10 Online Colleges In Pennsylvania For International Students 2023

Have you heard of the 10 Online Colleges In Pennsylvania For International Students 2023? If you have not then you have the chance of reading this article and then get to know the Online Colleges In Pennsylvania For International Students 2023.

10 Online Colleges In Pennsylvania For International Students 2023
10 Online Colleges In Pennsylvania For International Students 2023

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10 Online Colleges In Pennsylvania For International Students 2023

Pennsylvania also has some of the best college programs in the country that even may help students start successful, in-demand jobs.

This directory of the best online colleges in Pennsylvania might also assist prospective students in deciding where and also what to study if they want to balance other obligations and their studies.

The best programs, scholarships, and also financial aid choices that are available at each institution are highlighted in this article on the best online colleges in Pennsylvania.

Why Should I Study In Pennsylvania?

Because they simply provide a wide range of online programs that also accommodate various learning styles in various academic subjects, accredited online colleges in Pennsylvania are also the best option for you.

We list the primary justifications for your enrolling in an online program at a Pennsylvania institution below.

#1. Reputable Universities

Ten renowned colleges in Pennsylvania simply provide high-calibre, reasonably priced academic degrees. These institutions also allow students to be able to study abroad and participate in internships.

Only a few examples simply include Swarthmore College, Thomas Jefferson University, and also Carnegie Mellon University.

#2. Flexibility

Pennsylvanian-accredited online institutions simply provide adaptable asynchronous curricula. Working professionals and also students with prior time obligations should choose these programs.

Since they do not have to then commute to school or worry about housing, students save time and money.

#3. Affordability

Loans and grants are only two ways organizations like the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) are simply committed to helping students to pay for their education.

Regardless of financial aid, online programs are also sometimes far less expensive than traditional ones.

Are There Free Online Colleges in Pennsylvania That Are Accredited?

No, Pennsylvania does not provide any free accredited online universities. Three free courses are simply provided by a few schools in Pennsylvania, nevertheless.

For instance, the University of Pennsylvania simply partners with edX, a popular MOOC platform, and even the University of Pittsburgh simply collaborates with Coursera, one of the most well-known MOOC platforms.

As an alternative, certain students may also qualify for Opportunity Now, a unique financial aid program also offered by the Community College of Philadelphia, which then covers their whole semester’s tuition.

Selected candidates who just then lost their jobs and also are going back to school to simply improve their abilities for job chances can simply apply for Opportunity Now.

Online Colleges In Pennsylvania For International Students 2023

Here are the 10 Online Colleges In Pennsylvania For International Students in 2023 you should know:

Drexel University

You can also take more than 140 online courses offered by Drexel University to simply earn a bachelor’s, master’s, or certificate.

Among the topics covered are arts administration and business, including accelerated or flexible online MBA programs, clinical research, communications, engineering, computer science, general studies, information management, information science/systems, project management, property management, and technology.

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California University of Pennsylvania

The associate through doctoral degrees is all also online at the California University of Pennsylvania.

The institution also has just started offering associate degrees in technical and even liberal studies, and even both programs simply provide a degree completion option for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Ten bachelor’s degrees are even offered online, including those in Arabic language and culture, domestic and also international security, land management, legal studies, and wellness and fitness.

The most recent choices simply include liberal studies and also computer information systems. A doctor of health science in health science and even exercise leadership is now being offered online by California University.

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Harrisburg Area Community College-Harrisburg

The oldest community college in Pennsylvania, Harrisburg Area Community College, has also been providing online courses since the early 2000s.

Over 30 associate degrees, four diploma programs, and even ten certificate programs are then entirely online. With more than 60 colleges, HACC has also transfer agreements with 12 online degrees for students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution.

The remaining online associate degree programs are also professional degrees in disciplines including business, health science, and technology.

Students can also choose between an emphasis on community health or corporate wellness for the newest online degree, an Associate in Applied Science in Wellness and Health Promotion.

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Community College of Allegheny County

Community College of Allegheny County is also one of the best online colleges in Pennsylvania for international students. They offer 27 programs with 50 to 99 per cent of the required courses online and 14 degrees that you can complete online.

With 10 certificates that are at least 50% online and also 13 completely online programs, students looking for a certificate or diploma program with an emphasis on the workforce simply have almost as many options.

The online courses also cover topics like technology, business, and even education. Also, CCAC offers accelerated professional programs that simply combine in-person instruction with online learning.

Nearly 30 colleges and also universities that the college has partnerships with accept credits quickly from CCAC students who simply use the college as a stepping stone to a university.

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Saint Joseph’s University

Online students can also earn a Bachelor of Science in Professional and Liberal Studies from Saint Joseph’s University and also a Bachelor of Science in Professional and Liberal Studies with a concentration in Autism Studies.

The institution additionally simply offers seven graduate degrees: a Master’s in Business Intelligence, a Master’s in Organization Development and Leadership, a Master’s in Criminal Justice, a Master’s in Instructional Technology, a Master’s in Secondary Education, a Master’s in Special Education, and a Master’s in Health Administration.

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Wilkes University

Wilkes University also offers 11 master’s degrees that you can simply complete online, including an M.S. in 21st Century Teaching and Learning, an M.S. in the Art and Science of Teaching, an M.S. in Classroom Technology, an M.S. in Educational Leadership, etc.

If the credits then meet certain requirements, students may then transfer up to six credits into these programs. Online students often do not need to be online at specified times because classes usually start in January, May, June, August, and also December.

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Montgomery County Community College

The virtual campus of Montgomery County Community College is the location of the school’s online degree and also certificate programs. Also, the institution is even one of the best online colleges in Pennsylvania for international students.

Through the Virtual Campus, the college simply offers over thirty different programs, almost half of which are then entirely online. Most online programs, which also include a transfer associate degree, a career associate degree, and even roughly a dozen certificates, are in the discipline of business.

Secondary education and even liberal studies transfer degrees are also offered entirely online.

At MCCC, a few online courses demand proctored exams. Achieving the Dream Leader College Montgomery County Community College has also been recognized for promoting students’ success, including developing innovative methods for teaching arithmetic and enhancing student support services.

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Community College of Philadelphia

Six programs at the Community College of Philadelphia are also online-only and geared toward students who then wish to transfer to a four-year institution. Justice, psychology, and accounting are available options.

For to make it simple for graduates of associate degree programs to transfer into bachelor’s programs, CC of Philadelphia has also transfer agreements with numerous schools and universities.

Depending on the degree that is earned, these institutions include St. Joseph’s, La Salle, and Temple University.

Although a few may simply need a proctored test or a scheduled live session, most online courses are also asynchronous.

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Villanova University

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Service & Administration, the Bachelor of Arts in Media and Technology, the Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies, and also the new Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in General Studies are the four bachelor’s degrees Villanova University provides online.

The institution also offers a customized RN to BSN curriculum, created especially for registered nurses who are looking to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Students must also have a minimum of 60 transfer credits from another nursing program for them to be admitted into this program.

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Northampton County Area Community College

Northampton County Area Community College is also one of the best online colleges in Pennsylvania for international students.

The dedication of Northampton Community College to online education simply reflects the college’s goal of offering an accessible education.

The college also offers over 160 online courses each semester, many of which have numerous portions. All five of the most sought-after degrees—including those in business administration, criminal justice, and also early childhood education—can be done online.

The college also offers ten online degrees, while another three call for one or two on-campus courses. Assignment due dates are also set according to a standard academic schedule for classes.

Online students who then reside nearby can even use the campus testing center for proctoring services because some classes may require proctored exams.

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Is Pennsylvania Good for International Students?

PA is also a desired destination for international students and is also ranked 6th in the nation for most international students. Research, internships, and even pre-professional experiences are also important aspects of the college experience at all levels.

Is PA a Cheap Place to Live?

Pennsylvania is also one of the least expensive U.S. states to live in. HomeSnacks.com ranked the Keystone State as the 19th cheapest among U.S. states, with an average living wage of $53,884. That is not even surprising with plenty of options for Pennsylvania residents looking to save some money.

Does Pennsylvania have an online school?

PA Virtual also helps students reach their potential. Our award-winning and innovative online school simply provide K-12 home-based, public education (tuition-free*) to students across Pennsylvania.



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