How to Make Discord Emojis

How to Make Discord Emojis. Do you regularly make use of emojis rather than having to type out a response or a reaction? Well, emoji images can have any meaning, from laughing faces (for laughter) to eggplants (to hide something private). Have you ever thought of making Discord emojis, however? You may end up frustrated when you are using Discord.

How to Make Discord Emojis

Well, you can make up an emoji that would perfectly sum up your feelings, but it doesn’t yet exist. You can also make Discord emojis to suit your needs. With just a few steps, you can add custom emojis to your Discord server that anyone can use.

How to Make Discord Emojis

Speaking of how to make Discord emojis, you are enabled to add up to 50 custom emojis to your Discord receiver. You need people with Discord Nitro accounts to boost your server if you need more than this. This can help you with up to 250 emoji slots.

It is also possible to add animated emojis, but you can only do this if you have a Discord Nitro account. With the Discord app on desktop or mobile, you can add custom Discord emojis to your server. Keep reading to learn how to add an Emoji to Discord on a PC or Mac.

How to Add an Emoji to Discord on PC or Mac

It is easy to add custom emojis to Discord on a PC or Mac. You can use any image that you wish as long as it is in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. Discord states that the files that you use should be 256 KB or less and 108 by 108 pixels.

Furthermore, if your image doesn’t meet these criteria, Discord will just compress it for you. Try to use images that are roughly square in shape, or your image will get squashed down even further.

Steps to Add an Emoji to Discord on a PC or Mac

  • Open Discord and go to the server where you want to add your emoji. Emojis can only be added to servers where you have the necessary permissions.
  • Tap the down arrow next to the server’s name.
  • Choose Server Settings.
  • Tap the Emoji menu
  • Click “Upload Emoji”
  • Select the file you want to use as your emoji.
  • Then your emoji will be uploaded. To change the name of your emoji, click on the current name.
  • Name your emoji. Give it something that isn’t already used for one of the standard emojis.
  • Tap the Esc key to close the window.
  • To use your new emoji, click the Emoji icon at the end of the chat panel.
  • Pick your emoji from the list.
  • Alternatively, type a colon followed by the name of your emoji.
  • Type a final colon and your text will transform into your emoji.
  • Tap “Enter” to post your emoji.
  • You can also use the emoji to react to a post. Tap on the post you want to react to, and then click the emoji icon.
  • Select your emoji
  • After that, your emoji will quickly appear as a reaction to the post.

That is all you have to do to add your emoji to Discord on a PC or Mac. Now that you know how to do that, what about removing a custom emoji on Discord? Go through this page to get more information.

How to Remove a Custom Emoji on Discord

You may want to delete some of them to make space for new ones because of the limited number of spaces for custom emojis. However, you can easily delete your custom emojis.

Steps to deleting custom emojis on a PC or Mac:

  • Go to Launch Discord and go to the server with the emoji you want to delete.
  • Tap on the arrow facing downward by the server’s name.
  • Select server settings
  • Tap the Emoji menu
  • Hover over the emoji you want to delete and click the Red Cross.
  • Your emoji is now deleted.

Steps to deleting custom Discord emojis on mobile:

  • Launch the Discord app and select the server containing the emojis you want to delete.
  • Click the three-dots menu icon.
  • Click Settings
  • Pick Emoji
  • Swipe to the left on the emoji you want to remove.
  • Tap Delete
  • After that, your custom emoji is removed.

Those are the steps you need to follow in order to remove a custom emoji on Discord.

Make Discord your Own

Getting an understanding of how to make Discord emojis allows you to personalize your server. Let’s say your server is for coffee lovers, for example, then creating coffee-related emojis is likely to appeal to the majority of the people on your server.

There are plenty of ways you can make your server more appealing and help it grow. You might want to create an event on Discord to create some buzz. You might want to create a class in Discord to make the server more democratic. You can play music or even stream Disney+ on Discord if you want to make your server more entertaining.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make Discord emojis on mobile?

Yes, you can upload an image file to Discord from your Android and use it as an emoji in your chat. You can also upload custom emojis using the Discord app. You need to have the Discord server or administrative privileges to upload a custom emoji. Well, the limit you can add is 50 custom emojis for your server.

Do you need nitro to make emojis?

You can add up to 250 custom emojis, which is enough for users to boost your server. Whereas, if you don’t have a Discord Nitro account, you can only use these custom emojis on the server they’ve been uploaded to. You’ll need to pay for a Nitro account to use them on another server or use animated emojis.

How do you use the NQN emoji?

NQN allows you to reply to messages sent long ago. Simply copy the message link via Discord (the Share button on mobile and then to the clipboard) and then paste it into your message. It’ll post the message you’re replying to as well.

Can you use server stickers without Nitro?

While you can’t use stickers on servers that are not boosted to unlock at least Level 1 perks, you can use stickers on servers even without having a Nitro subscription.

What format do Discord stickers use?

For the custom sticker requirement to produce the best-looking stickers, you’ll need to follow these requirements: Animated File Types: APNG. Static File Type: PNG. The maximum file size is 512KB.


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