Sending Money to India with Remitly

Sending money internationally, particularly to countries like India, has become increasingly common in our interconnected world. Finding a reliable and cost-effective money transfer service is crucial, whether it’s for supporting family members, investing, or conducting business transactions.

Sending Money to India with Remitly

Remitly is one such service that has gained popularity for its user-friendly platform and competitive rates. This guide will explore how Remitly facilitates sending money to India, its features, and benefits, and how it compares to other options.

Understanding Remitly

Remitly is a fintech company that specializes in providing digital remittance services. It allows users to transfer funds to their loved ones in India and other countries. The platform was founded in 2011 to simplify sending money across borders.

Remitly has since grown into a trusted and reliable platform, serving millions of customers across the globe. The company offers competitive exchange rates, ensuring that customers get the best value for their money.

Additionally, Remitly charges low fees, making it an affordable option for sending money internationally.

The platform also offers various delivery options, including bank deposits, cash pickups, and home deliveries, giving users the flexibility to choose the most convenient method for their recipient.

Overall, Remitly provides a fast, secure, and hassle-free way to send money overseas, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to transfer funds to their loved ones abroad.

How Remitly Works

Registration: To get started with Remitly, users need to create an account on the Remitly website or mobile app. The registration process typically requires providing personal information such as name, address, and contact details, as well as verifying your identity.

Sending Money: Once registered, users can initiate a money transfer by selecting the recipient’s country (in this case, India) and the amount they wish to send. Remitly provides real-time exchange rates and fee transparency, allowing users to see the total cost of the transfer upfront.

Delivery Options: Remitly offers different delivery options for sending money to India, including bank deposits, cash pickup, and mobile wallet deposits. Users can choose the most convenient option for the recipient, depending on their preferences and location.

Payment: Users can fund their money transfer using various payment methods, such as bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards. Remitly ensures secure transactions through encryption and other security measures.

Benefits of Using Remitly for Sending Money to India

Competitive Exchange Rates: Remitly offers competitive exchange rates for sending money to India, often beating those offered by traditional banks and other remittance services.

Low Fees

Remitly’s fee structure is transparent, with low fees for most transactions. Depending on the transfer speed and delivery method chosen, fees may vary, but Remitly strives to keep costs affordable for its customers.

Speed and Convenience

With Remitly, sending money to India is quick and convenient. Depending on the delivery option selected, recipients can receive funds within minutes or up to a few business days.

Trackable Transfers

Remitly provides users with real-time tracking and status updates for their money transfers, allowing them to monitor the progress of their transactions from start to finish.

Customer Support

Remitly offers customer support via phone, email, and live chat to assist users with any questions or concerns they may have during the transfer process.

Comparing Remitly to Other Options

While Remitly offers many benefits for sending money to India, it’s essential to consider other options available in the market.

Traditional bank wire transfers, other digital remittance services like Western Union or MoneyGram, and cryptocurrency transfers are some alternatives worth exploring.

Factors to consider when comparing these options include exchange rates, fees, transfer speed, delivery options, and customer service quality.


Sending money to India with Remitly offers a convenient, cost-effective, and reliable solution for individuals and businesses alike.

With its user-friendly platform, competitive rates, and various delivery options. Remitly has simplified the process of international money transfers, providing peace of mind for senders and recipients alike.

Whether supporting family members, investing, or conducting business transactions, Remitly is a trusted partner for sending money to India efficiently and securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of Remitly’s money transfer to India?

Method of payment

When you need to transfer money quickly, use your credit or debit card; delivery normally happens in a matter of minutes. When you can wait three to five business days for the delivery of your funds, use your bank account.

How much does it cost to send money to India?

When it comes to financing an international money transfer through Wise, bank transfers are typically the least expensive choice. Although bank transfers are typically more cost-effective than debit or credit card transactions, they can be slower.

Which information is required to use Remitly?

Just as it appears on a legitimate ID, provide your name here. They will also need your address and phone number. Enter your birthdate after that. You must provide your birthdate exactly as it appears on your identification since they could want that information in the future to confirm your identity.

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