Zoom Calls are Beginning to Arrive on the Google Nest Hub Max

Zoom from Google is currently rolling out on Zoom support for the Nest Hub Max smart display as an early preview for users. This is currently made available to users in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia as announced by the company.

Zoom Calls are Beginning to Arrive on the Google Nest Hub Max

However, the date Zoom calls on Google Next Hub Max is yet unknown to the public. Just as specific by Google “Keep an eye out for this new video calling option”, this was dropped in a company blog post.

Zoom Calls are Beginning to Arrive on the Google Nest Hub Max

Google is updating the devices to automatically be able to detect and prioritize video call traffic for Google Meet and Zoom. This may actually help if your video calls have been a bit broken.

It’s the perfect time for this Zoom update, as more and more people are going to be making video calls to friends and family that are far away due to the holidays.

Zoom has been an especially popular service this year as social distancing measures since the shutdown as made people stay apart from family or visiting friends. Video calling is actually being the only way out.

The Nest Hub Max is getting Zoom after Facebook added the service to its Portal devices back in September, but before Amazon rolls it out to its Echo Show devices.

Google Nest is a smart display that is popular with people who want the functionality of a smart speaker but wants to do more than the audio-only devices allow and that includes video calls.

How to Use Zoom calls on the Google Nest Hub Max

To use the feature, Nest owners or users need a free or paid Zoom account and also, they need to link their account to the device and add the invite to Google Calendar to host a meeting.

The feature will also take advantage of where it is applicable to a new feature for Google and Nest Wi-Fi that prioritizes teleconferencing for wireless bandwidth.

Once your account is linked, you can control the feature with your voice making use of commands such as “Hey Google, join my next meeting” or use “Hey Google, start a new Zoom call”.

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