How to Get Legendary Weapons on Cod Mobile

How to get legendary weapons on Cod Mobile seems to be the most discussed topic among gamers playing Call of Duty. The first Call of Duty is a First-person shooter video game published by Activision.

How to Get Legendary Weapons on Cod Mobile

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To take charge of legendary Weapons in Cod Mobile, the gamers are expected to reach certain levels which will also benefit those winning rewards and titles. Do you want to know how to get legendary weapons in Cod Mobile, please? I will urge you to continue reading this article which will provide you with all the details about How to get Legendary Weapons on Cod Mobile.

How to Get Legendary Weapons on Cod Mobile

Call of duty is an online shooter game in a first-person narrative released by Activision; Call of Duty was first created by Infinity Ward and later to be taken over by Treyarch and Sledgehammer. The publishers have released several series of Call of Duty Mobile Game starting from the year 2003. The game has always been a favorite in the gaming community and developers have also kept their promise to give the gamers each time a new experience while coming out with new game series.

Call of Duty Mobile

This time the Activision has introduced several game features and battle levels where the players need to compete and take possession of game accessories like Weapons, Skin, Cosmetics, etc. the developers are making the game highly competitive for the gamer to enjoy the game at its maximum.

The gamers will be benefited from new titles, rewards, and Weapons to keep progressing and stay ahead of other players in each game level. To possess the Legendary Weapons in Cod Mobile, the gamers need to reach the topmost level having 6500 Rank XP.

Tips to get Legendary Weapons

The tips below are tips on how to get the Legendary Weapons on Call of Duty:


The gamer in order to improve mechanical skills like shooting and maneuvering, you will have to practice and train yourself in non-ranked matches and private room games with friends. With more practice, the player will get more familiarized with the game mechanics and improve his performance.


The gamer must be consistent and stick to one layout which is within his understanding and comfort level. The gamer must not follow other gamer’s strategies and layouts which would only confuse him and make it more difficult to reach the desired level.


The gamers need to be well planned and should adopt excellent strategies and weapons to reach their destination. He has to be sharp, clear about his game strategies, and use his intellect in selecting the correct game accessories and weapons which will help in fastening his progress in the game.

The developer in each update enables the players to overhaul their weapons and accessories, the player has to seize the moment and equip himself with the best weapons and game accessories.

Call of Duty players will be able to stay ahead and emerge winners with excellent game strategies accompanied by the correct weapons and accessories. The player needs to constantly update himself with the new updates and features of the game which will definitely give him that extra edge to outshine others.

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