How to Get BAXI POS Machine

Baxi POS Machine, what is the cost of a Baxi POS machine, what are the Baxi POS charges, and how do I get Baxi POS? Looking for answers? Then this is the post for you.

How to Get BAXI POS Machine

POS agents have recently made a lot of money because it is now the quickest way to get cash in Nigeria. Furthermore, as the FGN implements the cashless policy, cashless payments are quickly becoming a reality for both businesses and customers.

All of these factors have steadily increased the demand for POS. As a result, an increasing number of people want to become agents, and businesses want to be paid quickly.

The Baxi POS is one such payment solution that has gained popularity among merchants and businesses. Its services also enable agents to earn thousands of Naira per day.

All About Baxi POS

Baxi POS is a point-of-sale (POS) solution that allows businesses to accept debit card and mobile money payments from customers.

MFS Africa, a Nigerian tech company focused on providing financial services to the country’s underbanked population, provides the solution.

Baxi Box is a leading name in Nigeria’s fintech and agency banking POS (Point-Of-Sale) sphere. They offer the standard cash-in/cash-out service as well as a variety of other value-added services such as bill payment, money transfers, airtime recharge, and so on.

Why you should choose Baxi POS?

Consider what a typical POS agent in your area does. Yes, a Baxi Agent would be useful for this as well. Only that, Baxi Box Agents are a little more efficient because they can initiate transactions from three different banks – if one bank is unavailable, another must be. Their Android POS also enables them to conduct more transactions. They have few network errors.

A Baxi Box POS Agent can perform the following tasks:

  • Assist you in paying utility bills (such as electricity, waste, and DSTV)
  • Withdrawals of cash
  • Deposits in cash
  • Transferring funds
  • Load up on airtime.
  • Load data
  • Vending of recharge cards
  • Fill mobile wallets…and so forth

Baxi POS Machine Cost

Baxi offers two types of POS at different price points. It Android POS costs N80,000, while Baxi MPOS costs N30,000. These are one-time payments for the purchase of the Baxi Box POS machine. That is, you will not be charged a monthly or renewal fee once you begin using it.

Baxi also provides a more flexible method of acquiring their mPOS machines. You must hire it here and pay a cautionary fee of N5,000. Following that, you’ll pay N15,000 to receive the device.

How to Get Started with Baxi Box

Simple and concise. This can be accomplished in two ways: online by yourself or offline through an Authorized Sales Representative.

Online Setup and Documentation

  • To begin, download the BaxiMobile App from the Google Play/Apple App Store.
  • Complete the simple sign-up process after installing the app on your device.
  • To upgrade your account to Baxi Flex or Baxi Pro, enter your BVN and a verifiable address.
  • Go to Request for MPOS/POS and submit a POS device request.

Offline Setup and Documentation

  • Contact the Baxi Team, state your location, and ask for a Sales Representative.
  • A signed Agent application form and agreement Using POS.
  • A copy of identification (driver’s license, national ID card, voter’s card, or international passport) for both the applicant and the guarantor.
  • Proof of Address for both the applicant and the guarantor.

Branding and training

  • Agent is trained and given a starter kit.
  • Branding is applied to the location.
  • The agent begins full operation and begins earning money.

How to Get a Baxi POS Machine

Here’s how to apply for a Baxi POS machine, step by step:

  • Visit their website or download the Baxi App.
  • Create an agent account with your phone number.
  • With your BVN, you can upgrade your account to Baxi Pro.
  • Request a Baxi mPOS or an Android POS.
  • Complete the Baxi POS registration form and submit it for review.

After that, the Baxi Box team will review your application. This usually takes between 24 and 48 hours. Remember that they may approve or deny your request.

If your application is accepted, you will be contacted and given instructions on how to obtain your POS machine. If your request was denied, you may reapply. That’s all there is to it for how to get Baxi POS in Nigeria. Now, let’s look at the Baxi POS fees when you become an agent.


How can I get in touch with Baxi Box customer service if I need help or have a question?

Provide contact information for customers seeking assistance, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and support channels.

What should I do if my Baxi Box POS machine develops technical problems?

Explain the troubleshooting procedure, as well as how to report and resolve technical issues.

Is the POS machine covered by a warranty or maintenance service?

Inform users of any warranty or maintenance services available for the POS device.

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