How can I Check my Australian Citizenship Application Status?

Becoming an Australian citizen comes with a lot of benefits; you have access to numerous privileges and opportunities. You have the right to participate in the country’s democratic process by voting in federal, state, and local elections.

How can I Check my Australian Citizenship Application Status?

In addition, you can travel with an Australian passport, one of the most respected and widely accepted travel documents globally. Generally, your Australian citizenship is an invitation to become an active and valued member of the country.

There are many more you will gain as a citizen, but the process of becoming a citizen of the country isn’t an easy one.

You have to apply for citizenship and the country’s immigration authorities will vet your application before a decision will be made on your application.

If you have applied for citizenship and haven’t gotten a decision on your application, below is how you can check your Australian citizenship application status.

How can I Check my Australian Citizenship Application Status?

Thanks to the Australian immigration authorities, you can conveniently monitor the progress of your citizenship application.

So instead of waiting till you get an update through email, you can check the progress online by following the steps below.

You Need your Details

Before you can check the status of your Australian citizenship application, you need an ImmiAccount (you most likely created this account during your application stage).

Your ImmiAccount is an online tool from the Department of Home Affairs. It’s where you can handle different parts of your immigration application easily and safely.

To set up an account, you need some basic details like your name, contact info, and a working email. Once your account is ready, you can use it to check and edit your application, add necessary papers, and get updates on how your citizenship application is going.

ImmiAccount makes the whole application process simpler. With your ImmiAccount, you can keep an eye on how things are going, making sure you know if there’s anything else you need to do or any more documents to provide.

Another helpful thing is that you can talk to the Department of Home Affairs through your ImmiAccount. You can ask questions, get official messages, and reply quickly if they need more information from you. To check the status of your application, visit the Department of Home Office website.

Visit the Department of Home Affairs Website

The Department of Home Affairs is the go-to place for all citizenship-related queries. To check the status of your application, open your web browser and navigate to their official website.

Website: Department of Home Affairs

How to Log in to your ImmiAccount

Note that you can only check the status of your application (online) through your ImmiAccount. Once you are on the website, look for the “ImmiAccoun” section.

If you are checking on a desktop, you will find the ImmiAccount on the right-hand side, click on it and it will take you to the detail page.

Enter your Application Details

On the next page (the detail page), you will find a space where you are to put your username and password. Make sure your details are correct.

You will find a “Create account” button on the same page. If you have not created an account. Create your account and log in.

Submit and Wait for Results

After entering your details, submit the information as instructed. The system will then process your request and provide you with the current status of your Australian citizenship application.

Status of your Australian citizenship application

When you check your application status, it may fall into one of several categories below:

  • Received: Your application has been successfully received.
  • In progress: The processing of your application is underway.
  • Further assessment: Additional information or documentation may be required.
  • Decision pending: A decision on your application is yet to be made.
  • Approved/Granted: Congratulations! Your Australian citizenship has been approved.
  • Refused: Unfortunately, your application has been declined. In this case, reasons for refusal will be provided.

Contacting the Department of Home Affairs

If the online status check doesn’t provide the necessary information, you can contact the Department of Home Affairs directly. When you reach out, make sure you provide your application details for verification purposes.

Contact Information:

If you want peace of mind during the waiting period for your Australian citizenship application, you need to keep track of your application status.

You can do so using the online tool provided by the Australian authorities and by following the steps here. Best of luck!

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