How to Use Alexa Commands With Your Home Smart Security Cam

Are you interested in knowing How to Use Alexa Commands With Your Home Smart Security Cam? If you are then you are just in the right place for this information. In this article, you will get to know all about the Alexa commands.

How to Use Alexa Commands With Your Home Smart Security Cam
How to Use Alexa Commands With Your Home Smart Security Cam

Alexa actually makes everything controllable and very simple, with Alexa commands, you can even easily adjust lights, control devices, and much more. The improvement in Alexa has simply made it earlier to even control your home security cameras.

In this article, we will simply show you the guides on how to use Alexa commands with your home smart security cam.

How to Use Alexa Commands With Your Home Smart Security Cam

Now the use of controlling your home security camera is actually applied to those with Echo Show or Echo Spot smart display. This is simply because of the visual component inherent so it has to then help build a link with a video camera.

The Alexa Command is also compatible with lots of security cameras. Here is the list of tested security camera that works with Amazon voice assistant:

  • Arlo
  • Arlo Go
  • Amazon Cloud Cam
  • Canary Flex
  • Canary All-in-One
  • Nest Cam Indoor
  • Ring Stick Up Cam
  • Wyze Cam Pan
  • Logitech Circle
  • Ezviz Mini Plus
  • Arlo Q

You should also keep in mind, there are actually certain variations on how the Alexa command operates with each of the security cameras. However, there are also various steps in setting up the Alexa command with your security camera. This simply includes the following

Get the Alexa App

After you must have simply purchased your security camera, the next thing you need to do is for you to get or download the app. You also need to install and then configure your Alexa-compatible home security camera. Also, you just need to have an Alexa-enabled smart speaker.

You can then get access to the Alexa app by either creating an account or just logging into your account. To also download the Alexa app, you can just simply visit the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Turn on Alexa Skill

After creating or logging into your Alexa app, you can now select the option Skills & Game from the menu selection on your screen. Also, type the word “Arlo” in the search box and then click Enable. You should also keep in mind, you can decide to enter the name of the camera you have.

Then you will be prompted to also provide your camera account credentials in order to link your camera account to the Alexa app. This is also another step in setting up Alexa commands with your security camera.

Find New Alexa Devices

Once you have then enabled the Arloc skill, you should just select the option “Discover Device” on the screen of the app. Another option you can also use is by asking your smart speaker to simply locate a new device with the command word “Alexa, discover devices.”

Alexa Commands for Security Cameras

This is the last option after you have simply enabled the Arlo Skill and also discover a new device. Now you just have the ability to control your security camera with Alexa. There are even so many things you can also ask Alexa to do with your security camera. This includes:

  • You can just use Alexa to simply answer people at your front door from the Echo Show or Spot speaker.
  • Also, you can just simply make of use commands to see and talk to intruders in your backyard.
  • Even use the Alexa command to also turn off live feed, and more.

All you just need to do is set up your command which will then make Alexa able to understand you when you then speak from the Echo Show or Echo Spot smart display.


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