you keep your token in a safe place. Treat it as you would your ATM card, as it is your gateway to secure online banking. Do not share your token or its PIN with anyone.

What Should I do if my GTBank Token Malfunctions or Causes me Problems?

If you have any problems with your GTBank token or it malfunctions, please contact your bank’s customer service. They can assist you with troubleshooting and, if necessary, replacement of the token.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on how to generate GTBank token and their short answers:

How do I use my GTBank token to make online purchases?

Follow these steps to use your GTBank token for online transactions:

When asked to produce an OTP or authentication code during an online transaction, push the button on the token. To complete the transaction securely, enter the OTP or code as directed.

Is my GTBank token linked to a phone number?

GTBank tokens are not usually associated with your phone number. They are self-contained security devices or apps that produce OTPs. Your phone number, on the other hand, may be associated with your account for other purposes, such as getting transaction alerts.

What should I do if I misplace my GTBank token?

If you misplace your GTBank token, notify your bank’s customer support immediately. They will walk you through the processes necessary to safeguard your account and may give a replacement token.

How can I get a GTBank token?

Follow these procedures to receive a GTBank token:

  • Please contact your local GTBank branch or customer support.
  • Request a token and fill out any necessary forms.
  • Pay any fees that are owed.
  • Activate and configure the token as directed.

Is there a cost to obtain a GTBank token?

Some banks may levy a fee for the issuance of a GTBank token. Confirm with your bank whether there is a cost, and be prepared to pay it if there is.

Can I use my GTBank token to make online purchases with other banks?

GTBank tokens are intended primarily for use with GTBank online banking services. However, some tokens may be compatible with the systems of other institutions. It is important to check with your bank for more information.


Creating a GTBank token is a simple process that adds an extra degree of protection to your online banking transactions. You can confidently perform online transactions and protect your financial information by following these steps and preserving the security of your token and PIN.

Keep in mind that the security of your online banking experience is a joint responsibility of you and the bank. GTBank dedication to improving security measures ensures that your financial transactions are carried out with confidence.

If you have any questions or issues about token generation, please contact GTBank customer support or visit your nearest bank.

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