How To Cancel Green Dot Card

This can be achieved if you do not want to use the card anymore or you want to replace the old card with a new one.

How To Cancel Green Dot Card
How To Cancel Green Dot Card

Green Dot offers a lot of secured credit cards, and prepaid cards. Users can use the green dot card just like a credit card. The green dot card offers you convenience even if you have poor credit, they also come with numerous fees that might persuade you to cancel if you don’t use the card enough or if you’ve found another option.

The process for cancelling your Green Dot card will depend on whether you’ve got a prepaid card or a secured credit card, and it will be advisable to think well before closing either of the Green Dot cards. Read on to see how to cancel a green dot card.

How To Cancel Green Dot Card

Remember that to cancel your green dot card is based on if it’s the secured card or the prepaid card so let’s see the different ways of cancelling each of the green dot cards.

Prepaid Green Dot Cards

If you want to cancel a prepaid Green Dot card completely, you first need to empty all the money in your card. You can do this through regular purchases, online bill pay transactions, money transfers, paper checks or ATM transactions. However, do note that any fees for various withdrawals will still apply.

Green Dot card account closes without any further action immediately the balance goes to zero

But you can also send a request to Green Dot to be sure. You can do this through the “Close Card” option on the “Security” tab on the Green Dot portal. Otherwise, you can call their customer service centre to provide some information to verify yourself and then talk to a live representative.

Secured Green Dot Credit Cards

If you want to cancel a regular secured credit card through Green Dot, you should first pay off any balance you have on the card to ensure you can get your security deposit back when you close the account.

You should also consider the potential impact that cancelling your Green Dot credit card can have on your credit score. For example, your credit score can drop if you’re closing an older account or if closing the account hurts your credit utilization rate.

Once you’re ready to cancel the card, you’ll need to call the customer service number on the back of your card as this number can vary depending on the Green Dot card you have. For example, you’d call 866-291-0818 if you have the Green Dot Platinum Visa. The system will ask for your card number or Social Security number along with your birthdate to look up your account.

Follow the prompts to get help from a live representative with cancelling your card. As with the prepaid cards, you can cancel the old card and get a replacement if you just have a security issue. Otherwise, the representative will close your card and let you know when you can expect to get your security deposit returned.

How To Cancel Due To Security Issues

When you want to cancel your Green Dot card due to a security issue like fraud or a lost card, you can find an option to report the issue on the “Security” tab as well as through the phone system.

However, Green Dot will allow you to get a new card sent to you rather than close your account entirely. You’ll usually pay a fee to get the replacement card. Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to continue using your account in the meantime if the card was linked to a service like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

What to Expect After Canceling

After Green Dot cancels your card, you can cut it up since you won’t be able to use it anymore. If you requested a replacement card for the cancelled one due to a security issue, you’ll usually receive that within a couple of weeks and will need to activate it for use.

Be sure to check if you’ve set your cancelled card up for automatic bill payments to utilities, subscriptions and other services. In that case, you’ll want to update your payment info to avoid issues with missed payments or disruptions to service.

Netspend offers prepaid cards through Visa and Mastercard that allows you to get an account without having to go through a credit check or maintain a minimum balance.

This can be convenient for having your paychecks direct deposited, receiving tax refunds and stimulus checks and paying for daily expenses. Logging in to Netspend requires simply entering your login credentials and registering your device or browser. However, you may need to take extra steps to get your account registered for online access first.

How to Activate My Green Dot Online

The Green Dot card can be activated online. Card users can activate their card any time immediately after they receive it. Before you can start using your Green Dot card, you must activate it. When you activate the card online, you can set up online account management and register the card for direct deposit.

So to register your card, you will need to provide some personal information, including your date of birth. After the card is activated, you can use it immediately as long as the money is loaded into your account. Follow the steps below;

  • Visit in your computer’s Web browser.
  • Next, Click “Register a New Card” at the top bar.
  • Then key in your Green Dot card’s 16-digit card number in the appropriate field.
  • Enter the security code at the back of your card. The code is the last three digits of the group of numbers imprinted beneath the signature strip.
  • Enter the code from the shaded area in the indicated field and click “Continue.”
  • Next, insert your personal information including your name, address and Social Security number. Click “Continue.”
  • Enter the four digits you want to use for a PIN number. Re-enter the number to confirm your selection and click “Continue.”
  • Click “Yes” if you want to set up direct deposit for your Green Dot card. If you don’t, click “No.”
  • Enter a username and password in the indicated fields. Re-enter the password to confirm your selection. Click “Continue.” A confirmation message for your card’s activation is now displayed.


How do I Cancel my Green Dot Card on my Phone?

To cancel your Green Dot card using the phone is not difficult, Log in to your account using the Green Dot app and select Settings, Manage Card, and Close your Account.

Or call the green dot customer service centre to assist you with the closure.

How do I Cancel my Walmart Green Dot Card?

Log into your account using the Walmart MoneyCard app and select Settings > Manage Card > Close your Account.

How do I Cancel my Prepaid Visa Card?

You can cancel a prepaid card by calling the issuer directly. You will need to withdraw all your funds from the account. Depending on the card, that can either be done at the ATM, by requesting a check, or by transferring the money to another account.


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