How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In California?

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In California? Have you wondered how much car insurance costs in California? If you have, then this article is simply just for you. because I have given some reviews about car insurance costs in California.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In California?

by city, by company, and also by age. So you should do well by reading this article, and when reading, you should do so step by step to cover all the necessary information.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In California?

Full coverage car insurance simply costs an average of about $2,190 per year in California. The average cost for the state’s minimum coverage is about $619 per year.

While the average auto insurance rates in California can then help you determine if you are overpaying for coverage, you should keep in mind that your premium will simply vary based on nearly a dozen individual rating factors like the type of car you drive, your motor vehicle record, claims history, and also how many miles you drive per year.

Where you live in the state and even the coverage types and limits you choose will greatly affect your rate.

California Car Insurance Rates

The average annual minimum coverage premium

The average annual full coverage premium



California Car Insurance Rates by City

Car insurance rates in California simply vary by city. Drivers in densely populated areas tend to have higher rates. Having more vehicles on the road could simply mean a greater chance of an accident. Other factors, such as the cost of vehicle repairs, parts, and medical expenses, can also impact how much drivers in a given city pay for coverage.


The average annual full coverage premium

% difference from the state’s average annual premium

Los Angeles



San Diego



San Jose



San Francisco









Long Beach












California Car Insurance Rates by Company

Car insurance companies in California simply use their own proprietary rating methods to determine premiums, so rates will simply vary between insurers. Here are the analyzed premiums from the top 20 California auto insurance companies by market share to simply help you see how various carriers stack up against each other.

Car insurance companies

The average annual full coverage premium



Alliance United




























State Farm


The Hartford






The Cost of Living in California and Car Insurance

When you are shopping for the best car insurance rates in California, you might then want to view your insurance premium alongside your other expenses to simply help get a clear picture of your overall living costs. The graph below simply shows the average annual cost of living in California, including the average cost of car insurance. Use this graph as a map or guide to simply help determine your overall expenses so that you can then decide what insurance rates fit into your budget.

California Car Insurance Rates by Age

A driver’s age simply often contributes to the cost of annual premiums, as it can then indicate how statistically risky a driver is. Teenage drivers are simply hit the hardest. 16-year-old drivers in California can actually increase their parents’ premium by $3,208 per year. Fortunately, California auto insurance rates can also drop in price as drivers age (starting at age 20), as long as they simply avoid accidents and citations.


Average annual full coverage premium

Age 16*


Age 18


Age 20


Age 25


Age 40


Age 60


Age 70


*16-year-old calculated on the parent’s policy disclosure; 18- and also 20-year-old are renters

California Car Insurance Rates by Gender

California also prohibits the use of gender as a rating factor for auto insurance policies. If all other factors are the same, your gender should simply not influence your car insurance premium.

California Car Insurance Rates by Credit Score

In many states, your credit-based insurance score will simply affect how much you pay for car insurance. This is because drivers with low credit scores statistically tend to simply file more claims than drivers with even higher credit scores, according to the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I).

However, California bans the use of credit scores to simply rate auto insurance policies. Your credit rating should also not impact your premium in the Golden State.

California Car Insurance Rates by Driving Record

Your motor vehicle record is also one of the biggest influences on your car insurance premiums. In California, a single speeding ticket can simply increase the cost of your auto insurance by 40%. The table below also demonstrates the average premium increases for a speeding ticket, an at-fault accident, and even a DUI conviction.

Any one of these infractions could then cause you to be viewed as a high-risk driver. If you simply have multiple incidents on your driving record within a three-to-five-year time period, your rates will likely be even higher.

Driving incident

Average annual full coverage premium

% increase in average annual premium

A clean driving record



Speeding ticket









If you are worried about how an accident could simply affect your insurance premium, you might then want to choose an auto insurer that offers accident forgiveness. If you had this program on your policy before an accident, it could also help you avoid surcharges for at-fault losses.

California Car Insurance Rates by Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle you drive simply impacts your car insurance premium. Different vehicle makes and even models have different statistical accident rates, different safety features, and also different prices for parts and labor, all of which can simply affect auto insurance costs. Below is also a table showing the average California car insurance rates for some of the popular vehicles makes and models. Keep in mind that rates will simply vary by the year of your vehicle since updates to models can bring changes in safety features and the price of parts and labor.


The average annual full coverage premium

Toyota Prius


Ford F-150


Honda Odyssey


BWM 330i



What is the average cost of minimum coverage in California?

Minimum coverage car insurance costs an average of $619 per year in the Golden State. Buying minimum coverage may also result in cheaper car insurance premiums, but it could even be a risky financial move. If you then cause an accident and the costs exceed your policy’s liability limits, you may then be responsible for paying the rest out-of-pocket.

What are the cheapest car insurance companies in California?

According to research and study of California car insurance premiums, Geico, Grange, and Mercury simply offered the cheapest average premiums for minimum coverage, while Capital, Wawanesa, Mercury, and Geico had the cheapest full coverage rates. However, the cheapest company for you will simply depend on your unique coverage needs and also your individual rating factors. Shopping around and also requesting quotes from different carriers, might then help you to see which insurers offer you the cheapest rate for your unique profile and situation.

What is the best car insurance company in California?

Based on research, Geico, Progressive, State Farm, and Wawanesa are among the best car insurance companies in California. However, the best company for your needs will simply depend on what you want and also need from an auto insurer. Understanding your preferences and also getting quotes from several different carriers could then help you find the right fit for your circumstances.

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