Lomotif: Create Instant Music Videos and Eplore the Community

Lomotif is a mini music video editor that you can use. It is the simplest editor app available for free on iOS and Android devices. With this app, you can make music videos with friends. Lomotif is the simplest and has millions of users or fans worldwide.

On the app, you can combine your photos and videos to create a short music video. And also, dd unlimited clips, stickers, filters, and titles. You can great and tracks to your video. Search through the list of millions and thousands of artists or browse by themes. There’s more to Lomotif, however, you need to read on to find out.


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Lomotif is a video app of choice for millions around the world. It is the simplest editor around and allows you to achieve amazing edits instantly.

Using Lomotif to express yourself with great music and use Scenes/GIFs shared from friends and others in the community. You can make a video tribute for your WCW or Slap a reaction GIF to the end of a snap.

One of the major reasons I will love this app is that it free with no ads, so you can have a smooth use of it. If you’re active on Instagram, Snapchat, or Musical.ly, then you can use this app to create music videos and slideshows for them.

App Features

Here are the features of the app, which means what you can do with the app downloaded and installed in your device;

Use Lomotif To Make Edits Instantly;

  • To add music to videos
  • Create cool slideshows with a mixture of videos and images.
  • Make use of unlimited clips from your Camera Roll or Gallery.
  • Trim, crop, cut, duplicate, and delete clips easily.
  • Use portrait/vertical or square to export videos.
  • Search and add GIFs to your videos.
  • Add Your favorite songs to your video.
  • You can include or add titles, animated stickers from blinking hearts to birthday greetings.
  • Add flash effects and filters.
  • Make movies with friends through rolls and scenes.
  • There is so much you can do with the installed on your device.

Now, you know what Lomotif means and what you can do with it, let’s get downloaded.

Lomotif App Download

Lomotif being compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices, you can get it for free the App Store of your device. It is simple, and fast to download if you have a good data or Wi-Fi connection. Here’s how to download the Lomotif app on your phone;

  • Open Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Use the app links above or use the search and enter Lomotif.
  • Then tap on the first video editor app that will be shown to load the information page.
  • Tap on “Install” once you find out its the Lomotif app to start downloading.

Immediately it will start downloaded and then Lomotif will be install after the download process is correct. Now, with the app installed on your device, you can create short music videos and slideshows and share them with friends.

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How to Make a Lomotif

Making a Lomotif video is easy and fast to do. So, to create, follow the instructions below;

  • On the app, tap or start or the + button.
  • Then tap “Album” or “Motif” to select pictures and/or videos. Tap on the check or next button > add music under “Find music” or “My Music”.
  • Then click on next to edit your clips.
  • When you get on the edit screen, you can select each clip for more clip level options.
  • Once you’re done, tap on the “Download” button at the top right and select “Create Lomotif”.

That’s how you make your own Lomotif for free using the app installed on your device. You can learn more from the Lomotif help page.


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