How Do I Activate My Debit or Credit Card – How to Activate a Credit Card

“How Do I Activate My Debit or Credit Card” this has been a tough process for users online and it seems it has no solution. But what if I tell you there is a solution; you can actually activate your Debit or Credit Card online?

How Do I Activate My Debit or Credit Card
How Do I Activate My Debit or Credit Card

I am going to be showing you how you can activate a credit card and also a debit card all you have to do is to read this article step by step and get all the important information properly. If you skip any part then you skip important info.

How Do I Activate My Debit or Credit Card

Before I begin I will like to elaborate on Credit Card and also Debit for a better understanding of the article. I will love to talk about what the debit card is, and what the credit card is too. Once I have done this you will then clearly see the difference between the credit card and the debit card.

So let’s begin with what a debit card is.

What is Debit Card?

A debit card is a payment card that deducts money directly from a consumer’s checking account when it is been used. Also it is called “check cards” or “bank cards,” they can be easily used to buy goods or services; or to get cash from an automated teller machine or a merchant who will let you add an extra amount onto a purchase.

Debit Card Fees

By and large, debit cards do not cost anything extra: There is no annual membership fee or cash-advance charge.

But, they do not always allow you to escape fees completely: If you withdraw cash from an ATM that is not from—or affiliated with—the bank that issued your debit card, you may be well charged an ATM transaction fee.

What about when you use the card to spend more than you have in your account? Then you can get hit with insufficient funds charges, this is similar to those incurred by a bounced paper check. If you have simply registered for overdraft protection, you will incur overdraft fees.

What is Credit Card?

A credit card is a thin rectangular piece of plastic or metal that is issued by a bank or financial services company that allows the cardholders to borrow funds with which to pay for goods and services with merchants that accept cards for payment.

The Credit cards impose the condition that the cardholders can pay back the borrowed money, plus any applicable interest, as well as any additional agreed-upon charges, either in full or over time by the billing date.

Credit Card Fees

The costs for credit card processing will only depend on the merchant services provider that you select or choose. You may have an interchange-plus scenario where the interchange and also assessment fees are charged along with a flat monthly and per-transaction fee.

The monthly fee may then range from $9.95 to $20. The per-transaction fee can also range from 0.18% plus $0.10 to $0.50% plus $0.10.

How to Activate a Credit Card

You can simply activate your Credit Card through 3 methods, using app, online or your mobile phone.


Most credit card issuers allow you to activate your credit card online. Just go to the credit card issuer’s website and follow the prompts to activate your credit card. You may have to enroll in online banking to activate your credit card; this is depending on the card issuer, even if you are not going to have a bank account with the issuer.

Warning: To simply protect your card information, you should avoid using a shared computer or public Wi-Fi to activate your credit card.


If your credit card issuer offers a mobile app, you might be able to download the app and then activate your credit card using it. Most issuers even send activation instructions, including how to download and set up their app and activate a new card upon sign-up.

By Phone

Your credit card issuer will then give a toll-free number that you can simply call to activate your credit card. Once you call the number, follow the prompts and then your credit card will be activated and ready to use.

“The process usually will differ between issuers, but you should receive instructions with the card,” Clarke says. But generally, there are certain information that you must provide which is common is all other credit card platforms. Here is the following information:

  • The credit card number.
  • The security code, also known as the card identification number or card verification value. This is normally found on the back of your card but may be on the front, depending on the issuer.
  • Personal details, including your name, Social Security number, ZIP code and birthday.
  • Often, you will be required to then supply more details if you are a new cardholder.

How to Activate a Debit Card

A debit card can be activated in 3 forms. You may decide to follow or select any of the methods based on your needs and the resources available.

It is very necessary to note that, while the steps to be taken in each of these methods may differ depending on the bank’s policies and the processes to activate a debit card, a few common steps remain the same.

Steps to Activate a Debit Card using an ATM Machine:

  • Gently open the sealed envelope to simply obtain your four-digit PIN, which was provided to you by the bank along with your debit card.
  • Then insert your debit card into the ATM.
  • Enter the debit card number and the ATM pin.
  • You will be prompted to then create a new ATM pin.
  • Follow the instructions on the machine to simply enter your new ATM PIN, and then your card will be activated.

Steps to Activate a Debit Card via Netbanking:

  • Log in to your bank’s internet banking portal.
  • Then simply go to the ‘Debit Card’ section of the portal.
  • Now, select any option that says ‘generate PIN’ or ‘create PIN’.
  • When you have selected this option, the portal will give you instructions on how to activate your debit card.
  • Follow the instructions to activate your debit card online.

Steps to activate a Debit Card via Phone Banking:

  • You must have received a phone banking PIN or other information that will help you in phone banking conversations.
  • Dial the phone number that is provided to you and then speak with an operational member to activate your debit card.
  • Once connected, you should then follow all of the instructions given to you during the phone call to have your debit card activated.

Most banks will send OTP to the customer’s registered mobile number for verification and activation of a debit card for added security. As a result, when activating your debit card, you should have your phone with the registered mobile number ready.

While almost all banks have a similar, lengthy procedure to simply activate a debit card.


Why Do You Have To Activate Credit Cards?

Well, unfortunately, these credit cards are not immune to theft and fraud. To simply protect your card information and to ensure it ends up in the right hands, the card issuers require you to activate your card before using it.

“If you do not activate your credit card, then you will not be able to use it,” says Nathan Clarke, owner of the personal finance blog Millionaire Dojo. But, that does not mean the account is not open; your new credit card will then show up on your credit reports as an active account right away.

Until you go through the card activation steps, though, swiping an inactive card simply means that the transaction will be denied, he says.

Is it necessary for me to generate a new PIN for my new debit card?

Yes, it is very necessary for you to create a new pin once you have gotten your debit card. Now the reason why a new PIN is required for your new debit card and to simply make sure to destroy your old debit card before using the new one, is because the old one can be used for fraud.

Why am I not able to use my debit card online?

A declined debit card transaction can occur for a variety of reasons, including incorrect information entered, insufficient funds in the account, multiple incorrect PIN entries, the card may have expired, you may have reached the daily withdrawal limit, and so on. Please contact your bank if you require any additional information.

Is it necessary to activate a debit card immediately?

Well, users want to know if it is very necessary or important to activate a debit card immediately as soon as possible. While there is no set time frame for you to activate a debit card, it is best to do so as soon as you receive it. If you want to then you can decide when you want to activate your debit card.


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