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Are you searching for ways to grow your Facebook page organically? Remember the days when organic reach on Facebook was easy to come by? You have published a post and almost instantly all your Facebook followers would see it in their newsfeed.

How to Grow Facebook Page Organically

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Before, it used to be easy to grow your Facebook page, then later came along edge rank and organic views started to decline unless you could meet the magic formula of engagement within a time frame which gave your Facebook posts more life and it ultimately reach and views. In this article, you will find out how to grow a Facebook page organically.

How to grow Facebook Page Organically

Growing your Facebook page with new Fans is not hard when you already have an audience, but if you have a brand new business or new venture and you are trying to grow your Facebook page from zero ground it can be challenging. And you don’t want to blow your marketing budget on Facebook Ads to grow your page.

A lot of business owners are wrestling with declining post engagement and reach that seems to shrink week by week, unable to understand the cause of the problem. How do you get your Facebook posts in front of your audience? How do you avoid paying Facebook?

Why your Facebook Reach is Low

If your reach is low you are not alone because reach has been on a steady decline for businesses for a couple of years now, especially since Facebook switched from Edgerank to the machine learning algorithm. Facebook reach on average has plummeted to a meager 6%. That simply means that for every 100 fans you have, only 6 of them are going to see your content.

Granted you can boost your reach with boosted Facebook posts but that’s not organic. It makes sense to a certain point for Facebook to limit the reach of pages given that the average Facebook user in the U.S likes 70 pages, the sheer volume of content from brands they follow would overcrowd their feed.

There is also the financial side, Facebook is for-profit publicity traded business, there are more than 18 million business pages competing for the attention of users. And a reduction in organic reach drives those businesses to invest more in sponsors’ posts and ad content.

How to grow your Facebook Page Organically

The steps on how to grow your Facebook page organically are right here:

  • Build your presence and authority.
  • Drive Facebook organic reach by publishing evergreen content.
  • Create a Facebook group for your most engaged audience members.
  • Use organic post targeting.
  • Post when your competitors are asleep.
  • Post the content your users like.
  • Publish video natively on Facebook.
  • Test your posting frequency.
  • Partner with other Facebook pages in your Niche.
  • Use word of mouth marketing to grow your brand.
  • Put your email list to work.
  • Share posts from your Facebook page on your Facebook profile.
  • Drive organic Facebook traffic with Hashtags (used carefully).
  • Go against the grain to stand out.



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