23 Hot Business Ideas in Nigeria

Are you seeking to find lucrative or hot business ideas in Nigeria? Nigeria offers a wealth of opportunities for business owners. With an audience that is vast and a population of over 200 million, there are plenty of chances for enterprises to prosper.

23 Hot Business Ideas in Nigeria

We will go over 23 trending or hot business ideas in Nigeria in this article that you should think about starting.

These suggestions can assist you in becoming successful, whether you’re a new or seasoned business owner trying to expand your holdings.

However, here is a list of 23 major hot business ideas in Nigeria that may suit your interests, income, and abilities, so continue reading to explore.

Hot Businesses Idea in Nigeria. Below are some of the 23 hot business ideas you may establish in Nigeria:

Wellness and Health Center

Nigerians are starting to care more about their health; therefore, opening a health and wellness service could be a profitable company.

You might deliver services that include yoga classes, nutritional counselling, and fitness training.


You can share your interests, skills, and knowledge through blogging, a creative and lucrative business.

It’s an online community where you can interact with people worldwide and make money using different advertising techniques.

Choosing a theme you are passionate about and producing insightful and interesting material for your intended audience are the initial steps in taking your blog to the next phase.

Building a successful blog requires consistency and quality, yet you can also look into other tactics like affiliate marketing and Google Ads.

You can increase your website’s potential for success and income while maintaining an established online presence through these modern techniques.

Real Estate

Starting a real estate agency could be a profitable business venture, as the Nigerian property sector is expanding quickly.

It’s not been easier to start a real estate business with the right strategy in place, utilizing technology, and building your clients.

Digital Marketing Agency

Considering how important online marketing has become, launching a digital marketing agency may be an intelligent business decision.

A digital marketing agency uses social media marketing, SEO, and other digital advertising methods to help businesses become recognized online.

Solar Energy Installation

Nigeria is notorious for its power outages. Therefore, a growing number of its citizens are looking to solar energy as an alternative form of energy.

Given that more Nigerians are becoming interested in renewable energy sources, starting a solar energy installation business might be an attractive endeavour.

Food Delivery Service is one Hot Ideas for Business in Nigeria

It is now possible for entrepreneurs in Nigeria to launch a service that delivers meals due to the growth of online food delivery firms like Jumia Meal and Uber Eats.

You could work with restaurants nearby to provide delivery services for those in your neighborhood. You may create a profitable meal delivery service with the right equipment and marketing plan.


Fast food is famous in Nigeria; therefore, opening a fast-food restaurant there could be a profitable venture.

By choosing the ideal site, menu, and marketing plan, you can attract clients and create an engaged audience.

Frozen Food Business

In the food processing sector, the frozen food industry is an economically viable business. Foods like fish, meat, poultry, turkey, and vegetables that are frozen are highly sought after in Nigeria.

Establishing an effective supply chain, safe storage facilities and connections with food suppliers and merchants are all necessary when starting a frozen foods business.

Providing premium frozen goods and ensuring they arrive on schedule will support the development of loyal customers.

POS (Point of Sale)

Establishing a point of sale (POS) business might be financially rewarding because of Nigeria’s growing use of cashless transactions.

Using a POS terminal, a POS business offers customers online payment services.

E-Commerce Store

Nigerian e-commerce businesses are growing in importance as more people want to shop online.

You may create a profitable online store by purchasing high-quality products, a solid marketing plan, and a successful website. A small shopping cart connected to a laptop. Online Retail Store.

In Nigeria, some of the most popular goods are Electronics, Fashion, and Beauty products.

Mobile App Development

In Nigeria, the market for mobile app development is expanding, and most companies are looking to hire app developers to assist them in building distinctive apps.

Establishing a mobile app development company may be financially rewarding because more companies are realizing the importance of having a mobile app.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

Because so many Nigerians lack the time or tools to do their laundry, there is an immense need for laundry and dry-cleaning firms.

Establishing a dry cleaning and laundry business may be financially rewarding, particularly in areas with a high population density.

Grooming and Beauty Salon

Nigeria has an abundance of beauty and grooming salons because some individuals are prepared to pay for in-person grooming services.

Offering premium services and goods makes opening a beauty and grooming salon an attractive business opportunity.

Delivery and Logistics Business

The need for shipping and logistical assistance has increased significantly as e-commerce has developed. These days, many companies depend on delivery staff to deliver their products to clients quickly and efficiently.

Investing in delivery trucks and logistics management systems, in addition to careful preparation, is necessary when starting a delivery and logistics company.

Providing exceptional customer service and building a solid base of dependable drivers will enable you to prosper in this competitive marketplace.

Event Planning Management

Nigeria is a nation that enjoys celebrations, and a large number of its citizens are willing to pay for professional guidance and event management.

Especially if you have prior experience in the industry, launching an event planning and management company can be very lucrative.

Catering Service

Are you a passionate chef? Starting a catering company can be the ideal small business idea for you. In addition to catering to other local events, you can cook at home. This is a profitable company idea that may be started without a significant initial investment.

When you begin planning additional events, you might also need to hire a few staff members in addition to the cost of the food. Both the service charge and your bill ought to pay for these costs.

Transport Services

In Nigeria, a lot of organizations require transportation but are unable to afford cars. Purchasing a bus or multiple buses may establish you as the preferred transportation provider.

You might handle administration and transportation for non-profits, schools, and religious institutions.

It is wise to concentrate on a particular sector of the economy, such as e-commerce delivery or education. You develop an effective little business, specialize, and work with numerous stores and schools.

Establishing a Security Agency

The government is not the only entity in charge of security. In Nigeria, the demand for outstanding security services is growing.

You can become a security officer, open an agency, or hire experts. The import and sale of security goods is a further option.

Poultry Farming

For entrepreneurs, the agriculture industry was always a gold mine. In Nigeria, poultry farming, in particular, is a profitable industry with an established market. There is an expanding need for poultry goods such as eggs, turkey, and chicken.

It would be best to invest in suitable space, supplies, and the appropriate breed of chickens or turkeys to launch a poultry business.

Poultry farming can bring in significant earnings when it is managed effectively and has a specific market.

Rental Services

In Nigeria, there are several different types of rental services available, including housing, vehicle, and event rentals. Rental facilities are in high demand, especially in major towns with frequent events.

Strategic planning is necessary when launching a rental services company. Your business will satisfy the demands of individuals and organizations that organize events if you concentrate on renting out tents, tables, and chairs.

Select a suitable location and build a solid connection to guarantee an ongoing supply of clients.

Sports Streaming Centers

Sports viewing facilities are becoming a popular business option. Many people who live in towns, cities, and villages utilize viewing centres to see their favourite sports events as they lack direct access to sports networks.

Establishing a sports viewing centre requires a good location, an efficient building, cosy seats, and the technology for broadcasting games. You can develop loyal customers and an effective business as time passes.

Hair Dressing

A recurring small-scale business potential is hairdressing. Hairdressing services are in high demand because people always want to maintain their hair in the finest possible condition.

You must be a licensed professional hairstylist or hire qualified stylists to run a hair salon. Building a loyal client base can be facilitated by providing high-quality hairdressing services and hair care product recommendations.

For extra cash, you may additionally train trainees and market products for hair.

Photography Business

Starting a small-scale, profitable, and enjoyable business with limited resources is possible with photography.

Professional photographers are in high demand in the digital era as individuals and businesses want eye-catching photos for various uses.

Get an adequate camera, study photography techniques, and market your services to potential customers if you intend to start a photography business.

You can focus on taking portraits, landscapes, and events or sell photographs online on sites like Etsy and iStock Photo.


In conclusion, business owners and entrepreneurs have plenty of hot ideas in Nigeria. There are many opportunities for starting a profitable business in an area with a significant population and expanding economy. There are a ton of more options that need to be explored.

Regardless of your experience level, it’s essential to carefully consider your options and select a business idea that fits your resources, abilities, and interests.

You may accomplish your business ambitions and create a successful company in Nigeria with the appropriate plan and effort.


What are the Best Business Ideas in Nigeria Currently?

Most of the hottest business ideas in Nigeria currently include wellness and health centres, real estate, food delivery services, digital marketing agencies, frozen food businesses, POS (point of sale) businesses, mobile app development, e-commerce stores, and dry cleaning and laundry services.

How Do I Choose a Profitable Business Idea in Nigeria?

To ensure you choose a profitable business idea in Nigeria, consider your interests, experience, and skills.

Then, research the market demand for your chosen business idea, competition, and potential profitability. Also, consider the startup costs, available resources, and location.

How Much is it to Start a Business in Nigeria?

The amount of money required to start a business in Nigeria varies depending on the type of business and its scale.

However, you can start a small business with as little as N50,000 or less, while beginning a large-scale business may require millions of Naira.

Is it Easy to Start a Business in Nigeria?

Establishing a business in Nigeria can be challenging due to administration, infrastructural deficiencies, and the high cost of doing business.

However, with the right business strategy, suitable preparation, and persistence, you can overcome these challenges and succeed.

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