Microsoft Online Cloud Storage – You Never Have to Lose a File Again

Did you know that the Microsoft online cloud storage could be referring to as OneDrive online cloud storage? I know you are kind of confused and that’s why this article is to make you understand deeply. The OneDrive is a cloud service from Microsoft that does allow you to keep all your important files securely in one place and for you to access them virtually anywhere.  These files are photos, videos, documents, etc. The Microsoft online drive can also their files in OneDrive and have it automatically Sync on the other devices.  It means that someone can access and work on the same document in multiple locations.

Microsoft Online Cloud Storage

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Microsoft Online Cloud Storage

The OneDrive online cloud storage integrates with the Microsoft office so users can access Word, e4xcel, and PowerPoint Documents form One Drive. This doesn’t request a download and should already be a part of the windows 10. A Microsoft account is be required to use the One drive and the user will need to sign in before you can make use of it. It also gives users the offers of Facebook integration, automatic camera roll backup, and the ability for users to email slide shows. Users can also scan documents and store them in One Drive also. I will be showing how to sign in to the OneDrive.

Create an OneDrive Account

For you to be able to make use of the Microsoft Account to use the OneDrive. You are required to create an account with your email address.

  • Visit then Onedrive using the web browser on your device.
  • Tap on the Sign up for free.
  • Then click on create a Microsoft account button.
  • Create your email address and password for the account.
  • Tap on the Next button.
  • After that continue with the additional on the screen instruction.

Here are the steps of creating an OneDrive account. once you can complete these steps then you can start using OneDrive and connect your account to Windows 10.

Set Up OneDrive on Windows

The following are steps to set up the OneDrive on your PC.

  • Tap to open start.
  • The search OneDrive and click the top result.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Tap on the Sign-in button there.
  • Input your Microsoft account password.
  • Click on the Sign-in button.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • Tap on Not Now button.
  • Then click through the welcome tips.
  • After that hit the open my OneDrive folder button.

After these steps, you can now start uploading your files to the cloud.

How to Upload Files to OneDrive

To upload files to your OneDrive just follow these steps below.

  • Open the file explorer (Windows key + E).
  • Click the OneDrive folder using the left pane.
  • Drag and drop or copy and paste the content into the OneDrive folder.

Here are the steps to uploading files to OneDrive.

How to Choose Which Folders to Sync from OneDrive

If you want to specify which folders stored in the cloud should be accessible from your computer, just follow the steps below:

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  • Click the cloud icon in the notification area.
  • Tap on the three-dotted menu button in the top-right corner.
  • Tap on the setting button.
  • In the Account, tab clicks the choose folders button.
  • Then clean the Make all files available option.
  • After that, check the folders you want to make visible.
  • Hit the OK button.
  • Hit then Ok again.

The above steps are for you to choose which Folders to Sync from OneDrive.

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