Google Duo Privacy Policy – Duo Mobile Permissions | Google Drive Access

Google Duo’s privacy Policy foundations are trust and transparency. They are committed to being open about how to approach privacy and its aim to communicate about privacy in a way that is simple to apprehend.

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However, the Cisco Online Privacy Statement was on how all Duo’s services, including Duo Mobile, handle data. The content below will give you more details on regular questions that are been asked specifically to Google Duo Mobile. If you have any more questions related to data collection and the use that is not covered by this article, please do see the Cisco Online Privacy Statement or the Duo Privacy data Sheet.

Duo Mobile Permissions

Duo mobile cannot access things like your contacts, photos, text messages, and emails. It has a few device data permissions that it requests to help make multi-factor authentication simple for you.

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Permission to Send Push Notifications

 This can only send the push notification for two purposes:

  • It sends you a login request to approve or deny.
  • To alert you to security issues that detect your device.

It promises to never spam or send irrelevant push notifications. You can deny this permission, but you will have to manually go into Duo mobile to approve or deny a login request each time you log in.

Google Drive Access

Those who make use of android will see permission to access Google Drive to back up your accounts in case you lose your phone. This permission allows the Duo Mobile to create an app-specific folder where it will back up your Duo Mobile account. The Google Drive API does not allow the duo mobile to have access to any other Google Drive files, but instead, it only gives you access to the Duo Mobile folder.

Camera Access

This requires you to explicitly grant permission for the Duo Mobile to use your camera to scan QR codes that used to quickly add multi-factor authentication accounts. You can deny this but you won’t be able to add a long, alphanumeric “2FA secret” key to get your account work, your photos and you can only make do of your camera when you are scanning a QR code.

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Usage Analytics

Duo mobile uses a pseudonymized mobile data analytics provider, firebase. It helps you to have an understanding of how Duo Mobile users interact with our app. Our usage analytics only collect information about how you use duo Mobile, it cannot “see what you do” in other applications on your phone. It’s used to increase stability, and to develop new features. It can disable sending usage analytics in the app settings page of duo Mobile. Duo Mobile never tracks users around the internet and we never sell your device data to anyone.

Crash Reporting

It uses a pseudonymized mobile crash reporting service called firebase crash reporting. The firebase collects information about app crashes, which we use to monitor app stability and fix bugs.

How to Opt-Out

To opt-out of sending usage data from the duo Mobile App:


  • Open the Duo Mobile.
  • Navigate to the menu via the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • Then disable the toggle marked “Send Usage Data”.


  • Open the Duo mobile.
  • Navigate to settings through the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Disable the toggle marked “send Usage Data”.

Here are the steps on how to opt-out on iOS and Android devices.

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