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Hey Guys I’m back again with a new update “palm pay”. What is palm pay? Palm pay is one of those free apps that reward you each time you make payments. It is more like a cashback application. This app allows you to earn rewards for making payments online. It may even surprise you to know that making payments is totally free. I can assure you that this app is real. There are many other platforms that offer this kind of service nowadays. These platforms also include Jumia. I am sure you have used Jumia before. If you have used the Jumia one app, then you would know that they give you five percent cashback whenever you buy airtime.

Palm Pay

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Palm Pay

With Palm Pay, you can earn from more than just buying airtime. You can earn through a lot of other ways. According to Google play store, palm pay is a money app that rewards you. It is a very simple and secure app that you can quickly use to send cash to your friends, utilities and many more. As you spend, you’ll earn points that can be used to discount your transactions.

Key Features

There are certain key features that make palm pay so awesome. Some of the features I personally love is that it is fast, reliable and secure. Here are some of the features that you’ll love.

  • This app makes it easy for you to deposit funds directly into your wallet for free with your ATM card.
  • You can transfer money easily you other palm pay wallets for free. Note that you would be charged a service fee of ten nairas when transferring to bank accounts.
  • You can easily earn rewards for every transaction in the form of palm point cashback.
  • Earn rewards for every transaction in the form of Palm Points’ cashback. Earn 10% cashback for airtime top-up and 5% for any bill payment.
  • Yo earn Palm Points for inviting your friends: You would get a hundred naira and your friends get a hundred and fifty naira in Palm Points once they transact for the first time
  • Spend your Palm Points to discount your transactions by up to fifty percent. You can also use them to offset your money transfer fees.
  • Get to earn Palm Points for using Palm Pay and for inviting your friends. You can redeem your Palm Points to discount your airtime, money transfer and bill payment fees by up to 50%.

Those are some of the features of palm pay.

Palm Pay Launch

Tech Crunch has news that palm pay launches in Nigeria on a forty million round led by china’s transition. The investment came via the Techno Subsidiary. Its official website can be accessed at A lot of people may be thinking this site is a scam because of the web URL, but I assure that this site is legit.

Palm Pay Apk

The palm pay apk can be downloaded from many places on the web today. Although there are thousands of places to download this app, the one I prefer is the Google Play server. This server is very secure. You could also download this app from their main website. While it is true that the app is not fully on their server, you would be directed to the Google play store if you use an android device and the app store if you use an iOS device.

Download Palm Pay Apk

If you are looking for steps to download the palm pay apk, then this section is for you. Follow the steps below to download the palm pay apk for your device.

  • Open the app drawer on your device.
  • Find the Google play icon and click on it.
  • Hit the search bar on the store and search for “PalmPay”.
  • You would now be directed to the app page.

On that page, scroll down to find the “Install” button and click on it to install the palm pay app.

Download Palm Pay on iOS

Downloading this app on the iOS platform is very easy. Follow the steps below to do so.

  • Open the app store on your iOS device.
  • Hit the search bar and search for “PalmPay”.
  • You would be directed to the app page. On that page, find the “install” button and click on it.

After downloading, the app would be installed automatically on your device.

Palm Pay Reviews

Are you looking for reviews on this amazing app, and then follow this link ( Note that, that is the link to the app page on the Google play store. On that page, you would see all the positive and negative reviews from users.


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