GMC Acadia 2016: Buyer’s Review, Price, Dimension and Features

GMC Acadia 2016 is a really decent option if you’re looking to buy a used SUV. GMC Acadia is actually a car-based SUV with 3 rows of seats. Also with seating for seven or eight persons, depending on the configuration of the second seat row. This car has smooth ride quality and also excellent crash safety. Aside, this brand has a slow infotainment system wit leisurely performance and a low fuel economy. With this, you might want to cross-shop competitors such as the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot.

GMC Acadia 2016

GMC Acadia 2016 Price

This car is really a pocket-friendly brand to use. According to more than 500 listings on this brand, the price for a used Acadia 2016 is nearly $29, 500. Though most models are priced down to $21, 900 and others are $37 above. The fact is, the prices vary with the condition, location, and mileage of the vehicle.

Standard Features of Acadia 2016

This vehicle has some standard and available features that I will be listed below. Here are the features;

  • The vehicle’s audio system is a screen touch.
  • There is an Onstar 4G LTE Connectivity.
  • 18 inches aluminum wheels.
  • Includes a backup camera.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • Front airbags, electronic stability system, and also antilock brakes.
  • Maximum cargo volume of 116 cubic feet.

Available Features;

  • A power liftgate.
  • Head up display.
  • A navigation screen.
  • Departure warning (lane).
  • High-intensity discharge headlights.
  • 10 to 20 inches of aluminum wheels.
  • All-wheel drive.
  • The front seats are both heated and cool.

Can I trust 2016 Acadia and is it reliable?

The answer is yes, you can definitely trust GMC 2016. Also, it is reliable and easy to maintain.

Is this GMC safe?

Yes, it is actually safe to use. It was given a good ranking or rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The Administration gave it a perfect ranking in overall, sid crash testing, and also front. This GMC is equipped with a rearview camera and also parking sensors. If you are afraid that this GMC is unsafe, then you need to get that though out of your head.

2016 Acadia Dimensions

The cargo space; it offers a 24.1 cubic feet space with seats. The second and third-row seats are folded but it expands to 70.1 and 116.1 cubic feet. The length is almost 17 feet long. Models with a front-wheel-drive have a curb weight or weight of about 4,656 pounds. While all-wheel-drive models weigh about 4,850 pounds.


GMC Acadia 2016 is a great ride to use for yo adventures. It’s just like a family car with great space and safety with it.

GMC Acadia 2016
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gmc-acadia-2016GMC Acadia 2016 is a really decent option if you’re looking to buy a used SUV. GMC Acadia is actually a car-based SUV with 3 rows of seats.


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