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“Is Crowd1 a Scam?” After going through a lot of research about this company (Crowd1), we are yet to find out if crowd1 is a scam. With so many moneymaking platforms online, you’re just supposed to choose the way you want to earn. However, I don’t think you’ll find much success with it. It’s still an MLM, meaning that 90% of the people fail to make any money from it while doing it. Also looking at the price of the starter a kit, it is a very dangerous game to play.

Is Crowd1 a Scam

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 Crowd1 is a mobile networking community. “It helps to offers members the ability to create and maintain an online network business using different digital marketing platforms. Although the company’s official website tries to explain it, I was unable to come up with a good definition at once.

As early as this, it made me doubt about the authenticity of the company and its ability to help people to earn money online. Using various online marketing skills, the program helps its members to create and maintain a digital network business. However, it may not interest you due to the several red flags that it has, as I’ll explain in the ugly truths’ section review.


Affilgo is a crowd affiliate site that members can also generate money through the gaming companies that are participating. Crowd1 takes the step into the world’s largest entertainment industry and online gaming. Most persons who are familiar with gambling or gaming and like to play in any way, work with something that everyone already knows and loves and also want is the key to success. All crowd1 members get exclusive access to affiligo. A brand new Crowd1 marketing website where you can build your global gambling network on a world-class platform with real money paid directly from gambling or gaming companies.


Miggister is an online mobile gaming and social media games that members will have to access, as the first online network. Croed1 gives all its members worldwide the opportunity to via miggister build a global organization in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries and the new world with the in it.

Crowd1 Compensation Plans

The Compensation Plan by Crowd1 allows members to earn through five distinct opportunities. The structure of the compensation plan is binary, meaning that there’s a lot of recruitment needed to make money with Crowd1.

There are major ways in which one can make money from crowd1, and it uses the binary structure. A binary structure has two (2) legs which are the (right and left), which both act as their own discrete entities.

Below are the points you can earn from each package:

  • White – 90 points
  • Black – 270 points
  • Gold – &20 points
  • Titanium – 2250 points

Crowd1 Streamline Bonus

This method allows members to increase their “owner rights” shares. The streamline Bonus is tracked through company-wide recruitment. After you must have joined, you will be tracked and those who joined after you will be tracked as well too and they will all be a part of your Streamline Bonus. The bonus is given at various streamline levels that will increase depending on the package you bought while joining.

  • Three streamline levels for the White tier members.
  • Eight streamline levels for the Black tier members.
  • Twelve streamline levels tier for the Gold tier members.
  • Fifteen streamlines for the titanium tier members.
  • The company claims that the bonuses are paid out in exclusive limited owner rights, but it’s not stated clearly about how the payments are made.

Is Crowd1 a Scam?

Crowd1 is still in pre-launch so it can be hard to say if indeed a scam or legit opportunity is. But that doesn’t mean there are no red flags concerning this opportunity. It’s still on pre-launch phase, but some people are already claiming that they have earned money from this opportunity.

Reasons why People think Crowd1 is a Scam

After thorough research about crowd1, I honestly wouldn’t recommend this opportunity to anyone. The company doesn’t seem to be truthful and isn’t frank about whom runs it and owns it. The website, as well as their sales, pitch appealing, all other information regarding the company, seems to be vague. The gaming websites are also aren’t working yet or still in soft launch. It can also take months or even years before you will see a return on your investment.

Although is a new industry and a crowdfunding company, it is sure you can make enough money with this company. As we stated earlier Crowd1 looks like a pyramid scheme and I would actually classify it as one.

NOTE: Furthermore, crowd1 doesn’t have real (hardware) product that can you can get your money or even promote to make money. They just promise you high returns on investment, but their main aim is to make money with them by recruiting new members into the system.

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