Instant Pot Pro Cooker Reviews – Instant Pot Pro Availability and Price

This Instant Pot Pro is a quality pressure cooker that is meant for the home chef and can do just about everything. If you are a keen foodie or cook you do not need to worry much about cooking as the Instant Pot Pro will do all the hard work for you.

Instant Pot Pro Cooker Reviews
Instant Pot Pro Cooker Reviews

The Instant Pot Pro is one of the unique premium models in the company’s collection of pressure cookers. In addition to its sophisticated makeover, it comes with 10 cooking tasks which also include slow cooking, pressure cooking, sautés,s and yogurt maker, and even has about 28 handles presets.

That’s not all, as you have the capability to preset five of your favored recipes. It’s also available in a 6 or 8-quart size, it’s definitely big enough for a family of six or for group cooking. The only shortcomings are that it is quite weighty and can take up space on small countertops.

Instant Pot Pro Cooker Reviews

If you love experimenting at meals, this 10-in-1 Instant Pot Pro is a perfect choice. Not only does it come with the 10 cooking functions and the 28 presets to suit every of your cooking need, but it also gives you the five favorite presets for your own signature recipes.

What’s even more, is that it also comes with an innovative, LED control display, and it sure looks glossy in the glamorous, black stainless steel design. Even, though the display itself looks slightly overwhelming with all the various functions, it is easy to navigate around with its control dial.

The 8-quart capacity is quite a great size for any large families and or for bunch cooking, but it may actually take up space on small countertops. The Instant Pot Pro is actually not the cheapest model in the variety, so this may not be idyllic if you want to only use a few programs. Nevertheless, if you are a keen cook and can be able to use most of its 28 programs (and some), this is a worthy investment.


  • Have 28 cooking programs
  • It’s a black stainless steel design
  • Has large display
  • You get to customize five ‘favorites’
  • The inner pot has a silicone grip handles


  • It has no air fryer function
  • The control panel is overwhelming
  • The inner pot isn’t non-stick


  • Price: it’s quite high
  • Capacity: is about 6 quart and 8 quart
  • Display: has a LED screen
  • Programs: slow cook, pressure cook, sauté pan, sous vide, yogurt maker, sterilizer, food warmer, steamer, and cake baker.
  • Power: about 1200w (6 quarts), 1400 w (8 quarts)
  • Smart features: has none

Instant Pot Pro Availability and Price

The Instant Pot Pro is accessible in two sizes: the 6-quart model is at an estimated price and the 8-quart model cost is quite higher than the former. It’s generally accessible at online retailers and frequently on special underneath the rundown cost on Amazon. Since the Instant Pot Pro is one of the ‘tops of the line’ models, the cost is sensible for what you’re getting. Be that as it may if you’re searching for a less expensive and more fundamental choice the Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Cooker can do everything separated from air fry and starts at a sensible price depending on the size.

Instant Pot Pro Design

Instant Pots are not generally known for their appealing design. Notwithstanding, the Instant Pot Pro also has an attractive, black, and stainless steel finish, which makes it look more exceptional than its counterparts. This redesign is likewise reflected in the enormous LED show with a chrome control dial. The one-contact control board has the standard presets including Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Saute, Steam, and Sous Vide; you can choose one of the 28 presets on the huge showcase. You can likewise physically change the temperature and cooking term would it be a good idea for you in case you decide not to use a preset.

One more distinction between different models is there are five ‘most loved’ buttons where you can program your own recipes. This is convenient for cooks with standard, signature recipes. With everything shown on the screen, however, it can look a piece overpowering. In any case, it’s not difficult to peruse.

Instant Pot Pro Cooking Performance

During its tests, the Instant Pot Pro performed well while pressure cooking meat stews and cooking rice, however it was not as fruitful to steam vegetables. This was potential because of the way that it accompanied an unfeasible steaming rack, instead of a bin.

The time defaults to 30 minutes on a high temperature, however, you can manually adjust it to your liking. Whenever cooking has gotten done, the Instant Pot Pro signals you to vent the steam, which is a speedy and simple interaction. Cooking results were noteworthy, bringing about a delicate and delicious hamburger surface. All the more critically, the taste was wealthy in flavor, while the sauce had the ideal consistency without being excessively watery.

Instant Pot Pro Ease of Use and Cleaning

Like other Instant Pots, it’s beneficial to peruse the manual first to get to know the settings. The Instant Pot Pro has a further developed control board show than other Instant Pots, which can appear to be overpowering from the outset. Be that as it may, when you get its hang, you can undoubtedly explore the settings. The one-contact buttons are clear to utilize, and the advancement bar is convenient for observing your cooking. Like every single Instant Pot, the cooker naturally sets to Keep Warm once your dish is prepared.



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