USAA Homeowners Insurance – Is USAA Home Insurance Worth It?

If you own a home, homeowners insurance is essential for financial protection against disasters, theft, liability claims and more. But not all providers offer the same coverage, discounts and service.

USAA Homeowners Insurance: Is USAA Home Insurance Worth It?

So how does USAA homeowner’s insurance compare to other top insurers when it comes to cost, claims satisfaction and key features for homeowners?

In this post, we will look at what you need to know about USAA’s homeowners insurance including:

Who is USAA Home Insurance Best For?

The USAA exclusively serves the military community, both active duty and veterans alike, plus their loved ones. For this clearly defined target demographic, USAA delivers bespoke insurance coverage, services, pricing, and experiences that cater to military living.

They includes: 

  • Active duty and former military members across all service branches
  • Immediate family members of military personnel like spouses and children
  • Meets unique coverage needs like frequent moves, overseas deployment, variable incomes
  • Increased personal property limits for a mobile military lifestyle
  • Flexible payment options for those with variable incomes
  • Worldwide insurance coverage that follows you wherever military life takes you
  • Designed by military for military based on firsthand experience

USAA Home Insurance Plans and Pricing

USAA offers three tiers of homeowners insurance coverage to suit different property values and desired protection levels:

Essential Plan – Core hazard protections at the lowest premium costs

Valuable Plan – Enhanced damage allowances and expanded replacements costs

Premier Plan – Highest dwelling and contents limits for high-end homes

Within these plans, USAA homeowners insurance pricing depends primarily on:

  • Location / ZIP code of the insured property
  • Coverage tier selected
  • Home value and rebuilding costs if destroyed
  • Risk profile like age of home, materials, distance to fire hydrant etc.

As an approximate guide for a $350,000 suburban home, USAA might quote:

  • $850 a year for Essential coverage
  • $950 a year for Valuable coverage
  • $1,100 a year for Premier protection

Of course, premiums scale up substantially for million-dollar high value mansions given the increased rebuilding costs and possessions value contained within.

The Key Benefits Of USAA Home Insurance

USAA home insurance benefits are numerous:

  • Competitive rates with additional military discounts – Average savings of up to 15% compared to competitors
  • Replacement cost coverage with no deduction for depreciation
  • Worldwide coverage for deployed military members
  • Increased personal property limits for frequent moves
  • Flexible payment options for variable incomes
  • High total loss limits – guaranteed rebuilding of home even if exceeds current value
  • Additional living expenses if home is uninhabitable after a loss
  • Streamlined claims process with fast turnaround times
  • Access to home repair contractors screened and approved by USAA
  • Home inventory documentation tools to support claims
  • Expert customer service catered specifically to military members and families
  • Ability to pause coverage for stored household goods during deployment
  • Specialized life insurance options for combat zone risks

The combination of discounted pricing, robust coverage, and military-focused customer service makes USAA a prime choice for insured protection of a home and valuables within military families.

Drawbacks and Criticisms of USAA Home Insurance

USAA home insurance generates few serious complaints but these drawbacks occasional get cited:

  • Strict eligibility rules beyond military membership prevent many from securing coverage
  • Mobile app and web experience lacks sophistication that some newer insurtech firms offer
  • Conservative approach to insurable risk means denying certain types of properties more often
  • Rates still exceed some smaller regional competitors in select markets

Now examining the flip side – what qualities tend to attract homeowners to choose USAA insurance?

Why Do People Choose USAA for Home Insurance?

Lower Rates With Member Discounts

One of the top reasons USAA home insurance stands out is highly competitive rates, thanks to exclusive member discounts. USAA offers some of the lowest premiums in the insurance industry – rates can be 10-15% less on average than competitor’s premiums.

The reason their base rates start lower is that USAA is a member-owned company focused solely on serving military members, not turning large profits. Add their member discounts on top, and rates are hard to beat.

Robust Protection for Military Life

USAA designs insurance coverage to meet the unique needs of military members and their families. This includes increased personal property limits for frequent moves, worldwide coverage for deployed service members, and special life insurance to cover dangers associated with combat.

Since USAA understands military life inside and out, members trust their home insurance policies provide tailored protection for risks they face like frequent relocations or property storage during deployments.

Highly Rated Customer Satisfaction

In addition to upfront perks of pricing and coverage, USAA also earns incredibly customer satisfaction ratings year after year. Policyholders give USAA strong marks for seamless service, fast claims processing, and knowledgeable assistance addressing member’s concerns.

Many members share stories of USAA going above-and-beyond after accidents, disasters, or other insured losses. Claims often get paid out faster than industry averages. Combine this great service with top-tier pricing & protection, and high satisfaction ratings make perfect sense.

Membership Eligibility Is Required

The one trade-off with USAA is that you must meet membership criteria to qualify for their home or other insurance products. Eligibility is limited only to military members and their immediate families.

So while USAA does have exceptional offerings tailored specifically for armed forces members, military affiliation is a must. Only active or former military and their spouses/children can tap into USAA’s home insurance (and other USAA insurance offerings).

An Obvious Choice for Military Households

For eligible military households in the market for home insurance, USAA should be one of the first companies you get a quote from thanks to rock-bottom rates, coverage enhancements for military life, and renowned customer service.

The restrictions on joining USAA does limit their target market exclusively to military families. But for that target demographic seeking a home insurance provider who understands military needs inside and out, USAA absolutely delivers top-tier value worth prioritizing.

Is USAA Home Insurance Worth It?

USAA is well-known for providing top-tier insurance coverage and services for military members and their families. When it comes to home insurance, USAA frequently appears on lists of the best insurance providers in the industry.

But is their home insurance really worth it compared to alternatives on the market? For eligible military members, the answer is often a clear “yes.” Here’s why USAA home insurance stands out as a top choice.

Affordable Premiums With Discounts

One of the most appealing aspects of USAA is affordability – they offer some of the lowest premiums among top insurance providers. Home insurance rates are up to 15% less than competitors on average for similar coverage.

On top of already competitive baseline rates, USAA offers hefty discounts upwards of 20% for military members. This makes their total premiums very budget-friendly compared to other home insurance policies with more limited discounts available.

Exceptional Coverage Options

In addition to affordable pricing, USAA also offers some of the most comprehensive coverage options in the industry. Homeowners can customize USAA policies to their needs for rebuilding costs, personal property protection, liability limits, flood insurance add-ons, and more.

Some notable coverages include replacement cost for rebuilding, no deduction for depreciation, very high personal property allowances, and additional living expenses if your home is uninhabitable after a loss. Policies can be tailored higher or lower based on your specific home’s value and coverage needs.

Top-Tier Customer Satisfaction

In addition to upfront premium and policy perks, USAA also distinguishes itself in customers service and claims processing. They have a reputation for seamless customer experiences, knowledgeable staff, and prompt claims handling.

Many members dealing with disasters like floods, fires, or hurricanes, have shared their stories of receiving claim payouts quicker than expected. USAA also offers handy tools for home inventory documentation and finding contractors for home repairs after filing a claim.

Membership Eligibility Requirements

The one key “catch” with USAA is that eligibility for home insurance (and other USAA products) isn’t open to the general public. Membership requires an affiliation to the military through your own service or that of a family member.

So while USAA does have best-in-class offerings, non-military households won’t have the option to tap into USAA home insurance. Only military members and their immediate family qualify to become USAA members and have access to its policies.


While eligibility criteria prevents access for many, USAA home insurance sets the benchmark that all other insurance carriers should aspire towards.

For eligible members, we wholeheartedly recommend securing quotes from USAA home insurance to enjoy unmatched service and savings as part of the USAA family.

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