13 Wishes For Your Girlfriend

13 Wishes for your Girlfriend is one super duper thing you can offer her on her special day, she wants to hear you say those sweet words to her even if you don’t mean them. Women and words!

13 Wishes For Your Girlfriend
13 Wishes For Your Girlfriend

Wishing your girlfriend well on any of her celebration days makes her have confidence in your and the relationship.

However, you don’t need to always wait for special events to send her your goodwill wishes. It should be an act done on a consistent basis this will further strengthen your relationship. Today in this article I have outlined 13 wishes for your girlfriend, so, you need not crack your brain on what to say or wish her this would surely be of help.

13 Wishes For Your Girlfriend

  1. To the sweetest babe in the world that I know, wishing you more years of a sweet life. I wish you all the best my darling today and always. Happy birthday, girl!
  2. I can’t find a birthday card that expresses just how special you are to me. So, I am just writing this special birthday message to let you know you are special to me. Even words can’t express how special you are, but I know you understand you are a special girl. Happy birthday, dear.
  3. The hugs, and kisses, we shared in our intimate moments are not enough to tell you how much I love you. I want to spend every moment of my life with you in my arms. Happy birthday, special girl.
  4. Happy birthday my pretty one. I pray you never lose that beautiful smile on your lips. I wish you more years of a wonderful experience
  5. You may be wondering if you have done enough to deserve any love from me if you have been the perfect friend to me, and if you have brought joy to my life. I want you to know that the answer is a resounding “YES.” Happy birthday Sweetie and remain the beautiful woman you have always been.
  6. Happy birthday, babe. I wish you oceans of fun on this special day. The Day is finally here. I wish you a happy birthday. Have loads of fun, special girl.
  7. A happy new month to my incredibly lucky girlfriend! I say lucky because you have me as your boyfriend!
  8. A happy new month to an incredible person in the whole world with a weird personality to match mine. We are a match made in heaven. I’ll love you until the end of time.
  9. A girlfriend with the most truthful heart deserves a birthday that’s equally wonderful, too. Happy birthday my sugar pie.
  10. Happy Anniversary to a hilarious girlfriend, who makes me laugh and smile every day. You’re so full of life and bring so much happiness, I’m so happy to have such a great partner in my life who shares the same quirky sense of humour as me.
  11. Every passing year you look younger than your age. You are blessed with a youthful appearance and I’m blessed because of you too. Do have a fabulous birthday my darling
  12. Sending my love to you today on this special day. I hope you have the best of the day. Happy new week.
  13. Girlfriend like no other, you have become my sister and I cherish every moment we spend together. Distance may be far but our love keeps us together.

Short Wishes For Your Girlfriend

1. In life, there are hard moments that life brings us, but together we have great love, a powerful force that encourages us to keep going. I am with you, my dear!

  1. For nothing in this world would I leave you alone, much less face something as serious as this? In the name of our love, we will overcome our difficulties and we will be happy again.
  2. Thank you for all the love you shower on me on a regular basis. My darling, on your special day I’ve arranged something special too just for you. You mean the world to me.
  3. A wonderful person deserves something wonderful. I’m eternally grateful for finding someone as genuine as you are, the love, the attention and happiness all together. I celebrate you greatly my sweet girlfriend.
  4. Thank you for always being great company on our friendship rides. You make me always feel like I was in an entirely new world each time we are together. Warm greetings on your natal day.
  5. Your smiles are enticing, your warmth caresses me. Your love is so fascinating. You made my world. The happy new month my Angel
  6. To my special girl on her birthday. My world will be so cool and empty without you. I love and cherish you, my love.
  7. Every day my heart keeps growing fonder of you. I can’t imagine my world without you, you are so special. I love you
  8. My heart goes sick when you’re not around me especially if you travel
  9. May your birthday comes with open doors, and breakthroughs, be healthy, and strong, plenty of money in your bank account. May you enjoy great favour.


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