10 Best Online Schools in South Africa

10 Best Online Schools in South Africa. Do you know you can conveniently get a degree from anywhere with the help of some of the best online schools in South Africa? In this article, we will be discussing the 10 best online schools in South Africa, and you will also be provided with direct links to their portals. Right now, one of the most effective strategies to help enhance your career is obtaining a university degree.

10 Best Online Schools in South Africa

Over the past few years, you will agree with me that an increasing number of parents prefer to enroll their children in online schools. This is because they believe it’s safer, more inexpensive, and also saves you time. Instead, your children can now easily receive online classes from qualified teachers from the comfort of their homes.

10 Best Online Schools in South Africa

You may be wondering if attending one of these ten best online schools in South Africa is worthwhile. The answer is yes. This is because there are so many great professional and academic programs in the world today that are now available online.

So, even while completing your education online, you can now strike a balance between the competing demands of life, such as your job, and managing your home while schooling. Amazing, right?

What is Online Learning?

As we all know, online learning is known as a method of learning via a virtual environment. Thus, students can get the opportunity to study for any international degree program from their home countries. Online degrees are generally for young high school leavers and adults who are in search of flexible university education. When you talk about flexibility, this is actually one of the most flexible forms of education.

South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa. They are said to have the strongest economy in Africa and have a well-known strong higher education system internationally. The executive capital is Pretoria, though Bloemfontein is the judicial capital and Cape Town is considered the legislative capital. Their biggest city is Johannesburg.

Best Online Schools

Below, you will get to see the lists of some of the best online universities in South Africa, with direct links to their main portals;

  • THINK Digital College

THINK Digital College is actually the earliest form of virtual school in South Africa that offers both the CAPS and Cambridge curricula. The mission of THINK is to integrate good pedagogy (the art and science of learning) and the most recent technology to endorse and promote creativity, learning, and growth.

THINK strives for quality and excellent education through a great approach and to create a love for their students’ learning. They are also said to offer CAPS and Cambridge-focused curricula in an incorporated, appealing, and efficient way.

  • Regent Business School

The Regent Business School is a physical business school in South Africa. However, they also offer an online Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management. The online Bachelor’s degree is wholly accredited and well-recognized. Over the past years, Regent Business School has come to build a very strong reputation for itself in the online learning world. And now, this institution is ranked as one of the best online learning schools in South Africa. It is designed to provide adequate HR skills for eligible students; it is a credible online degree. This course gives the student enough experience needed for advanced education and development.

  • Johannesburg University Online School

Presently, the University of Johannesburg already has its own sequence of online courses. The programs were built to enhance the knowledge base of the students in specific fields. It is ranked as one of the best online universities in South Africa; the school is student-desirability. With up to six start dates in a year, it is regarded as one of the most flexible online universities on the list.

It is carefully designed for all, and the school has allowed students to obtain fully accredited university credentials. With quite a good record of past graduates, the school is ranked as one of the best online universities in South Africa. Their online programs have been carefully designed to facilitate students from all walks of life to acquire an accredited university qualification.

  • Virtualschools.co.za

Founded in the year 2013, Virtualschools.co.za is presently one of the best online universities you can find in South Africa. The aim of this institution is to offer standard home-based learning for students across the world. It is fully accredited with standard courses. This is one of the best features now. All the courses are tagged with the specified curriculum of South Africa. Furthermore, they have normal degree programs. though it is delivered online in this case.

  • Witwatersrand University Online School

The University of the Witwatersrand offers various online postgraduate courses from the Business School and the School of Governance. You can join this prestigious online Wits network and get to work with like-minded and great professionals to help speed up your management career. Through their online courses, you can be fully supported by professional teachers to help you accomplish academic excellence.

  • CambriLearn

CambriLearn is also an online homeschooling platform that is said to be offering both the International British and CAPS curriculums for its students in South Africa. They are said to give their students direct access to teachers, online forums where the students can easily connect, live and recorded schooling, and access to the past learning materials for students who are struggling with portions of the work. Parents can also get to keep track of their children’s learning growth on the system’s Student Tracker to make certain that they stay current with the coursework and are ready for their examinations. Students who enroll at CambriLearn enjoy unrivaled flexibility to study at their own pace.

  • University of South Africa

The University of South Africa (UniSA) is actually one of the largest online education institutions in Africa and the longest-established committed distance learning university in the world. UniSA enrolls nearly a third of South African students. UniSA offers an unmatched series of study choices, ranging from short courses and certificate programs to those of three-to four-year degrees and diplomas.

  • Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA)

Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) provides an online Business Administration program designed to produce progressive leaders and managers who are well prepared for business and the industry in emerging and vibrant markets. Their flexible program enables working professionals to experience their high-quality education while still achieving their professional goals.

  • Stellenbosch University

The University of Stellenbosch offers online masters in both public and development management, like the Public Administration (MPA) programs that place more focus on the needs of people in a public sector leadership position. They also offer academic certificate programs and short courses via lectures and interactive education.

  • ISBerne Online School

The ISBerne Online School is an ideal choice for anyone that is looking for an established, flexible, and top-quality online middle or high school. In association with leading global education providers (such as Pamoja Education) to offer ISBerne Online the best possible online education, ISBerne Online offers unswerving, fully accredited, and personalized middle and high school opportunities for students aged 11 to 18/22 years old in South Africa (K12 Inc.) and the rest of the world, wherever in the world.

The cost of studying in South Africa

The cost of studies in South Africa varies depending on the procedures of the different schools. The payment of university fees is still an essential deliberation for many South African students, whose costs are likely to rise in the coming decade. Some of these universities calculate their fees per module and also need a student registration fee. To get their actual cost, you will need to visit the school portals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I study online in South Africa?

You can get your online degree in South Africa from most of their virtual schools, such as the University of the Witwatersrand Online School (Online Wits), University of Johannesburg Online School, Stellenbosch University, Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA), and many more, as mentioned in the list above.

What was the first online school in South Africa?

Frankly speaking, the University of South Africa (Unisa) is the largest open distance and online educational institution in Africa and is also currently the longest-established dedicated distance learning university in the world.

All in all, online schools in South Africa offer many opportunities for various career developments. Working students benefit from the flexibility and time savings that fully online study at their own pace provides.

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