How to Get a Loan Without BVN In Nigeria

Suppose you feel discouraged and do not know how to get a loan without BVN in Nigeria. There is hope, as there are reliable platforms like fintech, which is financial technology. These platforms enhance and streamline the provision of financial services and make them simple to use

Get a Loan Without BVN In Nigeria

Therefore, we will discuss in this post how fintech enables loan acquisition without needing BVN.

Getting a Loan Without BVN In Nigeria

Financial institutions in Nigeria use the Bank Verification Number (BVN) biometric identification technology to identify each person inside the banking system uniquely.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) implemented it to improve financial transaction security, lower fraud, and establish a centralized, uniform system for client identification.

There are different financial technologies that aid loans without BVN that are licensed with the local banks in Nigeria, and they aid the fast purchase of loans;


This programme, which is a part of Opay Digital Services Limited, provides microloans for urgent needs without requiring a BVN. With the use of this application, users can borrow up to N50,000 for a 60-day period at interest rates ranging from 10% to 24% monthly. Additionally, the procedure is easy to follow and just takes a few minutes to finish. To obtain a loan, all you need to do is download the app, apply, and be approved.


This is another reliable loan app in Nigeria and it is financial institution that is licensed by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and they offer instant loan, savings and investment. Carbon offers access to loans through simple and easy means. No need for guarantors, collaterals and you could just apply from the convenience of your home and you receive the funds instantly. The loan app ranges from 1.75% to 30% and the duration lasts over 64 weeks.


The branch is the financial app that offers opportunity and provides the access of good banking products like instant loans, money transfers and many related activities. The process for the branch loan works with ease as all you have to do is to download the branch app, and create an account. Also, apply for the loan that fits your needs and you instantly get to receive the loan into your account.


The fairmoney which is the fairmoney MFB and it is a digital microfinance that is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. And it offers loan without BVN and you could get a #10,000 loan for 2 months and later get to pay back at an interest rate of 2%.  All you have to do is download the app and go through every prompt instruction to get started.


The palmcredit is the digital microfinance that is connected with the Newedge finance limited and with the great features that allows you to get up to 100K.

You could get daily interest of 1.2% and the loan process takes only three steps as all you have to do is to register, get approved and your money gets disbursed to your account.


Jumia Pay also offers loans to eligible candidates as they have access to instant loans with no collateral, no stress nor delay, currently loans are available through JumiaPay’s android app for now.

The steps to getting the loan happens to be easy and smooth as you have to visit the JumiaPay android app. Then check the financial services option and click on the loan option, provide the all-necessary information and within few minutes you have access to the funds.

Conclusion on Getting a Loan Without BVN In Nigeria

These platforms offer loans without your BVN, guarantor or collateral as all the processes or steps that gives you access to the disbursement of the finance is just to download the application of your choice and make sure to finish through the registration process to make it happen.

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