Havoc OS Custom Rom: Read This Before You Flash this ROM on Your Android


Do you know what the Havoc OS Custom Rom is for? If you haven’t known then the good news is that you are reading the right article to get the details about it. The Android 10 is the latest version that was released. It was Havoc OS 3.0 and later is based on the latest Android 10 update. The page maintains a list of supported devices.

However, it is a skin custom ROM that you can flash onto any Android device. It can be based on the Android open source project. It is heavily inspired by Google Pixel. The leading developers have stated it. That has features that are mind-blowing and can’t be found anywhere.

Havoc OS Custom Rom

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Havoc OS Custom Rom

Havoc OS Custom Rom is a based open Android custom ROM that is brought to you by SKULSHADY (Anushek), ZeNiXxX (Viktor), and a few others in the team just like other custom ROMs Such as LineageOS, Bliss ROM, etc.

It is more about bringing customization and less on security features, primarily based on the ROM on the lineageOS. Most likely you will get the latest security patches. The people say that Havoc OS is Feature Rich Custom ROM. Without thinking much about this controversy you can enjoy these features rich ROM. let’s see the features of the Havoc OS Custom Rom

Features of Havoc OS

There are two majority reasons for installing the Havoc OS Custom ROM

  • To get the features of the ROM or to help update the latest Android.

Below are some of the features that are available on Havoc OS Android.

  • General customization
  • Status Bar customization.
  • Interface.
  • Notification Customization.
  • Latest Android.

These are some of the features of the HavocOS custom ROM.

General Customization

The MD2 and Rounded UI. OOOS QS Panel, OTA Support, micro Support.

Status bar Customization

The brightness of the slider, notification count, battery Indicator customization, etc.


The interface is one of the features of the Havoc OS Custom ROM. it has interface has the Theme, Quick Setting Themes, Setting customization.

Notification Customization

The notification customization has the notification light, in-call vibration, Immersive mode messages, and others.

Latest Android

The Havoc OS Custom ROM of the latest android and that of the later version which is based on the latest Android 10 version.

However, there are other features of the Havoc OS Custom ROM. These include Ambient display, Screen, buttons, Navigation Bar, Gestures, Lock Screen, Recent, Animations. System

Technical Details of Havoc OS Custom ROM

The following are some basic technical details of the ROM.

  • ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie.
  • The ROM Kernel: Linux 3.1.x
  • ROM Firmware Required: 9.6.1
  • Based On: ASOP.

Here are some technical details of Havoc OS Custom ROM.

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Havoc OS Custom ROM Supported Devices and Where to Download

The following are Havoc OS Custom ROM supported devices and where to download.

Here are a few Supported devices and where you can download them. to get the entire supported device go through this link.




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