How To Deactivate Facebook On App – How to Delete Facebook – Delete Facebook Permanently

Do you know that you can learn How to Deactivate Facebook On App for free? Yes! it is possible to do that without any cost involved. From your Facebook app that is on your mobiles or system, you can deactivate your FB account.

Don’t let the term “How to Deactivate Facebook On App” give you much confusion. It simply means how you can deactivate your FB account using your FB app. Therefore, that is what this article will concentrate on.

How To Deactivate Facebook On App

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Are you a Facebook user that is no longer comfortable with the social media platform at the moment? Do you want to concentrate your full focus on a particular project and you decide to pack off social media platforms for the period?

Then you don’t have to delete your account to achieve this. In this article, you will learn how to make your account inactive for your desired period.

How to Deactivate Facebook On App

Making your FB account less or totally not active on the social media platform is what this article is deliberating on. Your FB account whether personal or not can be made to be in an inactive state without or few performances on the platform.

To deactivate your FB account from many processes. You can decide to use your FB app available on your mobile device or use your browser. Whichever you intend to use, be rest assured that your account is not deleted permanently.

The good news about this process is that temporarily deactivated accounts can be reactivated any time like permanent deactivation of accounts can also be reactivated and restored within 3oday of the deactivation.

Facebook App

The FB app is the app that is created by the FB company and team to ease the process of logging in or accessing FB accounts by users. The FB app is what saves the users from the unnecessary stress of launching the browser.

This is what many users use to access their FB account whenever they want. With the official app of FB, there are other apps available on the platform, and this cuts across the standalone apps. All of these apps serve a similar purpose and function with all the products and services available for the users.

The truth is that as several people who contributed to the spreadsheet also pointed out, FB may be changing its apps to suit every individual user. That is why today, there are different apps that the company has launched and they will stop launching new ones.

List of Facebook Apps

The list of apps that have been released by the company is what many users cannot understand. As some will be asking what is the need for launching all these apps? Can only one person use all the apps at a time? Well, this is what this segment wants to clarify.

One person can decide to have all the networks of the world. Another can choose to buy 200 cars of different models. But at this point, you will agree with me that there is nobody that can drive two cars at a time. 

So, the different apps of the FB social media platform should not give you another trouble, just choose the one(s) that best suit your interest. Some of the apps are;

  • FB lite.
  • FB Ads.
  • Facebook manager.
  • Messenger.
  • Messenger lite.
  • Page manager.
  • Local by Facebook.
  • Free basics by Facebook.
  • FB creator studio.
  • FB gaming.
  • Facebook viewpoints.
  • Study from Facebook.

There are other apps on this FB social media that are not listed above. But all of the above is among the best of the apps.

How to Deactivate Your Facebook Using App

The process of deactivation of FB accounts whether from your mobile app or from the web takes a few steps. You can also reactivate your account with even lesser steps. Below are a few steps to deactivate an FB account;

  • Open the Facebook app from your mobile device.
  • Tab on the menu button at the right corner which is represented by three horizontal lines.
  • Scroll down and click setting & privacy.
  • Tab setting.
  • Click on account ownership and control.
  • Click on deactivation and deletion.
  • Tab continue to account deactivation.
  • Enter your reason from the list and tap continue.

Facebook can automatically reactivate accounts after 1-7 days of deactivation. For the period of the deactivation, FB saves your post in your achiever. 

Therefore, you can select don’t reactivate automatically and click continue to avoid FB from reactivating your account without your consent.

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