Agriculture Jobs in Different Countries With Salaries Up to $80,000 Yearly

Agriculture is a massive field that involves numerous types of jobs and career opportunities across the globe. The salary range for agriculture jobs can vary significantly depending on the type of job and location.

Agriculture Jobs in Different Countries With Salaries Up to $80,000 Yearly

However, in this article, you can explore some of the best-paying agriculture jobs in different countries and the average salary range for each job. So, continue reading carefully.

Agriculture Jobs in Different Countries and Their Salary Range

So here is an extensive list of Agriculture jobs and their salary range you may find in any country of your choice:

Farm Worker

Farm workers occasionally referred to as farmhands, take on vital manual labor activities under the supervision of farmers and ranchers. They might harvest or look at crops, help with watering systems, or apply fertilizer and insecticides to promote crop development while controlling weeds and insects.

These individuals can provide livestock feed, brand animals, and inspect animals for signs of sickness or other issues. Some farm workers also help with animal herding and running farm machinery and tools. Farm laborers usually have broad duties, and some specialize in crops or livestock. Its national average salary is $32,305 per year.


Growers have the charge of raising crops, which involves preserving a healthy growing environment. They plant seeds, fertilize and water crops, and plan harvesting schedules for the best yield. Farmers might try out new varieties of seed or unique growth methods. Many farmers specialize in specific crops, such as heirloom plants or animal feed.

Most growers are expected to fulfil predetermined quality and yield levels; if they exceed their targets, they might get bonuses or additional payments. $57,551 a year is the national average salary.

Technician for Agricultural Machinery

Technicians of farm equipment maintain, install, and repair machinery and equipment. Preventive maintenance may include refuelling machinery, replacing batteries, changing oil, and lubricating moving parts. When they discover a problem, they run diagnostic tests and make the repairs that are needed.

Technicians for agricultural equipment must be able to read and interpret manuals, and also use computers to diagnose problems and document repairs and maintenance. To repair machines, some agricultural machinery technicians build parts, repair electrical systems or weld components. The national average salary is $64,571 a year.

Purchasing Agent

This one is in the role of purchasing agricultural products and natural assets in bulk for processing and reuse. These individuals often have to satisfy particular purchasing quotas for processors. They collaborate with a number of farming clients who supply grain, milk, and other agricultural products.

Farmers’ quality standards and operations are evaluated by purchasing agents, who then arrange prices along with shipping terms and sign contracts. They often become product specialists and attempt to build lasting relationships with suppliers. Its average salary is $51,095 per year.

Warehouse Manager

Farm warehouse managers are the charge of tracking all processes including storage, shipping, and receipt of agricultural products. They send and receive shipments, as well as load and unpack goods and products. They also utilize programs and artificial intelligence for monitoring farm supply levels, and initiating deliveries or shipments when levels of stock become too excessive or insufficient.

Farm warehouse managers are in the position of storing goods and materials safely and following local and federal regulations. The majority of farm managers of warehouses also manage teams of laborers, purchasers, and salespeople. This farm job’s national average salary is $52,358 a year.

Agriculture Specialist

Agriculture professionals provide administrative and clerical help for particular facets of farming. Some agriculture specialists focus on storage, requiring them to work together with farmers to create outstanding performance crop and grain storage and systems for inventory.

Others specialize in livestock production, which requires the discovery of methods for healthy animals while producing maximum yield. Others concentrate on marketing, which involves developing print, television, radio, and digital agricultural advertising campaigns. The national average salary is $55,753 a year.

Grain Elevator Worker

Grain elevator staff help with grain storage, shipping, and purchase. They accept incoming grain deliveries, carefully store the grain, and uphold critical quality standards. However, they might assist with outgoing shipments, drying grain, and mixing grain kinds.

They work alongside management to administer grain samples, inspections, and grain pricing. Others assist with grain marketing and sales strategy, and also with regulatory control. Their national average salary range is $33,691 per year.

Research Scientist

Food scientists, who study and develop procedures for making, storing, and packing food, are often hired by agricultural research scientists. They employ biology, chemistry, and various other life sciences to assess the nutritional value of ingredients, investigate new food sources, and develop techniques for making foods healthier and more delicious.

Food scientists tend to be in charge of creating or improving products, although some might detect toxins or enforce regulations by the government. Its national average salary is $80,677 a year.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers employ technological and scientific ideas to create and carry out solutions to agricultural problems. They examine surroundings such as soil testing, drainage capacity, and the growth of improvements.

They are in charge of designing designs and techniques to improve soil health, drainage, and waste filtering efficiency. Many environmental engineers are additionally in charge of system setup, operation, and maintenance. The national average salary is $77,316 per year.

Agricultural Job Duties

These are the responsibilities and duties to offer as a worker in the agriculture field:

  • The major duty of a farmer is to plant, inspect, and harvest crops.
  • Moisten farm soil and preserve channels or pipes and pumps.
  • Operate and service farm machinery and gears.
  • Apply fertilizer or pesticide solutions to control insects, weeds and fungi.
  • Transfer plants, shrubs, and trees with carts or tractors.

Required Skills for Agricultural Job

With these below skills, you are good to go, to start a successful career as an agricultural worker:

  • Technology Literate
  • Organization
  • Communication Skill
  • Versatility

Top Highest Paying Countries in Agriculture

These are the top 5 highest paying countries for agriculture:


  • Agricultural and Food Scientist –              $6,066/month
  • Agricultural Consultant –              $6,191/ “
  • Agricultural Engineer –              $3,852/ “
  • Agricultural Manager –              $6,552/ “
  • Agronomist –              $5,355/ “
  • Farm Manager –              $5,038/ “
  • Garden Worker/Farm Worker –              $1,129/ “

New Zealand

  • Agriculture Farm Manager –              $41,812/year
  • Agricultural Customer Service –              $26,373/ “
  • Agronomist –              $41,234/ “
  • Agricultural Operation Manager –              $52,747/ “
  • Agricultural Farm Worker –              $27,660/ “


  • Agronomist –              $51,000/year
  • Agricultural Farm Manager –              $50,812/ “
  • Agricultural Operation Manager –              $60,602/ “
  • Research Scientist –              $79,000/ “
  • Agricultural Farm Worker –              $39,238/ “


  • Agronomist –              $45,000/year
  • Quality Control (QC) Technician –              $30,000/ “
  • Operation Manager –              $61,000/ “
  • Farm Manager –              $46,000/ “
  • Green House Grower –              $52,000/ “
  • Farm Worker –              $27,000/ “


  • Agronomist –              $42,000/year
  • Farm Manager –              $45,550/ “
  • Operation Manager –              $80,000/ “
  • Territory Sale Manager –              $48,000/ “
  • Techincal Sales Representative –              $41,000/ “
  • Agriculture R&D Manager –              $42,000/ “
  • Farm Worker –              $32,000/ “

Where to Get  Agricultural Job Online 

There are popular several places where you can get Agricultural Jobs online. These platforms are:


How to Apply for an Agricultural Job

These are easy guides to consider whenever applying for an Agricultural Job in any country:

  • The initial step is for you to research available agricultural jobs in any available country. To accomplish this, you have to utilize a website which is used by advanced companies and countries in your desired country.
  • If you find any available, go through its description carefully to make sure that you meet the standard of the Job.
  • Set up a standard application letter and a CV which matches the job description.
  • Submit (upload) the application letter and the CV on the company’s employee portal.
  • After that, you will have to wait for a response from the company to which you made your application.

While the application is in process, you should ignore any offer that requires you to pay a certain amount before getting a job.


In conclusion, agriculture provides a wide range of job opportunities across the globe, and the salary range for these jobs varies depending on the type of job. The agriculture industry is vital, and there is an increasing demand for skilled workers in the field.

Therefore, if you are interested in pursuing a career in agriculture, this article provides a good starting point by highlighting some of the best-paying agriculture jobs you may find in different countries and their average salary range.


What is the Highest Salary In Agriculture?

This is a minor list of some of highest highest-paying Jobs in Agriculture:

  • National average salary: ₹20,246 per month.
  • Environmental Scientist. National average salary: ₹26,845 per month.
  • Water Treatment Specialist. National average salary: ₹19,903 per month.
  • Operations Manager.
  • Agronomy Manager.

What Country is Best for Agriculture for Foreigners?

International workers may grow their trade in countries such as France, Spain, Ireland, and Germany, which feature amazing landscapes and rich agricultural areas.

Which Country Earns the Most from Agriculture?

The top producers of major cereal and crop vegetables are the United States, China, India, and Russia. The United States is among the world’s leading agricultural exporters, with $118.3 billion in exports in 2019.

Which African country is Best for Agriculture?

Ethiopia is one of the most promising African countries for farmland investment. Agriculture generates more than 90% of Ethiopia’s exports, and the economy of the nation is strongly reliant on its success. Ethiopia has a long agricultural heritage, which means there are many chances for investors to purchase farms.

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