How to Make Money on Amazon in Nigeria

If you’re searching for a viable way to earn extra money in Nigeria, Amazon offers an excellent chance. Amazon is one of the major online marketplaces in the world, and it provides an extensive range of products you can sell to make money.

How to Make Money on Amazon in Nigeria

This article will explore how to make money on Amazon in Nigeria, including the phases you need to start your own Amazon business.

Whether you’re an experienced vendor or just getting started, this blog will provide the information you need to succeed; all you must do is read and follow the steps carefully.

Make Money on Amazon in Nigeria using the methods outlined below:

Amazon Affiliate

Through affiliate marketing on Amazon in Nigeria, anyone can profit from the marketplace by convincing a customer to purchase a product using the hyperlink they received from the Amazon associates program.

This affiliate marketing platform is among the largest in the world and is known as Amazon Associate. You can write about the products on which you wish to receive commissions from Amazon’s associates program on a one-page blog.

It is free to join Amazon Associates and still earn bonuses from it. It is a little bit competitive.

Amazon Arbitrage

Although you may be conscious of AdSense arbitrage and arbitrage blogging, Amazon arbitrage is one of the most brutal ways to make a lot of money. Compared with various arbitrage strategies, this one for Amazon is the most effective and may produce more profits.

Less work is required, but careful preparation and awareness remain necessary. You must understand the seasonal shifts in product demand and supply in the market.

Everyone knows that Amazon sometimes offers fantastic deals, and taking advantage of these chances could enable you to earn money on Amazon in Nigeria.

Certain items, such as air conditioners, coolers, and other essentials for everyone, quickly run out of supply during the dry season or witness price increases.

During the Amazon deal period, you may purchase these things in quantity; during the dry season, you may sell them for more money. This is one of the strategies that many people in Nigeria employ to increase their income.

Kindle Desktop Publishing

This is a unique service from Amazon. If you are a poet or an author, it can be easy to make money from Amazon through KDP (Kindle desktop publishing). This option allows you to make money and superbly.

To earn with this option, you have to keep the script of your book ready. All that is required is to sign up as an author or poet online at KDP and create an account successfully; you may start using KDP templates and other free resources for making your books.

And once you have made your book on KDP, offer it for sale and earn. You have the option of pricing your books. However, if you are sure many people would love your book, you can charge higher. KDP charges little to sell your books online, and you get the royalties for the book.

Amazon Seller

You might assume that you must list your goods for purchase on Listing your interests on Amazon, which receives millions of visits every month, is a means to sell them.

Selling goods on Amazon is the most effective way to earn income on the platform. You can earn thousands of dollars (millions of Naira) per month by selling goods on Amazon.

However, you wonder if you can list and sell goods in Nigeria. This is the response to the query about selling goods on Amazon in Nigeria.

Amazon Handmade

If you are a craft person and could make unique paintings, handicrafts, sculptures or sketches, furniture or embroidery, and sell the stuff through Amazon Handmade.

This opportunity for Amazon allows every craft person to express their abilities and skills and then find a lucrative market.

Joining this program is very simple. All you need to do is sign up on Amazon Handmade as a seller and then accept its terms and conditions, which are fair.

However, make sure that you read the Returns Policy of Amazon carefully since you can access some stuff that a buyer rejects and send back for replacement or refunds.

Provide Travel Services

Most people might be wondering how they can sell travel services on Amazon. Essentially, Amazon offers lots of travel currently. These include air ticket booking and lots more.

You may contact an airline or travel agency to offer travel services. You can also provide accommodations and sightseeing trips through Amazon to earn.

Nowadays, the selection of travel services on Amazon is not very high. However, you can start now and go on adding other services later. This is also ideal for airline managers and travel agency owners.

Amazon Merch

Amazon merchandise is one of the biggest online stores worldwide for clothing, including shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and many other goods. That does, however, call for an American-based Amazon vendor.

However, it can be done to earn money from Amazon merchandise in Nigeria, and it is not as difficult as many individuals claim. Firstly, you must possess a confirmed Payoneer account to get paid for Amazon merchandise.

A VPN is another essential item to register as an Amazon merchant. You can now upload the designs and choose the cost of selling while using Amazon Merchandise as a seller.

You won’t have to worry about printing, shipping, or packaging processes because Amazon handles everything.

Following the price fixing process, you have to wait for orders to come in. Once the goods are delivered to customers, Amazon will pay you a percentage of the sale.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

One of the reliable online platforms that offers users who wish to engage on this site minor duties is Amazon Mechanical Turk, a small online platform accessible in the US.

Completing surveys, moderating, and validating are these little jobs. In Nigeria, you may additionally register by using a VPN.

To receive payment on Amazon Mturk in Nigeria, you must have a Payoneer account. Even though this strategy doesn’t pay as much as the other strategies we’ve covered, you may make at least 6700 Naira every hour if you work hard and seriously.

Amazon Influencer

The Amazon Influencer Program is a different part of the Amazon Associates Program that offers an individual storefront on Amazon that sells things you admire and suggest.

Additionally, you can create product review videos and have them appear on the Amazon listing. If someone purchases after watching the clip, you get a commission.

This is known as Onsite Commissions and needs another type of approval. Influencers on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have found excellent results with this method of earning their platform by sending viewers to their Amazon stores to purchase the items they are promoting.

The finest thing is that approval can be obtained without a large following. If you have a few hundred followers, you can still be authorised.

You can use your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube account to apply to the program. However, when you use Instagram or Facebook, be sure that you use a company or creator account.

Sell Amazon Gift Cards

You may get free Amazon Gift cards from various online survey communities and other resources. Mostly, these are of $5, $10 or even higher values. If you are a member of an online survey community, there are various opportunities to earn such gift cards.

If you are not using these gift cards, it is possible to sell them via Amazon or other resellers and earn.

You may also buy these Amazon gift cards from others and resell them through Amazon or even to other buyers. Generally, you can profit 5 per cent from each sale.

However, you will also have to price your Amazon gift cards cheaper than Amazon itself to entice others to buy these cards from you.


In summary, there are plenty of ways for Nigerians to profit from Amazon, including selling goods on Amazon’s store. Though each strategy has unique specific requirements and awareness, they’re all great ways to make money from Amazon.

You may sell various goods on Amazon as a Nigerian, including electronics, books, clothes, cosmetics, and home goods.

With proper planning and hard work, you can boost your income and earn thousands of dollars monthly on Amazon.


Is it Possible to Sell on Amazon from Nigeria?

Yes, anyone can sell on Amazon from Nigeria. However, you must have a valid bank account, a debit or credit card, and a delivery address to complete the registration procedure.

What Can I Sell on Amazon as a Nigerian?

As a Nigerian on Amazon, you can sell various products that Amazon permits. These include books, electronics, clothing, cosmetics, household items, etc.

How Do I List My Products on Amazon?

You must create a seller account to list your products on Amazon, select a selling plan, provide product information, and list your products.

How Do I Get Paid for My Sales on Amazon?

Amazon offers several payment options for sellers, including e-bank transfers and gift cards. You can set up your preferred payment method on your Amazon seller dashboard.

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