Google Map Timeline

Are you aware that Google Maps now has a Timeline function that lets you browse the areas you’ve been to? When Google Map Timeline was updated in 2015, the capability to compile photos taken at a specific location was also included.

Google Map Timeline
Google Map Timeline

You can obtain a better picture of the journey by doing this. It is practical, easy to use, and simple to comprehend. Read on since I’ll be talking more about the Google Maps Timeline moving forward if you want to know more.

Google Map Timeline

You may check and manage your location history data on the Google map timeline. You can delete individual entries from your location history, remove information from time periods, or alter specific entries in the timeline.

Because Google Map Timeline is private, only you have access to it. The locations you’ve visited with the devices on which the account is logged in will appear in the timeline once the location history has been submitted.

Google Map Timeline History

The process of switching between your location history is really quick and easy. Google gathers all of your location information and stores it in your Google account if you enable Google Timeline Location History. even when not being used. To switch it on or off, adhere to the procedures below;

  • On your Android or iOS Phone or Tablet, go to your Timeline
  • Then click on “Settings > Location History. Select “Enable” or “Pause”.

That’s how quickly it would be finished.

How to View Location History

It’s quick and easy to view your location history on Google Maps. Follow the straightforward steps listed below to do that.

  • On your device, launch Google Maps.
  • Click “More” in the top left corner.
  • Click “Timeline” next.
  • Press the “Calendar” icon to bring up a specific date.
  • You can swipe right or left to change the month.
  • To display the location history for a specific date, tap it.

The route taken, the time spent there, and the length would all be represented for that particular date.

How to Switch on/off Web and App Activity

At any moment, you can enable or disable Web & App Activity or delete a previous activity. Follow the directions below to turn it on or off;

  • Open the device settings page or go to the “Activity Controls” section on your device.
  • You might be asked by Google to log into your platform account.
  • Turn Web & App Activity on or off after that.

Check the box next to “Include Chrome history and activity from websites and apps that use Google Services” after turning it on. Then select “Include voice and audio recordings” by checking the box next to it. Note: The majority of devices and browsers may have additional settings that impact how the activity is saved.

Can I Change the Places I Visited/Activities done on Google MapsTimeline?

Yes, that is definitely a possibility. You can change the location and date if a place you visited is shown on the Timeline. You need to enable Web & App Activity in order to accomplish this. The steps listed below can be used to edit and fix location mistakes;

Open Google Maps on your device.

  • Click “Menu > Timeline” after that.
  • Hit on the incorrect location on the timeline.
  • Press “Edit” to make changes.
  • Next, choose the appropriate location or activity from the list of choices that would appear at the bottom.
  • Alternatively, you can scroll down and look for the place or thing to do.
  • Select “Time” to alter the time that you were there.
  • You won’t be able to alter or edit locations or activities on Google Timeline if your Web & App Activity is disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Track my Location History?

  • Open the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Click on your profile photo or start your timeline.
  • choose a location from the timeline.
  • Click Details.
  • Navigate till you come to Timeline. You may see information about your most recent visit right next to this icon.

Can I See My Google Location History?

You must now go to your Google Account’s “Location History” area. You can decide whether your devices or account can provide Google with location history.

How can I Track my Mobile Number Location History?

How to check a mobile number’s location history:

  • Open the Google Maps application.
  • To open the App Menu, click on the Hamburger icon.
  • Choose your Timeline, select a date, click the Calendar button, and then look at the location history of that day.

Can you Track your Last Location?

You may view your phone’s location history using Google Maps by logging into your Google Account if you have an Android phone and the Find My Device app.


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