Why Choose Liaison for Travel Insurance?

Whether you’re an international visitor coming to the US or a US citizen looking to travel abroad, having comprehensive travel medical insurance is critical.

Why Choose Liaison for Travel Insurance

Why Choose Liaison for Travel Insurance? Liaison travel insurance plans offer flexible, short-term coverage options for global travelers that can give you peace of mind in a medical emergency away from home.

In this blog post, you’ll learn all about liaison travel insurance, from who needs coverage to plan options and benefits.

What is Liaison Travel Insurance?

Liaison travel insurance is designed to protect travelers in case the unexpected happens before or during a trip. It can reimburse you for non-refundable trip expenses if you need to cancel due to injury, illness or other covered reasons.

The plans also include robust coverage for emergency medical treatment, evacuation, trip interruptions, delays, and lost baggage.

Types of Liaison Travel Insurance Plans

This insurance offers tiered coverage options depending on your needs and budget. It comes with three flexible plan levels for travelers to choose from:

Liaison Travel Elite – The Elite plan offers the highest limits of up to $5 million. It pays 100% of the costs when you use healthcare providers in their Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network within the US. It’s renewable for up to 3 years.

Liaison Travel Choice – A mid-range plan, Choice offers the same high maximum limits as Elite but pays 90% of costs when using PPO providers. It also renews annually.

Liaison Travel Basic – The Basic plan has lower coinsurance rates (80% with PPO) to decrease premium costs. It’s best for cautious travelers who still want robust coverage up to $5 million but are still waiting for major medical expenses.

Who Needs Liaison Travel Insurance?

There are a few key groups that can benefit from liaison travel medical coverage:

International Visitors to the US – Foreign nationals visiting the United States for business, tourism, studying abroad or other reasons should consider liaison visitor insurance. It protects you in the US healthcare system.

US Citizens Traveling Abroad – Liaison plans offer vital protection for Americans travelling overseas. They cover you in foreign hospitals and can even arrange emergency medical evacuations home if needed.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term – Liaison policies are designed for shorter trips of less than one year. So, they work well for vacations, business travel, and studying abroad semesters. Other options may work better for expatriates or overseas assignments longer than 364 days.

Who is Liaison Travel Insurance For?

Liaison visitor insurance plans are suitable for the following:

  • Foreign nationals visiting the U.S.
  • U.S. residents traveling overseas
  • Immigrants and students studying abroad
  • Adventure travelers and extreme sports enthusiasts
  • Groups, families, and individual travelers
  • Mission trips, volunteer trips, NGO workers abroad

All plans are available to individuals and groups of any nationality taking trips worldwide.

Why Choose Liaison for Travel Insurance?

With substantial financial backing, excellent customer service, and flexible coverage, Liaison travel insurance is a wise choice to protect trip investments.

Critical Benefits of Liaison Travel Insurance

All three Liaison plan levels offer powerful benefits, especially given their affordable premium costs. Here are some of the core advantages:

  • Medical Expense Coverage – The core coverage pays for hospital stays, ER visits, doctor office visits, prescribed medications, and more. You can choose a deductible from $0 to $2,500.
  • Emergency Dental – You get at least $100 for emergency dental expenses like lost fillings or infected teeth. Accidents are covered more.
  • Emergency Transport – If you become critically injured/ill while traveling internationally, emergency transport gets you home or to advanced care. Covered up to $300,000.
  • Repatriation of Remains – If a loved one dies abroad, repatriation transports them home. Covered for $50,000.
  • AD&D Coverage – You get $25,000 in payment for accidental death or dismemberment. Crucial protection for families.
  • Travel Assistance – Get 24/7 travel assistance to help with medical provider referrals, medication refills, embassy contacts, and more abroad. Extremely helpful.

As you can see, liaison travel insurance packs a significant punch in vital travel protections. They offer coverage from reliable underwriters like Lloyds of London and A-rated insurance companies. With premiums starting around only $1-2 per day, they provide immense value, too.

Optional Add-On Benefits

In addition to the core protections above, you can further expand your liaison travel insurance benefits by adding optional riders for things like:

Hazardous Sports – Want coverage for skiing, scuba diving, bungee jumping, or other adventurous things? Consider the dangerous rider.

Other Adventure Activities – High-risk hobbies like BASE jumping often need separate riders. Could you chat with a liaison agent to understand specific sport/activity needs?

These optional benefits let you customise coverage for exactly your kind of travel!

Limitations of Coverage

While liaison travel insurance does offer extensive benefits, there are a few coverage limitations to keep in mind as well, such as:

Coinsurance Requirements – The Basic plan requires 20% out-of-pocket coinsurance for medical expenses when not using in-network US providers. The Choice and Elite plans have lower 10% and 0% coinsurance, respectively.

Pre-Existing Condition Restrictions – Acute onset of pre-existing illnesses has a coverage cap between $15,000 to $20,000, depending on the exact condition and your age. Chronic pre-existing conditions may not be covered.

Lower AD&D Limits – While helpful, the included $25,000 AD&D benefit is lower than some annual plans that offer upwards of $100k+ in coverage.

So younger, healthy travellers are the best fit. But the broad protections still offer great coverage for most visitor circumstances.

Buying Tips and Renewal Rules

If liaison travel insurance seems like the right fit for your upcoming international trip or visitors coming to see you, here are some quick tips for buying it and renewing:

Getting a Quote – You can quickly get a quick quote for liaison insurance online by entering your basic trip details like destination country, age, etc. This lets you compare plans.

Choosing a Plan – Consider trip duration, planned activities, your health history and budget to pick Elire, Choice or Basic plans. Ask a licensed agent if you need advice!

Renewing Coverage – Liaison plans allow renewal for up to 3 years of total coverage, depending on the option. You can quickly renew online as well.

Adding New Trips – For frequent travelers, you can add additional covered trips by buying new policy certificates for each destination country. Seamless!

Filing Claims with Liaison Insurance

Hopefully, you will never need to file a claim with your liaison travel medical insurance. But if an unexpected injury or illness does strike abroad, here is what you can expect:

Working with Seven Corners – Liaison travel insurance policies are backed by Seven Corners insurance. They handle all claims paperwork and processing. Submit forms/documentation and track online.

Strong Ratings & Reviews – Seven Corners gets very high ratings for their responsive claims handling and excellent customer service. You’ll get fast help!

Focus on Quick Resolution – With 24/7 multi-lingual assistance, Seven Corners aims to quickly guide your care, discharge you safely, and resolve claims fairly.

FAQ About Liaison Travel Insurance

Who can buy a Liaison visitor insurance plan?

Liaison plans are available to citizens of any country traveling outside their home country to international destinations or the United States.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

There is limited coverage for the acute onset of some pre-existing medical conditions. Availability and amounts vary by specific condition and age.

Does Liaison offer COVID-19 coverage?

COVID-19 is treated like any other illness – eligible medical expenses would be covered subject to policy terms. Testing/quarantine costs are not covered.

What is the maximum trip length?

Liaison visitor policies can be purchased for trips lasting five days up to 364 days (almost one year). Long-term coverage is renewable.

Can I get a quote and buy online?

Yes. The entire process, from getting a quote to paying for a Liaison policy, can be completed online quickly.


Liaison travel insurance delivers financial security to global travelers with benefits including generous medical coverage, medical evacuation, cancellation reimbursement, 24/7 travel assistance and more.

Customizing a policy is quick and affordable. Visit Liaison’s website today to get a fast quote and purchase visitor insurance tailored to your upcoming vacation or business trip. Then, you can travel with true peace of mind.

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