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If you have been on the Facebook platform for a very long time then, you must know about the Facebook poke. Today, not so many people know about the Facebook poke because it has been moved from where it was a hidden place. In those days the Facebook poke can be located at the top of your profile but, it is now located behind a menu. So, before you can find the poke, you can click/ taps a few before you can poke.

How to Poke On Facebook

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How to Poke On Facebook

The Facebook “Poking” is a simple but featured which is offered on Facebook. When you hit the poke button, it instantly sends them a notification saying that your friend has poked you. At this point, your friends can also get the option to poke you. Learning how to poke on Facebook is not that hard. It will only take you a few minutes so, pay clear attention.

Like I said before, if you used Facebook poke feature in the early days and you haven’t been using it since then, you will be very amazed to see how the setup for this feature has changed entirely. It is not as it is before; to poke someone on Facebook takes a slight bit of work.

To Poke your Friend on Facebook, follow these few guidelines.

The ways to poke someone on Facebook if you are using a laptop or desktop computer and mobile device or smartphone

  • Go to the Facebook poke page which can be found at  and make sure that you are logged into your Facebook account.
  • You will then see a search box where you can find your friends at the top.
  • You cannot poke your friends twice unless that your friend you poked has removed the first poke.
  • If you have poked someone and they have not poked you back, you can click on “show pending Pokes” and you will able to withdraw the poke or delete it permanently by clicking on the grey X button which is on the right side of the name of your friends.
  • Under the search box on the Facebook poke page, you will find some Facebook suggested pokes. Facebook will ask to poke these friends. If you do not want to poke them, you can click o the grey X button to remove them.

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How to Know if you Have Been Poked

  • If any of your friends poke you, you will be sent notification the bell icon, which is a notification on the blue menu bar at your right-hand side.
  • Click on the bell icon and you will be to see people who have poked you on the pokes page.
  • If you find the people who have poked you, you can poke them back by clicking the blue poke button.

I’m sure these few guidelines will help you on how to know if you have been poked on Facebook.

How to Stop Your Friends from poking using your Desktop Computer

Below are steps on how to stop your friends from poking while using your desktop computer. You are advised to pay attention to this section of the article so you do not get confused.

  • You block your friends from poking you by entering your block setting. It can be found by clicking the black down arrow at the upper right corner of your screen and click on the dropdown menu also.
  • Choose to block on the left side of your screen. Enter the persons that you to block names or email and click on the block button with blue color.
  • Once you have successfully blocked this person, he will not be able to poke you anymore.
  • They will not be notified that you blocked them also.

Those are a few guidelines I have for you on how to stop your friends on poking from Facebook.

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